Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We got to make Pillowcases with our Home School Co-Op. Fun was had by all. I thought since I had these instructions typed up -- I might as well share... BECAUSE -- these would make AWESOME Christmas Gifts. Very doable!!

I have even taken photos of us sewing some pillowcases... so I can tell and show at the same time!!




The “roll-sew-pull” method of construction, which dramatically reveals a perfect finished edge, is the MAGIC in this project.

Cut your fabric into the following sizes.

Piece A = pillow case cuff, should be 9” x 42”.

Piece B = pillow case trim, should be 2 ½ ” x 42”

Piece C = pillow case body, should be 27” x 42” (or 37” x 42 for a king size)

Take piece B to the ironing board and iron it, press wrong sides together, lengthwise. It should now be 1 ¼ ” x 42”.

Place piece A, right side up, on the table. This is the HOT DOG BUN.

Place piece B on top of piece A, matching the top raw edges.

Place piece C, right side down, matching top raw edges with piece A and piece B. PIN them together.

Roll piece C toward the top, until you see about 1/3 of piece A. (The right side of the material will be facing you). This is the HOT DOG.

HINT: don't poke your finger with a pin -- cause it hurts!

Bring the bottom 1/3 of the piece A and match it to the raw edges. You now have 5 raw edges matched and should pin them. (The wrong side of piece A will now be facing up. )

Stitch a seam, sewing along the pinned edges, backstitching at both ends. Pull the pins out as you sew, before you sew over them, to avoid breaking a needle. Take care not to sew the pillowcase roll into the seam. Seams may be trimmed after sewing.
Reach into the sewn tube and pull out piece C. This is magic of the HOT DOG method!

Press to make your edges crisp, beginning on the wrong side. Pressing is an important part of sewing to shape and set the stitches. Press after stitching each seam. You will be able to stitch the next step smoothly and evenly, and your article will have a more professional look..

Trim off selvage edge and even up the long edges. (Selvage edges can shrink and cause your pillow case to pucker).

With the WRONG SIDE together, fold the pillow case in half matching the long raw edges.

You will sew the edges with a French Seam. Beginning at the TOP of the pillow case, stitch a 5/8” seam. A French seam is stronger and has a more clean look, preventing fraying. Leave your needle in the fabric at the corner, lift your presser foot and turn material, lower presser foot and keep on sewing along the bottom -- makes a nice corner.

Trim the seam to 1/8”.

Turn the pillowcase to right sides together and press again along the edge of fold.

Beginning at TOP of pillowcase, stitch 5/8” from fold.

Turn the corner and sew the bottom edge seam with a 5/8” seam allowance.

Turn, right side out again. Press the seam and give the pillowcase a final press.

Repeat until you are all done with your Christmas Sewing!!

My folks have arrived. Hooray -- the Grandparents are In the Building!!! While the men are at home playing with fire -- more about that later -- the girls and I are headed to the fabric store to buy some goodies today. We will be making these today. If you make some -- I wish you'd share some pics with me! I'd love to see them.

I've put a button at the bottom of the post which you can use to get a printer friendly PDF of this post.  This is my most looked at post by far.  I pray you enjoy making your pillow cases!  °Ü°