Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For Dad

We gave this to Dan for Father's Day in a mug. Some not so good... but some real goodies!!

Last Home Game

Tori is having her last home softball game today.

Several things... I won't be on-line much after today. I think we'll hunker down and get some school done.

I hope she gets to play this one last time. I haven't figured out the rhyme or reason of when she plays... or warms that bench. Who knew the benches would be so cold in June.

We'll start saving on gas money now... well -- after VBS is over.

"Hey -- that reminds me -- WILL YOU ALL PRAY FOR ME??? I'm going to be the song leader for VBS this year. I'm already noticing signs of nerves. Isn't that weird? I'm crazy.

I found a new place for WiFi... The Next Chapter bookstore here in town. THANKS. Ü

I once thought our church had free inter-net... I got on-line and even sent an e-mail to a friend... but the next time I tried nothin'. So -- do you think some road worker had it in his truck or something? Or someone was visiting a friend by the church and I was stealing their WiFi? Who knows? I'm beginning to feel like a dumpster diver. LOL Ever hear of those folks... they dive intot he dumpter behind the grocery stores and get the old food... we'll I'm a WiFi deiver... getting that free inter-net where ever I can. LOL

OK folks. I hope you are having a great summer... don't forget to pray for me... starting now. VBS will be July 6th through the 10th. God's will be done!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have mentioned to my church family that Paul and Ellie Miller's family needed fervent prayer. They have recently lost both of their boys in a Kayaking accident. I have new information to share.

Rev. Chad Miller's body has been found.

If you are here in Iowa -- there are funeral services pending in Creston.

Amy,the brothers' sister, and her husband Wes would appreciate your prayers!

Their circle of influence was large. There are many prayers being said even know. Even come Lord Jesus!