Saturday, December 29, 2012

Guess What?

Susannah Wesley DID teach her children to cry quietly.  :)

The little Wesleys were taught to fear the rod from a year old or earlier and to cry quietly, so that ‘that most odious noise of the crying of children was rarely heard in the house’. 

History Today says so.  

So glad I figured this out.  

And I agree with her.  Unnecessary crying of children is odious, in my opinion.  

Friday, December 28, 2012

Susannah Wesley - Cry Quietly?

When I was raising my kiddos - I overheard a tip from someone, who said Susannah had this rule.  Kids are to cry quietly.  Well - when reading a blog the other day - I found this list.  Apparently - crying quietly didn't make this list.  That's funny... I wonder if I made that rule up.  LOL  Anyway - it works... I've taught my children to cry quietly.  It's very helpful - no screaming, or cuts down on the manipulating crying and whining.  BUT - if there is a reason for wailing... then you know it's serious.  No screaming if there is no blood, flood, or fire.  That's my rule, whether it's Susannah's or not. 

Well... enjoy.

16 House Rules by Susannah Wesley (John Wesley's Mom)

Susannah Wesley was the mother of 19 children, including John and Charles Wesley. Through much adversity, she dedicated her life to instilling a sense of Christian Destiny into each of her children.  Her children went on to change the world.
Here are 16 rules she laid down in her home.

1. Eating between meals not allowed.

2. As children they are to be in bed by 8 p.m.

3. They are required to take medicine without complaining.

4. Subdue self- will in a child, and those working together with God to save the child's soul.

5. To teach a child to pray as soon as he can speak.

6. Require all to be still during Family Worship.

7. Give them nothing that they cry for, and only that when asked for politely.

8. To prevent lying, punish no fault which is first confessed and repented of.

9. Never allow a sinful act to go unpunished.

10. Never punish a child twice for a single offense.

11. Comment and reward good behavior.

12. Any attempt to please, even if poorly performed, should be commended.

13. Preserve property rights, even in smallest matters.

14. Strictly observe all promises.

15. Require no daughter to work before she can read well.

16. Teach children to fear the rod. 
Susannah Wesley believed that for a child to grow into a self-disciplined adult, he/she must first be a parent-disciplined child. To her, the stubborn flesh was the hardest battle for Christians to fight, and Godly parents would do well to equip their children to overcome it early.
She writes:
When the will of a child is totally subdued, and it is
brought to revere and stand in awe of the parents, then a great many childish follies may be passed by.  I insist on the conquering of the will of children betimes, because this is the only strong and rational foundation of a religious education  when this is thoroughly done, then a child is capable of being governed by reason and piety.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Milo went to a Thrift Store with me today.

He came home with a manual typewriter.

An Olympia, German made, typewriter.  One can still buy ribbon for it.  I think I'll add that to his birthday list.  He has been typing on that thing since he came home.  How fun... that definitely falls into the electronic free entertainment category.  Right up my alley!

Unlike the guy next to me who needs to pause the TV until we quit talking, so he can hear what is being said.  So we have to sit here quietly and listen... no conversation.  I really don't like watching TV as a family.  Let's all pull out the type writers, and books, and board games, and chat while we are entertaining ourselves!

So - YEAH Milo!!  Good buy.  Two thumbs up.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


In college - I was a rebel, and I got my ear lobe pierced.  One ear... the left one.  I wore a gold hoop for a time.

Then I matured.... or something.  Oh I know - I joined the military, and taking my one earring in and out was annoying... I think I lost my gold hoop.

So - for 20 years I have worn nothing... just a hole.

Yesterday I stuck an earring back in the hole.  It worked.

SO - today... I got another hole.  In the other earlobe.  Now... I am an earring wearer again... only in a more normal fashion.  I can't wait to get 2 gold hoops.  :)  I'm matured.

6 weeks... I'm wearing itty bitty silver balls for now... the least ugly thing available for under $20 at Walmart.

You know what's hard?  Trying to explain to the walmart lady that I only want my right ear pierced - to match my left ear.  Please.  But we finally understood each other.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

3 more days

I am all done shopping.  I am all done wrapping.

I feel like I'm missing something.  I don't think I've ever been done this early.

Oh wait - I am missing something... what should I get in in-laws?

I thought I had an idea... someone else suggested something else.  I thought - Oh good plan... but I procrastinated.  So... yeah... 3 more days.  =/

Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day

Tori had her first "snow day" yesterday.

The public schools were having a snow day - so I declared one at our house too.  The kiddos were thrilled, until I showed them the list.  LOL  They could have free time after the list.

It wasn't bad... each kid had a project.  They got them done in a hurry - ran out to play in the snow, and the wind blew them back indoors after not too long.

So they spent their "snow day" playing games and watching TV.

I got laundry folded, and caught up.  Baked bread that fell, and froze some cinnamon rolls.  I'm not sure what happened there... we'll see how those rolls end up.  They are for Christmas morning.  Dish washer was unloaded, then filled.  Only to needing to be filled again before the day was over.  :)  Why does that job seem so endless?  I mailed a box, and made some lunch.  I didn't get to the den book shelves, which have been written down on lists for so long, and never gets done.  Some day - I should write it down first, then STOP... so it will get done.

Today - another snow day for the public school system... but I want to end up this school week on an even note. (I don't want to start a fresh week after Christmas Vacation in the middle of a week).  So we are going to finish our week today... and start vacation tomorrow!!

Tori told her dad she had her first snow day in 17 years.  Dan said he'd never had a snow day.  Really? Wow... I remember snow days when I was a kid.  Maybe he lived in the south.

Monday, December 10, 2012

2012 Christmas Tree

This year, Milo started the decorating process.  He drug the tree and decorations up from the basement.  Most of the set up and decorating was done by the 3 littles, with a bit of help from mom.  I am so glad they like to help with this.  Actually, I am glad I didn't pass my disdain for decorating on to them.  I rejoiced with them and gave them free reign.  They really like being in control. 

And look - it didn't turn out so bad. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sisters Week-end

For several years now, my sisters and I have been getting together. 

First year, we gathered at the youngest sisters home.  Becky then lived in KS.  Oh wow!  What a fun time that was.  No kids, no husbands.  Girls only.

The next year we all went to a family reunion.

The year after that - it was my turn.  4 sisters and my mom all traveled to Iowa. 

This year - this week-end to be exact - we are at my sister Claudia's house.  3rd year, third girls house.  She just moved into a new home a few weeks ago.  What fun this has been.  The first full day here we went to the TX state Fair.  It is prettty much like the Iowa State Fair.  Fun was had by all. 

Today we all watched the Iowa Football game.  I sure am thankful to those Iowa boys for playing a wining game.  It's fun to watch a winning game with family.

Tonight - my Dad's sister, her husband, her daughter, her husband, and their son came over for dinner.  Super fun time! 

Tomorrow I look forward to worshiping together with them all.  I thank God for my godly heritage.  What a blessing.

I am really glad we all get together to do this.  :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bible Reading

*[[Tit 3:10]] KJV* A man that is an heretick after the first and second admonition reject;

So tempting this morning.  I would appreciate your prayers. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

alien boy

Milo got some dirt in his eye while riding the dirt bike this afternoon.  Poor boy. 

We went to the emergency room tonight.  Not really an emergency - poor timing rather.  Where else do you go on a Sunday evening in a rural location? 

After the doctor put dye on his eye - he said, "you should take a picture of this." Cool!  :)

Alls well that ends well, patched up and home again.  Lesson learned - goggles AND a helmet before getting on the dirt bike. 

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Habitual Sense of God's Presence

I needed to be reminded of this today...  so glad I was.  Thank You Lord.  I love reading the works of Brother Lawrence.


How the habitual sense of God's Presence was found.

SINCE you desire so earnestly that I should communicate to you the method by which I arrived at that habitual sense of GOD's Presence, which our LORD, of His mercy, has been pleased to vouchsafe to me; I must tell you, that it is with great difficulty that I am prevailed on by your importunities; and now I do it only upon the terms, that you show my letter to nobody. If I knew that you would let it be seen, all the desire that I have for your advancement would not be able to determine me to it. The account I can give you is:
Having found in many books different methods of going to GOD, and divers practices of the spiritual life, I thought this would serve rather to puzzle me, than facilitate what I sought after, which was nothing but how to become wholly GOD's.
This made me resolve to give the all for the All: so after having given myself wholly to GOD, to make all the satisfaction I could for my sins, I renounced, for the love of Him, everything that was not He; and I began to live as if there was none but He and I in the world. Sometimes I considered myself before Him as a poor criminal at the feet of his judge; at other times I beheld Him in my heart as my FATHER, as my GOD: I worshipped Him the oftenest that I could, keeping my mind in His holy Presence, and recalling it as often as I found it wandered from Him. I found no small pain in this exercise, and yet I continued it, notwithstanding all the difficulties that occurred, without troubling or disquieting myself when my mind had wandered involuntarily. I made this my business, as much all the day long as at the appointed times of prayer; for at all times, every hour, every minute, even in the height of my business, I drove away from my mind everything that was capable of interrupting my thought of GOD.
Such has been my common practice ever since I entered into religion; and though I have done it very imperfectly, yet I have found great advantages by it. These, I well know, are to be imputed to the mere mercy and goodness of GOD, because we can do nothing without Him; and I still less than any. But when we are faithful to keep ourselves in His holy Presence, and set Him always before us, this not only hinders our offending Him, and doing anything that may displease Him, at least wilfully, but it also begets in us a holy freedom, and if I may so speak, a familiarity with GOD, wherewith we ask, and that successfully, the graces we stand in need of. In fine, by often repeating these acts, they become habitual, and the presence of GOD is rendered as it were natural to us. Give Him thanks, if you please, with me, for His great goodness towards me, which I can never sufficiently admire, for the many favours He has done to so miserable a sinner as I am. May all things praise Him. Amen.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Things my Children Want to do in Colorado

Grandma and Grandpa - hey there...

My kids are going to Colorado while I'm in Punta Cana in June.  We are leaving our house June 10th. Dan's birthday. * OK?  We'll get there sometime that evening.  I'll have my phone turned on - try to call you and give you a heads up.

I fly out Monday morning from Denver.  Do you want to drive me, and then keep my Suburban - so you all can fit when you drive some where?

I'll be flying home Saturday the 16th, then we'll leave for Iowa, Sunday the 17th.  Father's Day.

So - you asked about breakfast and activity ideas...

Wayne:  he likes toast and cereal for breakfast.
You know that game with the poles and the colored balls with ropes on them?  You throw them and try to twist them around the bar?  I want to play that game with you.  Oh and croquet too.  Wayne might bring his frisbee, if he remembers.

Danielle: pancakes - she wants to help you make them.
She would love to go swimming with you grandma.

Milo: cereal - and he likes grandpa's fried eggs.
Ride bikes.. he really wants to bring his bike - I'm not sure if we have room.  He's just remembering riding bikes on your road, and would be happy with that!  :)

Mansel: (I keep forgetting to ask Tori and Mansel)

I'm only sending these to you because you asked - not because they expect these things.  Remember my moto, "This is NOT a restaurant".  :)  If you want - they know how to take naps too.  I'm a big time napper.  LOL  They would watch TV 24 hours a day, if you let them.

Grandpa - you should make them weed a row in your garden for every day they are there.  We aren't doing any gardening this summer... so they need to be reminded how to work hard.

Aunt Karen - they are looking forward to seeing you too!!  I almost wish I could stay in CO instead of flying off to never never land.  Almost.  :)

I have noticed that when I'm talking with my children about "what to do" they common theme is to BE with YOU!  :)   I'm so happy for that... just do what ever it is that you do, and enjoy them... and they will enjoy you.

* We are going to celebrate his birthday with our church care group on the 9th, so he won't feel neglected.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now he is 7

Wayne Autry...  my baby.

He turned 7 recently.

I was on bed rest several days before he was born.  Gestational Diabetes and Pregnancy Induced Hypertension were my companions through his pregnancy... I was on meds for PIH at 11 weeks.  If he were conceived 100 years ago, we would not have made it, except by the grace of God.  How we have made wonderful medical progress in these last years.  Praise God.

He's a wonderful boy.  He is currently entertaining himself pretending to be Hans or Franz... reading to "pump you up".  Lifting the couch pillows above his head.   His heart is still very tender and he loves to Lord, and tries to please Jesus.  I pray he never loses this childlike love of the Lord.

He loves to play soccer with his brothers and sisters.  Swim.  Ride bikes.  All things active and joyfully.  Reading on the other hand... not so active, and not so joyfully.

He loves his friends... talks of them often, makes them easily.  Pee Wee Patch club at church is one of his favorite activities with his friends.

Some day I pray he grows into a mighty man of God!  That is my prayer.

I am STILL Scentified!

I sell Scentsy - have you noticed?

I LOVE it!!

I have been promoted to an Independent Scentsy Director.  That's so cool - only got there by the wonderful women who are in my down line.  That was TOTALLY there doing!!

I set up an informational booth at the Knoxville Farmers' Market.  This will be my 3rd summer doing this.  I have a booth with 1 of each thing available through the catalog.  I can take orders.  I will deliver, or mail to you if you are not local.  I will book parties.  I will definitely talk to you about the Scentsy opportunity, if you want to listen.  :)

Scentsy had an incentive last fall - and I WON!  I am headed to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, in June 2012.  SO very excited.  I can't believe I won such a prize.  Very cool.

It's the best "part time" job I've ever had.  It allows me to home school my children - flexible schedule.  I have really used that money to do some wonderful things.

If you ever need any help with your Scentsy needs - be sure to call or text me.   641.820.1168.  I'll try my BEST to make you happy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bible Reading

Our church is reading the bible together.  For a while we got off track.  Today - we are officially caught back up.  This summer we are going to have a loose schedule so we stay on track.  I am thrilled with the results so far! 

When we are done, after 2 years of reading, we will have gone through the old testament once, and the new testamemt twice. 

I love being challenged by our church. 

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

36 in 366 Revisited...

1. Lose 5 pounds per month for 6 months.
     Exercise using RUSHFIT with 1 day of rest - follow schedule posted on fridge.  Have time scheduled after devotions.
      Carbohydrate Counting - grocery shopping done for January.  Will make a food schedule to follow - figuring carbs 12/31 for each day, will alternate every other day schedule.
      Number the water bottles - 5 for each day... save and refill each night before bed.
     Going to sleep in work out clothes!  (HA HA... Dan doesn't like this one - he said.)
     Need to find hand weights and put them all in the basement.

Oh my, oh my...  I'm still at the same weight, 6 months later.  =/  ALTHOUGH,  have joined and unjoined weight watchers - lost and gained 8 pounds... does that count for anything? I'll be joining a "biggest loser" contest with my HearthKeepers friends June 1st.  So - here we go again.  

I won't be doing RUSHFIT.  It hurts too much.  I'll be following the weight watchers plan of tracking food and staying at 26 points a day.  49 "extra" points to save up or use how I need to.  Yeah... so now I need to lose 10 pounds a month in order to meet my goal.  :sigh:  I guess I'll just try to be healthy... how does that sound?

2. Stick to our church's bible reading plan. 
     OT 1/2 way through, NT through once (for 2 years - to complete the Bible in 2 years).
        Make book marks for Sunday School Class...
Going to do this during BIBLE class time at home - going to listen to it on with kiddos.
We are up to date.  Summer time school schedule has kicked in - so I have decided that we will do our bible reading at 9:00 every day.  Is that late enough to sleep in for the summer?  M-F I'm in charge of the daytime activities... so 9:00 it is... S&S, is Dan's schedule... so you know... sometimes we play catch up on Mondays.  But that's OK.  :)


25. Hand write a letter to family members 1 x per month.  

Oops.. behind again.  So - it's still May (for a few more days).  I could get this months letter in.  Oh WAIT - I sent a letter to my Cousin - sent him a scentsy catalog through the mail and some goodies... I hand wrote his address on the envelop - does that count?  I'd better get busy on this one... I'm a slacker.

23. Buy Christmas gifts all year long, be done before Thanksgiving for PHILLIPS side.
     G&G Phillips

     G&G Johnston

OK - so I have done a bit o'shopping.  Scentsy is my friend.  I hope I just didn't ruin the surprise - you won't be getting what you got last year - so never fear.  It's still a surprise.  :)  LOL

24. Pick 2 chapters from the Bible - and memorize them.
finish Psalm 34
new one
Um... I still have 6 months to work on this... yes?  

3. Stick to School Schedule for 8 weeks with out cheating - then re-evaluate.

Jan 3 - Feb 27; with out cheating means no computer for entertainment until 2:30 p.m.

OK - I did this.  I find that if I wait to use the computer until 2:30 - then the kiddos don't do their chores, and my husband gets jealous of my computer time.  So - I'm going to change my computer time to early morning.  I'll wait until he leaves for work - get on their from 6:30 - 8:30, then clean up for the day and stay off until the next morning.  That sounds like a plan.  My dh won't be nagging.  My kids won't be working in slow motion.  2 hours a day... that should be enough.

28. Get a passport.
     need it by June
This was a bigger chore then I thought - I had to find my birth certificate... couldn't find it - so had to order a new one.  Got that done... ordered the passport... now I'm ready to go.  :) Punta Cana - here I come.  

29.  Schedule hair cut before June. 
      LeAnn at Exsolance
Got it scheduled.  :)  I love how my hair looks when she is done with it.  Going to her the week before I leave. 

31.   work on Little League Fundraiser 
     Order envelopes now
     order catalogs - March 1
     get order forms now
     create "prize" sheet on other side - create instruction insert
     order magnets
     start making samples of SOTM at beginning of delivery month (April?)
     have enough labels
This is ALL done!!  Hooray!!  What a great feeling... I was able to donate $2000 to them this year.  

32.  Work on Little League signs and t-shirts in JANUARY! get instructions
     start making phone calls
This is almost done.  I now have to deliver plaques to the business' that sponsored a team.  
AND I have to put a thank you note in the paper for all the volunteers.

33.  End of March - get Tori a Manicure, before trip in April. 
I missed this - I'm a horribly selfish person at times.  Busy time of my life.  Unstable... I messed up.  I'm sorry Tori!

35.  Project list for summer 2012. 
      11 weeks - 11 projects; June, July, August
 1. clean classroom - 06/03
2. organize entry way - 06/17
3. clean dining room - 06/24
4. organize kitchen - 07/01
5. latrine - 07/08
6. organize den - 07/15
7. deep clean living room - 07/22
8. stairway/hallway (including linen closet) & laundry room - 07/29
9. master bedroom - 08/05
10. powder room - 08/12
11. guest bedroom - 08/19

This hasn't started yet - but I'm looking forward to it. I get to skip one week in June while I'm at Punta Cana.  I probably should start this AFTER I come back.... but I'll make myself clean the classroom and pack the 6 of us to be gone for a week... builds character.  The kiddos are headed to Colorado for a week with Grandma and Grandpa Phillips while I'm gone.  Dan will stay home.  

36. Discuss Thanksgiving with family before July 
 Discussed - we are headed to OKC again this year.  Fun will be had by all!!

4.  Organize Scentsy side of the class room.
    warmers on shelf, bars in containers (get lids for transporting), put bags in drawers, sample making "area"

I did do this - and will tweak it a bit more when I clean it next week.

5. Finish LibraryThing.
     Get all books put on computer, label all books, print off list and find missing books,

I finished this - and have added more books to my pile.  So I need to do it again.  The week of 07/15 I will add those new books to the library thing, and shelve them.  I need more books shelves actually.  Hmm...  

6. Jump Rope for 3 minutes straight.
    wrestlers can do this for 8 minutes, great cardio work out, just regular old jump roping... nothing fancy

I haven't started this - and I may scratch it.  I tried running a bit this spring, and my knees HURT and my feet HURT.  So - I'm getting old.  I think I may stick to walking.  We'll see.

7. Organize boys clothes.
    they seem to always struggle with getting their clothes put away.  I hang up Wayne's clothes... but Milo and Mansel stuff... train them to put away folded... maybe put them away in outfits?  Fix Mansel's cupboard.

Well - again - I did this and it needs to be done again.  Maybe it will become a summer time project for them.  

8. Paint boys bathroom.

9. Paint living room.

10. "hang" clock in living room & "hang" saying above TV in living room
     after painting living room - put the "uppercase living" stuff on the walls... is that what it is?  the rub on sticker things

11.  take photos off of the computer and put on pica boo wink flash
  Funny how things work out - we got a new computer and solved our picture "woes".   So now all our pictures are on the computer, and backed up with our backer upper thingy ma bob.  Dan bought a new MacBook Pro.  Wowza... that thing can hold many many photos.  Nice.  Still need to put them on Winkflash.  Not pica boo... it's different and i don't like it.  LOL 

12. Paint sayings on bedroom walls.
     some sayings in the one thousand gifts book are very appropriate for my bedroom

13. Read 6 Ambleside Online books. i decided just to read books from my own library.  
1. Ronbald Reagan book...  will look for title later.  Good book.

14. Make monthly menu for winter/summer seasons. (21 meals a week).
     going back to once a month shopping - per dh's request
Well - I still need to make an "official" menu.  But shopping once a month again... less stress.

15. Print "school" photos for dining room (8x10).

16. Order sister photos from Studio 92

17. find a place for Scentsy meetings to meet.  Schedule it for the year.

Coffee Connection - love that place.

18. Keep up with "school" blog.
=/  Um.. I did just blog today... but I'm not sure I kept up with it very well.

19. Keep written "tax" stuff organized.  Start Tax Deductable folder.
using my pink calendar... need to learn the "scent tracker" thing now that we have a new computer.

20. Set up a Scentsy calendar of monthly "duties".

21. Set up the Scentsy newsletter for team.

22. name team
Swingers.  :)  As in "swinging for the fence".  I like it.

26. Get Birthday "stuff" for Young Ladies Sunday School class.
     start with cards

27. Find where to order coffee for the machine in S.S. Class.
The machine is broken...  

30. Schedule "sisters" week-end thingy.
      September   Can't remember for sure
Ohhh.. I can hardly wait for this.  Going to TX to be with my friends.  :)

34. Update the church calendar
    music schedule
      nursery schedule
      bible reading schedule

No one uses this - not going to do it.

I wonder why I only have 34 rethinks on there.  I think I messed up again.  LOL  

Monday, May 28, 2012


Is that a word?

In stead of camping, or tenting, we went sleep out on the Trampoline.

First time - me and the girls.

GREAT nights sleep.  It was warm - no bugs.  I feel asleep - woke up EARLY morning - it was still dark... started to feel a little damp - so I covered up and went back asleep.  Wonderful nights sleep.

Second time - me and two boys.

Wow - what a difference.  Wayne, Milo and Me.  Milo didn't want Wayne touching him, so he would scooch over by me, facing Wayne... so if Wayne scooted toward him, he'd push him away, and get closer to me.  It was a funny dance... I started moving up instead of over - so I would be pushed off the trampoline.

Then I must have taken too long of a nap on Sunday afternoon - because I didn't sleep well at all.  But I did hear some interesting noises.  It sounded like something splashed in the pool.  I wonder if the cat fell in... I haven't looked yet... hopefully it was getting OUT when I heard it and not falling in.

I hear some rustling in the timber - and so did Otis - the dog.  He growled... the rusting stopped.

I heard an owl - several times....

THEn I saw lightening... that was the last straw.  I woke the boys up and we walked back inside.  one good thing about Trampolining... if you wet the bed - there are no sheets to change... just let it rain.  And it did - so I was glad for the lightening alarm clock.  :)

We finished off the night here in the living room.  I drew the short straw and got to sleep on the short chair with the foot stool pushed up against it.  But that's ok - today is a holiday, I'll just take another nap.

Trampolining - it can be a fun thing.  Have you tried it?