Sunday, November 30, 2008

We've Got'em

We had a great thanksgiving Week.

Well -- let me rephrase that.

Most of us had a great thanksgiving week. I think 5 year old Danielle may think this is the Thanksgiving Week from somewhere hot and smelly.

First of all -- I scheduled her a dentist appointment on Monday -- what was I thinking? She had 5 cavities filled that day. Poor baby... she did GREAT! As she went in they said they would do the work in 2-3 visits. But when she walked out -- most of her mouth numb... they said they went ahead and filled all 5 because she was doing such a great job.

Then Thursday she broke her leg while jumping on the trampoline. Someone fell one her leg. It could have been worse. If the trampoline hadn't of "given" it could have been worse. So she has a "non-displaced cracked tibia." They didn't have to "set" it. She will get her permanent cast on Tuesday.


because remember about 16 days ago I exposed her to chicken pox? Well -- it was successful. Last night we discovered her first spots at bath time. She wasn't even complaining about feeling sick or anything. That girl is SUCH a trooper. I'm amazed. Talk about stress. Her little body just keeps getting hammered with "stuff". She could use some prayers, if you think of her this week. Of course I'm a glutton for punishment... Milo and Wayne are forced to share her cup today. We might as well get it all over with now.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Before and After

Recently Danielle was looking at some old photos in a photo album. Sitting nicely and quietly. When she was done, she left them lay on the floor. We are working on that... putting things away when you are done. She was done looking, but still thinking, apparently. She came up to me that afternoon and said, "I'd like a hair cut."

Really?? My heart starts to flutter!

So -- here is the before. Fine hair, straight on top, a little wavy curl underneath. Nothing spectacular. Long enough for pony tails, but also long enough for snarls.

Here we are after. Mom is happy, because I get to cut some HAIR! Ü

Really now, this wasn't my idea.

I asked her why she wanted it cut, while we were looking at the new photo. She said, "Oh, I saw how cute I was in the photo album, I wanted to look like that again." LOL She's so vain... I wonder where she got that?

I need a little make up here... and a little hair product, and a little botox... but you get the idea. We girls love our short hair and we love our picture taken. :blush:

Then... since we don't live in a house with all girls... someone took the cut off hair, which was still in a pony tail and TAPED it to Wayne's head. They are a crazy bunch!!

I don't have ANY idea where they get that from. :snort: Oh... I beg your pardon. (and I did NOT take that photo. Poor baby... they taped it right to his hair!)
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

They Went With out Me

I downloaded my pics from my camera the other day. Wow... what in the world?

I think my kiddos borrowed my camera.
Looks like they went to a basketball game. Who in the world is THAT?

No wait... that looks like a hockey player.
When did they find the time to watch a basketball game AND a hockey game with out me realizing it?

No wait -- it was a basketball game... Maybe one of the fans had to wear a helmet and mouth piece due to over excitement or something.


They went on VACATION with out me??


or maybe...

Someone was taking photos of the TV.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The other day Danielle and Wayne were jumping on the trampoline.
I saw the cat, Susan, scurry for safety under the trampoline.
She seemed to be carrying a sock full of sand, or something.
I hollered out to them... "what does Susan have in her mouth?"
Wayne took a look for me.

It was a squirrel.
I thought I would zoom in... I forgot to switch it from "sport"... so it's blurry.


That's quit a bit lunch to munch.

That's is why we keep the cats... they eat rodents... squirrels some, but most importantly....

Thank You Susan.
Keep up the good work.
I... really... like you.
(I wouldn't call it love).

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Guess What??

Can you guess what's in here??

This week Dan ordered me a Bosch mixer.

I got the blender for thrown in for free.
So I'm replacing my old Wal-Mart cheapie. YEAH!

We got some bread pans too.
The old kitchen aid made 2 loaves at a time... so I had 4 pans... I could have 2 raising while 2 were cooking LAST WEEK.
This week -- I put 8 pans in the oven at once.

Sigh... Out with the Old... in with the New!
Thank You Dan.
Just in time for thanksgiving. What a blessing.
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Joy can be Exhausting

Danielle and Wayne on the trampoline!

I wasn't a real fan of trampolines before....
(they are soo unsafe!)

... I got outvoted by the kids and kid at heart.

Now I'm a fan... (there is a NET!)... but look at the JOY! Pure joy on their faces.

Plus they sleep much better at night.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Next Air Jordon... Maybe

Ya never know. My dad always says, "Aim high -- it's no harder on the gun."

Tori is #40.

Tori's First Basketball Game Knoxville vs. Pella from Jennifer J. on Vimeo.

Can you see that VIMEO video quality is WAAAY better than youtube or google? WOW!! I found this after REE posted a video of her and M.M. THANKS Pioneer Woman! Cool...

Friday, November 21, 2008


I bought the boys coordinating jammies.
Some boys are more shy about photos in jammies then others.

I tried to get them to smile -- "obey", I said.
:laughing out loud now:

Oh my ... I'm so mean.

But aren't they Cuuuuuute??

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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Here we go again!

~*~ Happy Shopping ~*~

The curriculum switch over is in process.

New has been ordered.

Most used has been sold.

These are the last little bits.

Local Friends Cell Phone Usage

I know I have some local readers... Knoxville, Russel, Lacona, Dallas... anyone from Attica or Columbia? I think I HAVE seen Columbia readers on here before.

I've got a Local Question.

What Cell Phone Service Provider to you use?

We are currently U.S. Cellular users. We get BARS out here in the boonies with them.

Do you use another provider?

I got something in the mail today from Verizon. I don't see Knoxville listed in their coverage area. The state of Iowa is all RED... but when it gets down to specifics... there are not any close towns listed. What does that mean? There isn't close SERVICE, but there will be coverage? I can always order a phone and a plan on-line, but will I be able to use the phone at my house? That's what I want. To be able to USE the phone. LOL

What other company is there? Verizon has those cool NETWORK commercials. I know of U.S. Cellular... is there another?

Oh SISTERS... my SISTERS who read this blog... you have brought your phones into my house and used them... you've had bars at my house... what service provider to YOU use?

Talk to me people! °Ü°

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Referral

I know I just pointed you in the direction of someone else's blog the other day... but I found another one that just TELLS THE STORY in a way that I never could.

It's a very important story -- one that must be told.

Jennifer - over at her Conversion Diary blog -- writes about the comparisons between abortion and the Holocaust. Sound horrible? Don't believe it? Want to skip this link and go one and read about Christmas cookies, or favorite coffee drinks, or some strangers girls scout trip to a horse farm? Then... go right ahead, but don't tell me about it... OK?

I'm really stinking tired of Americans shrugging. If you don't know what I mean... then perhaps you should go read what she has to say about Abortion and Holocaust Comparions.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pray 7 x 7

I recently put up this new button on my sidebar. Cute isn't it.

Actually -- there is a GREAT post behind it, if you will click on the button it will take you to Angela's Blog Bring the Rain.

It's a recent discovery. There is a long story that brought about that blog. If you have the time -- grab a cup o (fill in the blank) and read for a while. Oh -- grab those tissues too. There ya go. Now -- be ready to give thanks in all things. Because the Bible tells ya so.

Thanks for sharing your story Angela... and for spurring us on to PRAY!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Let me see you FLEX!

The boys discovered a neat trick.
If you flex your muscles in front of the big shiny stock pot...

Your arms are HUGE!

So every chance they get...

They pose and discuss whose muscles are bigger.

WOW -- look at those pipes!
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

We've Been Exposed

Today I took a meal to my friend, whose children have the chicken pox. When they first started getting them, you'll remember, I was on a steroid. I decided against calling her. Well last night she called ME! She heard through the grapevine that I wanted them chicken pox, and bad. (Aren't small communities the greatest?)

I took 3 of my children with me to help deliver the food. You know... I couldn't carry everything all by myself. AND Danielle HAD to take her favorite dolly with her. These 3 children haven't had chicken pox yet. Go figure.

My favorite medical book, Complete Book of Baby and Child Care, put out by Focus on the Family says;
The incubation period for chicken pox can range from 11 to 21 days, but most often the time from exposure to onset of symptoms is 14 to 16 days. A child with chicken pox is contagious one or two days before the rash erupts and continues to be so until all the blisters have crusted. This will occur five to several days after the rash first appears.

So -- that would put the chicken pox erupting at our house right... about... THANKSGIVING.


I called my sister Becky first. She's coming to my house for Thanksgiving this year. Did she want her kids exposed to that?

YES, she DOES... LOL We are such a weird family.

I'll keep you posted. I've heard of people exposing their kids on purpose -- not saying that's what I did, mind you -- but... I'm just saying... they did this and their kiddos didn't even get them.

There were hugs all around when we left their house... except Milo -- we didn't make him hug the little poky dotted girl, but he did shake her hand. LOL and there is always Danielle's doll. I might slip her in his bed tonight. Just for good measure.

11 - 21 days... and counting.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wood Heat Part 3

The truck is full. That plastic garbage can is full of "kindling". That's the little pieces of wood chips and bark that I use to start a fresh fire. I hope to not have to start very many fires fresh. When we leave the house, or lay down for a good nights sleep, we shut the "nut". I don't really know what it's called, but it cuts down on the amount of oxygen the fire gets, so it will not burn so HOT. If it burns slow, then there may be coals left when you come back to the fire. If not... then you start fresh. Needing lots of newspaper, and kindling. If there are red hot coals left in the bottom of the furnace, you can just lay more wood on top of them and they will start to burn. I love red hot coals! Less work.

Here is the empty stackers. 2x4's in black plastic forms. It will hold 1 weeks worth of wood. We have a set outside the door as well. The one outside we try not to touch unless it NEEDED. Some weeks are more icy or wet then others. Then we can't get vehicles down by the pole barn for a fresh load of wood. But if it's dry... we go get another load and restack the inside pile. See the pretty new window in the wall? It's new because the old one got cracked last year by a stray piece of wood. Now we don't try to stack it so high by the window.

Once the supply is stocked up -- we start stoking. Stoking the fire! One of my favorite jobs.

You can see the stacker in the background -- it's full.

I should have taken a photo of my new gloves. They are long welding gloves. This summer my arms got tan and my burn scars really showed up. Nice... So this winter Dan put hinges on that metal plate on the front... so it can swing in when you put wood in, and the gloves will protect my arms even more. Last winter I put a piece of wood in -- it got stopped suddenly by another piece of wood already in the stove. So the forward motion stopped and my arm went UP... into the hot metal. My first reaction? I looked at the burn, it looked like my skin had melted, and I thought, "Wow -- that's going to hurt." I shut the stove up and headed upstairs. Finally on the stairs it did... it really started hurting. Did I learn my lesson? No... I've got 3 burn marks on my right arm. Only 1 was really bad.

My friend Robin asked, "Why don't you wear long sleeves?" Well -- I wasn't sure at first. But I know now. Short sleeves are my thermometer. When my arms gets cold in the middle of the night... it wakes me up and I know it's time to stoke the fire. Wouldn't want to have to start a fresh fire. Speaking of which... I'd better go check the furnace.


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