Thursday, August 30, 2007

Don't Burp at the Table, Use Your Fork, Stand up Straight...


Mom's turn.

More Stickies

The other day I heard Wayne hollaring, "Moooooommmmmmm".

Hmm... where is Wayne?

"Mooooooommmmmm..." along with some whimpering...

aaaaah -- here he is under the dining room table... with his head... STUCK.

Well -- let's see buddy... how can I get you out of there?

Let me grab my camera first.

[HEY - is that gum under the table?]

I had him crawl back up there where he stared, I think, and slide his head back out. It worked.

"So Wayne -- are you going to do that again," I asked?

"I don't know," he replied.

This story is pretty much the same as another story I heard the other day -- same situation -- different location.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Girl VS. Boys

Between these trees, piled about 3 feet high, was a lot of cut wood. We are planning on burning wood for heat this winter... and just stored it here for a season to dry it out. We had planned on moving it closer to the stove before winter.

Well -- this week Dan said, "Have the kiddos move that wood today."


Who wants to do that? Not me. Would you? It was hot and sticky out, and wood is hard and pokey, heavy, dirty... lots of reasons to be lazy about it.

So -- I prayed, "Lord -- how can I get the kiddos to move that wood?"

I waited a bit, then an idea came to me.

"TORI, MANSELLLLL, MIIIIILO!" Ü They came running and all yelled, "Yes ma'am." Yeah OK -- in my dreams, but they did show up.

I issued a proclamation.

Here is the deal. Let's have a contest. Boys against girl. The team that can move the most amount of wood, in the shortest amount of time -- will win. If Tori - the girl team - wins... she'll get $1. If Mansel and Milo - the boys team - wins... they will get $.50 each.

I had to time them. I shouted "On Your MARKS, Get SEEET, GO!" Off they run. They got to work. Look at that sun shine. They really worked. I figured I had about 1 hour of computer time while they worked. I blogged about my Prince and Princess.

WHAT is that noise??? Oh -- it's a boy.. probably coming to complain. ::rolling eyes inserted here::


What?? Done????

Oh man... I get my calculator out -- 9 minutes??? 9 MINUTES!!!???!!

They were to carry the wood from between the trees over to these wood pile "pile-ers" against the wall. There were 2 sets of them. The boys piled in the front, the girl piled in the back. I believe I see more wood in the back then I do in the front.

And I have a worker. She is such a blessing... I am proud of her.

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Princess err... Prince?

Danielle really loves to play with Wayne. Wayne really doesn't mind hanging with Danielle either. When Danielle went to spend the night with Grandpa and Grandma at a rodeo, then come home the next morning... she was one of the person's he missed. He come to me in the kitchen and ask, "Where's Danielle?"

So -- he follows her lead a lot.

Like -- playing Princess... we really need to get him a PRINCE outfit.. don't we. He's going to love these photos when he is 16. Well -- he may be cool enough by then to blow it off... really when I should show these is when he is 10. Oh man... he'll be so embarrased then... that's TOTALLY not cool when you are 10.

At first I was like, TAKE THAT OFF!! YUCK...

But as I watched him playing in that dress... he was NOT in any way affected by the clothes he was wearing.

He was ALL MAN!! HE still ran bowl legged, and didn't mind that he had on only 1 slipper... and he didn't notice in the least, that it didn't match his dress.

Look at the toys he chose to play with -- in his dress. MANLY TINKER TOYS!! You bet. He ran and jumped and lifted his dress up over his head.

And when I told him to put his dress down... he got a bit confused. DRESS?? ME?? I don't wear dresses? What is she talking about?? This is a dress??

Look at Danielle -- she may be able to put him in a dress -- but he still isn't a princess at heart.

"This dumb boy... doesn't he know how to be a princess??"

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Paper Back Swap News

Did you see this??? Hooray!!!

Paper Back Swap is going to celebrate their 3rd birthday. They thought about sending cake to all of us members.... but decided in stead to give us all a party favor. How EXCITING!! This I can hardly wait for. I've asked for it several times.


And here's your party favor: Printable Postage!

This is the single most-requested feature in the club. We are beta-testing this feature now, and hope to have it fully functional and ready for release to the general membership soon. Printable postage means:

* You will be able print out Postage + Delivery Confirmation right from your printer to wrap and send your packages.

PBS Delivery Confirmation is the only way to get Quick Credit or to guarantee your credit if your package is lost or mis delivered.

* No more trips to the PO!

The new USPS regulations requiring packages 13 ounces or over to be sent from the PO will not apply to packages you send with printed postage. (Only packages bearing postage stamps for postage are affected by this regulation.)

* No more high monthly fees to other online postage sites.

PBS Printable Postage will be inexpensive and easy to use!

So everyone go buy a good reliable scale (we will soon be stocking them in the PBS Store) and get ready. More details to come....

I've already got the good reliable scale. Woo Hoo!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Catalog Card Generator

Now -- this is a neat find.

You can enter all the information you want -- then "create" a Catalog Card. Don't ask me what you will use it for -- just for fun, I guess. The original one I saw -- was a birth announcement... how cool is that? Now that I'm thinking about it -- you could announcement anything... or document any important date. For now... I'll just save the link for later use.

But -- let me know how you use it! I'd love to see...

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I have found my theme for the 2007-2008 school year. You didn't know I had themes? Neither did I. This is a first. So -- what do you think of our first theme?

Ephesians 4.1 I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called,

I'm reading a book by John MacArthur... you know how he encourages you to study, study, study God's word. Well -- I'm trying to study it. Today I read Psalm 119.11.. Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. I feel I need to encourage my children to follow this plan as well. I need to really be encouraging them to walk the walk! Not just talk the talk. People are watching them. The olders have littles that are watching them and deciding right now... do I need Jesus?

My olders are watching me right now and deciding -- is this for real? Will I be living like this when I have my own house and my own family? They talk all the time about when they are grown up. Tori is going to have a horse, Mansel is going to have a dirt bike... do any of them think now... "I will have a relationship with Jesus like my Mom does."??

I'm going to read with the bigs today Proverbs 7 - how that young man handled temptation. He gave in to it... like an ox being led to slaughter. Bad results. (For the ox anyway). Then I'm going to read Gen 39. They can both read -- I think we'll all read it together. How did Joseph handle temptation? He FLED, and GOT HIM OUT! But if we are not reading the scriptures, and we are not applying them to our hearts... how will they ever know what to do and how to do it?

Psalm 119.9 Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? by taking heed thereto according to thy word.
10 With my whole heart have I sought thee: O let me not wander from thy commandments.
11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

Walk In A Manner Worthy Of The Calling!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Curious George

Do you like to watch other people's e-bay auctions? I do. Ü

HERE is mine. Only one -- but still... just in case you are curious. Ü

Are you like Curious George?

Friday, August 17, 2007

Charmed Life

I am leading a charmed life today.

My favorite bracelet arrived in the mail today. Ü

I won this piece of jewelry from Charmed Designs by Dana Leach.

Gorgeous. I tried to take a photo of me wearing it -- but I do not have model hands. My knuckles looked thick, my hairy arms looked even hairier, and my silly camera blurred the details at just the wrong time.

AND I wanted you all to see the little things, like this cute packaging. The bracelet arrived in the white bag, which was in the cute little red bag. I'm easily impressed. If you click on the photo - it will enlarge.

AND!!! I've got another AND... it totally matches the shirt I'm wearing today. I'd take a photo of that too -- except it's stained. Who wants to see a stained shirt that matches this awesome bracelet? I was betting that you DIDN'T want to see that. So I opted out of the stained shirt, that matches my beautiful bracelet, photo.

To stick with the "charmed life" theme... I am brewing my free sample of Folgers Gourmet Selections Vanilla Biscotti coffee right now. It came in the mail today too. Too good to be true, huh!?! Ü It smells GREAT, I tell ya. I'm thinking I won't have to add much, perhaps a little Splenda, and it'll be AWESOME!

Then I'll head upstairs and turn on my iron -- and stick to my job until it's done. (I took a little break -- you know me and mail -- I LOVE snail mail! Especially today!!)

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

So -- how is your life today? Charmed, I'm sure!
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The Hissies!!

VERY FUNNY!!! I'm listening to it AGAIN!

Thanks to The Botzy Blog for the link!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

What's Outside

Today it's raining -- things are growing like crazy around here. Green. Clean. Fresh. Including the garden. I thought I'd share some of what's happening outside.

Here is our garden from far away -- I wanted to show you what a little sunshine will do. Either that or what good seeds will do. We aren't really sure. The corn on the left is Wal-Mart seed that was planted first. See the little path down the middle... that's where the garden hose snuck through. Well -- the corn on the right was good seed covered in red stuff from an on-line friend, planted 2 weeks later. It's TALLER!! I know!! Amazing huh? Well -- it gets a bit more sunshine then the other. So I think perhaps -- sunshine is like GOLD to corn. We may have to rethink our planting order or directions next year.

This year -- for the first time -- I planted watermelons. If you know anything about Southern Iowa -- and Watermelons -- you'll know that this one is way behind. I planted them a bit late, I guess. BUT since it's my first -- I wanted to photograph it anyway. It looks full size -- but compare it to the leaves around it. It's small really... no bigger than my foot. Ü Cute little guy... I hope it develops fully before the freeze. My neighbor told me since we are down in the valley -- we'll get frost before the next guy who is up a little higher. Oh well... we'll see.

Oh -- then there is Mr. Cantaloupe. YUM... I can't wait for these to be ready!! Did I tell you that I saved the watermelon and cantaloupe seeds from fruit we bought at the grocery store last year? They were DELISH -- so I saved some of the seeds. I washed all the gunk off. Set them up on top of the fridge on a paper towel to dry out. Put them into a zip lock baggie and labeled them -- you know -- in case I didn't recognize a water melon seed. Then this spring -- I planted them. I saved a LOT -- but I didn't plant that many. I did 2 hills of each kind. They are spreading every where. Next spring I'm going to plant them in our front yard -- so we won't have to mow. HA HA!! OK -- not that funny... but really -- they are going crazy! Only 4 plants and they are EVERY WHERE!

Oh -- and my Echinacea plant. I planted 2... only took photos of 1 because one got week whacked! It came back -- but it's not as big as this one. Can you see the plants laying down on the job in the back ground? Yeah -- those slackers. Well -- the echinacea hasn't bloomed yet -- but I'm thinking there is one bloom on it... see that? It's still green. Right above that dandelion. YIKES... I need to weed. That was before all this rain -- they will be taking over if I don't get out there soon. I'm curious as to what color the flowers will be -- hopefully we will be able to see these before the frost too.

That's about it -- all the rest is sort of puny and weedy. Or ugly.

The potatoes are about ready to be dug up -- but you know... it's raining. I think I'll let them dry out a bit. Dan mentioned them rotting. YIKES!! That would be a bummer... my 12yo is learning how to make some awesome garlic, buttery mashed potatoes. YUM!! We could use those potatoes this winter. So pray they don't rot!
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Would You Look at THIS!!

Guess what the mail man brought today?!!?

My books that I won from Life As A Momma. (She has a hilarious post today about her baby and a sippy cup b.t.w.) Ü

Woop Hoop!!

I feel like such a winner today. I'll list them - smallest to largest - because that is how they are stacked here on my desk.

1. A Daughter's Quest, by Lana Nelson Dooley
2. The Edge, by Catherine Coulier
3. Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen
4. 50 Harbor Street, by Debbie MacComber
5. On Wins of Deliverance, by Elizabeth White
6. Tides of Mont St. Michel, by Vercel
7. Resistance, by Anita Shreve
8. Sunsets, by Robin Jones Gunn
9. Vanity Fair, by William Makepeace Thackeray
10. Candy and Saturday Night, by Block & Kuhl
11. The Plight of Mattie Gordon, by Jeanne Marie L
12. Plantation, by Dorothea Benton Frank
13. The Wedding Caper, by Janice A. Thompson
14. Reaching the Left from the Right, by Curtis
15. Venus Envy, by Shannon McKleden

So which one should I read first??

I am so thankful for my box o'books. How cool is that? See -- I knew she had my address! ;) Thank you so much for the box of books!

Hooray!! What a day!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Thank You Is In Order

I have Really Won this time!! REALLY!!!

Have you seen this beautiful jewelry? I followed a link from the Pioneer Woman Blog... to this site, Charmed Designs, where Dana makes and sells the most awesome jewelry.

Did you go see what I've won? WOWZA!!! I'm thrilled. You KNOW that this gets her free advertising... because I'm ranting and raving about how thrilled I am -- but really -- I love bracelets. I do -- my favorite one just snapped something this week-end... so I may have just gotten a new favorite! Ü

She sells on e-bay too... so I've saved her as a favorite seller... You know you can do that -- don't you? So every time she lists something new... you can get an e-mail about it. Yeah -- let the bidding begin! (Well -- not today, since there isn't anything listed... but save it anyway!)

This is a neat blog to save too -- go back at least once a month, if not more -- she has a once a month club. What a neat idea! When I see cool bracelets, I think, "OH... I could make that." But you know -- when I try -- it looks like the kindergarten class got loose in the bead aisle at Wal-Mart. TOTALLY not the same. I CAN NOT make this bracelet -- so I'm estatic that I WON!!

Thank you again Dana!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

I WON -- I WON!!! (maybe/maybe not)

Remember this?

Well -- I remember the blog, I remember the post... but I haven't seen the prize yet. Apparently -- I'm e-mail impaired. I've replied to e-mail that I have received from the giver of this gift... but she hasn't seen my address. I wonder if my gmail is defective?

Any of you have this problem?


Is there really not a box of books? Lately -- that has been my thought. My grandma used to say -- there is proof in the pudding. Check my comments to see how many times she has asked for my mailing address -- I swear to you that I've sent it every time she has asked for it.

I wish I would have one something poopy -- like a can of cat food or something -- then I wouldn't have been so disappointed. But no -- it had to be a box of books I won. Wouldn't you know it -- I got all excited. Call me droopy loopy!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I've been nominated for this award.

Ya ever hear of such a thing?? Chautona seems to think I've earned this here award. And I sure appreciate it!! THANKS FRIEND!! Ü If you ask me... she's got it backwards -- she had a GREAT blog!! It's a keeper if you ask me.

How it works:

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn't fit your blog).

Since gold fits my blog -- I'm keeping this one.

Now -- for my 5 nominees...
1. Keer "Unplugged"
2. Team Bettendorf
3. Sunny
4. Kim
5. Sharon

I KNOW I just tagged Sharon recently -- but she really does make me think. I linked to one of my favorite posts of hers -- about her son Caleb -- here is the most profound paragraph I've read in a long time...

Later in the day, Eddie, Caleb and I were outside sitting under the "climbing tree" chatting. Eddie started talking to Caleb about how he felt about a new sister. His response revealed so much. He said, "I can't protect all these girls." Awwwwww.... Poor fellow.

Oh my word... put me to shame. Do my boys think this way? That's why we are doing some CHARACTER training this year. This boy -- he's got CHARACTER!!


How about Starbucks Coffee?

Do you ever visit a Target? Then head straight to Starbuck there??

I AM!! on Saturday I plan on using THIS COUPON for a couple of drinks!! YEAH!! Will you join me?

I'm fairly certain it only works at Starbucks IN a Target -- not the stand alone stores... but I could be wrong.



A wise old owl
Sat in an oak
The more he heard
The less he spoke
The less he spoke
The more he heard
Why can't we all
Be like that wise old bird?

I recently found a web-site that I think is very interesting. Lifestyle Homeschool. One of the GREAT things I found there was Character Education. My dh and I have been discussing this recently. As we are raising these kiddos that we've been blessed with -- what is the most important?

We are fortunate to have met several people in our walk of life, from different background, different social circles, different educational styles. As we were talking last night... we mentioned that there are some who thing they are RIGHT ON... but we don't necessarily agree with them. It is very important to them that their kiddos are educated - but on this certain way - and they are pushing them academically ... but we think they are missing the boat heart wise. In fact... several time their kids have been mean to our kids. We think that shows their true heart feelings. Several of their kiddos have "jumped ship", as a popular author recently wrote about. Maybe not totally out of the boat -- but they aren't walking the same path as their parents. They seemed to have rebelled against what they parents think is important. Do we want our kiddos doing that?

We are searching for something right now... on a journey together... and when we find it -- I'll post about it.

But as we go we are talking about what is important to us. Is it children's programs -- advanced academics -- sporting events -- well roundedness??? Or is it CHARACTER. Loving the unlovely. Reaching out to others to tell them about Jesus? We are looking at what path we are walking on.

I don't think it was just chance that I stumbled across this site today, after to talking to my dh about our children's character last night. I love how God works that way. I call it a God thing. Ü

I'm getting ready for school. We will be starting in September -- after the Holiday. I know one thing. I'll be adding character training to our schedule.

When you show character,
people begin to respect you...
After time, that respect grows into trust...
After time, that trust builds a relationship...
When you have relationships with people
you have influence into their lives...
Influence is leadership.

This is a quote from the Lifestyle Homeschool Web-site, and after reading that, I've decided, I want my children to be leaders!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Things I'm Hearing Said This Week

"Mom, when is Tori going to be here?"

"So -- how many days until Friday?"

"What day is it?"

My oldest, right hand man, lunch cooker extraordinaire is at Jr. Camp. Oh me!! I miss her, but apparently her siblings may miss her even MORE!! I found one of them crying, and I'll not name names, because he wouldn't admit it, but his little sister narked on him and said, "Milo is crying because he misses Tori," oops... I did it, I spilled the beans.

You should see these little tykes... they are moping around... looking bored, asking to watch TV - well that's normal, I guess... but really looking forward to Friday. Even Mansel, who is almost 8 and really hates to admit that he loves his sister, and misses her, misses her. Ü

2.5 days and counting!!

You are the best nose hole taper opener we know!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY VICTORIA! I can call her that -- because she isn't home to whack me on the arm for doing so.


Monday, August 6, 2007

Ohhhh... I got it again

I got TAGGED!!

Check out Dangit Ange -- she tagged me. I'm just too slow... I keep getting tagged. I'm working on my speed -- but I'm not sure speed helps with this tag game. It must be strategy... I'll have to find a book about getting tagged.

OK -- here it is.

4 jobs I have had:
Plant Clerk, at Pella Corporation, Pizza Maker at Breadeaux, Cleaner lady at Merry Maids, Clerk at the Post Office in College... that was FUN!! Except when my friends would steal my mail cart and hide it.

4 films I could watch over and over:
Cars (I just copied Angela!), Pride and Prejudice (the American Version -- because I own that one), Sargent York, I'll have to get back to this one - OK -- I'm to the end and haven't thought of another one. So I'll just leave it at three.

4 Places I have lived:
Des Moines, Chariton, Cedar Rapids and Oskaloosa... all in the Tall Corn State.

4 Favorite TV shows:

Yeah -- well this will date me a little. I haven't watched real TV for several months. What Not to Wear, Anything on the food channel, CATHE on FitTV, and um... I don't know -- I'm not much of a TV watcher... oh well - Fox News... is that a show?

4 Favorite Foods:

pizza, good ice cream, pretty much anything chocolate, and really moist cake with sweet, sweet frosting.

4 Websites I visit everyday:
HK Message Board, Country Doctor's Wife, Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, and last but not least... Cool Runnings. Yeah -- I know -- I'm lying... I don't visit some of these every day -- but I'll leave that up to you to decide which ones are the real thing.

4 Places I would love to be:
Coffee shop with a good book, in bed with a good book, in the library with a good book, on a train with a good book.

4 Favorite Colors:

green, kelly green, sage green, yellow/green (I don't have much of an imagination, do I?)

4 Names I love but would/could not use for my children:
Elliot, Marshall, Asher, Elizabeth

OK -- now it's your turn, 4 of my friends; Kirstin, Sharon, Jeanne, and Challice!

TAG -- You Are It!!