Friday, December 31, 2010

The other day on Rush...

I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show in the car the other day.  There was a guest host on -- I don't remember his name.

BUT - he was talking about our economy.   Very interesting... he brought up Groupon.  Actually what he was saying about Groupon reminded me of Scentsy - so I really was listening.  Groupon is a company that has an electronic coupon.  You can have them e-mailed to you... they are usually for your community.  It's a good deal - usually 50% off or more, and it's only good if a certain amount of people click on it to buy.  If you click on it to buy - and there are not enough people who join you - then the deal is off... but if you really LOVE the deal, and you click on it to buy, and you tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS... because you love the deal so much, that everyone else buys it too - then it's on. Ü

It's a form of free advertising for the company offering the coupon. It's FREE for the company offering the deal to be a Groupon offering.  Groupon pays for having the web-site, probably... The company actually gives half of the profits from the "deal" to groupon - that's how Mr. Groupon Man makes money.  Companies are LINING up to be one of the ones to offer a coupon.  There are more companies then days of the week this is working so well.

So - today's deal for me - Smokey Row Coffee... $15 worth for $7.  How very cool is THAT?  That's more than 50% off.  Ü  I like those sort of deals.  I'm getting one for my dear husband's birthday - so don't tell him.  LOL

Ok - so - the government didn't stimulate this Mr. Groupon man to do this.  He didn't stimulate any of the companies who are lining up to be a part of this to be a part of it.  The government didn't stimulate me to want to buy a gift for my dear husband's birthday either.  Free enterprise - that's what works.  If the government would stay out of the economy - we'd probably make a very quick recovery.  Speaking of which - I did very well with Scentsy this year.  Well I did well for me... some Independent Consultants got $1,000,000 in commission this year... I believe they did VERY well this year.  Who's having a bad economy? 

OH - the kicker???  Google offered Mr. Groupon man $6,000,000,000,000 (is that billion?) for the company... AND HE TURNED THEM DOWN!!  Wowza... (perhaps Mr. Groupon man isn't all that smart) OR he's making a TON of money and all them zero's really don't have the same effect on his as they do on me.

Neat thing that groupon is...  are you a Grouponite? Groupie?  Grouper?  (I'm not sure what we are called).

p.s  Apparently Mr. Groupon Man is Mr. Andrew Mason - he tweets.