Thursday, June 23, 2011

Neighborhood Bible Time!

Our church is having its annual N.B.T. this week. I get to be in the preschool class. I'm teaching with my friend Ruth. Often people complain about this class because its more work.
I'll tell you what - this week has been wonderful so far. We have great helpers. Ruth is laid back and easy going. I really like great, laid back, and easy going!
I learned something new this week. My own son is in this class. He is the only 6 year old. But that isn't what I learned. I learned that he didn't know John 3:16. We are working on it. He will before long.
Thank you Grace Baptist Church for running such a neat program year after year.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creek Edge Press

THIS web-site is a wonderful find!

AmyKate is a wonderful home school-er.  If you ever need one to emulate - she's one!

And NOW - now she is sharing her knowledge and skills with US!!  :sigh:  She's wonderful! 

Go check it out - you will NOT be sorry, even if you don't buy - you can glean... you can ALWAYS be a learner, you know.  Always!  I hope you like what you find... I did. °Ü°

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm learning about Kettlebells.  I don't do the Russian variety... because I'm a wimp... light weight.  This guy shows 17 different exercises using kettlebells - I can't wait to try a few.  I do the "swing" - both hands on and in between my legs.  I actually use a dumbbell... because I don't own any kettlebells as of yet.

Today I did 100 swings.  I read somewhere that doing swings burns 20 calories per minute.  Thus - doing 20 minutes of swings... LOTS of calories.  Ü  (400... in case you were reaching for your calculator).