Wednesday, March 9, 2011 ™ - cut your Grocery Bill in HALF through Enlightened Shopping! ™ ™ - cut your Grocery Bill in HALF through Enlightened Shopping! ™

I'm using Savings Angel to make my grocery lists lately!

I have a food budget of $600 per month. The food budget includes things like toilet paper and shampoo and toothpastes... not only food.

BUT in the past - I've really not stuck to my budget much. I'd go do my once a month shopping - and spend my allowance... then by week 3... we were running to the store for this or that... and by week 4 we were eating hotdogs and mac-n-cheese every day waiting desperately for that once a month grocery shopping day again!!

Now - I go to Savings Angel web-site and check out what's on sale at my favorite local store (Fareway), and Hy-Vee and Walmart... BECAUSE Fareway will match all their prices.

I chose those 3 stores... and make a list. What Savings Angel does is tell me what's on sale, and tell me where to find coupons - either on-line, or in my file folder full of coupons from the Sunday paper. I click on what I want... then go to another page and click on how MANY I want and put them in order by aisle. i don't HAVE to put them in order - but I like it that way... I like it that I have that option.

THEN it tell me what I will pay, and what I would pay for the item at full price.

The thing I LOVE??!!!??? I love that each week I still have food in the cupboard and I'm NEVER making runs to the store with the credit card so we have something to eat. I get CASH out every other week... (if I get it every week... it's an odd number and my ATM machine will only give me 20's. LOL That's why)... so I go every other week - get $300... this week I'll spend $100 probably. Woo Hoo!!! That leaves $200 for next week. That's wonderful!! Sometimes I do a run to COSTCO - because i like buying something in bulk with THEIR coupons... like hand soap. or those clorox chemicl wipes. Baby wipes... COSTCO cleans up on baby wipes... Press'n seal stuff from Glad... I get that at COSTCO too... but anyway...

If you look at my link above you'll see that I have coupons for REAL stuff. I'm not buying JUNK just because it's on sale and I have a coupon - or if it IS junk... like the blue bunny ice cream - we are getting 1... for Sunday. I'm getting apples, cabbage, tuna - lots of it - tuna helper, lunch meat, mac and cheese, bleach, frozen veggies (lots of them), banquet meals (because I like them for myself for potion control), and cereal. We have visitors coming who like cereal. So I'm stocking up on cereal while it's on sale and with coupons - instead of waiting for the week that they come and paying $2.99 a box for it. THEN - this leaves me more money for meat - that is outrageous right now. pft... who wants to pay $3/# for hamburger? That's cRAZY! but I can now because I'm saving so much on the other stuff. No more hot dogs for 7 days in a row at the end of every month. :giggle:

Savings Angel has a deal where you can try it for a few days to see if it indeed will help you save money. I like that - you can see if the stores around you are on the list. I know some moms who play the coupon game - but the stores where you can do that are more than an hour away for me. Not a savings for me to drive there every week to get groceries.

I hope you can glean something from this information! It's really been a great help to me and my family.