Friday, November 30, 2007

Good News

Oh -- I am thrilled!! I just got news from my Dad. I thought we were going to have to wait 200 days to see them -- WELL... he is going to preach at a revival at Des Moines Eastside, March 27-30, 2008. That's not to far from us. They won't get to stay here -- but we could go there...for a service... or 2.

Woo Hoo!!

I'm so excited.

I just can't hide it.

(I don't know the rest of the words to that song... maybe a good thing).

So lets see -- that makes only 118 days until we get to see them. Remembering that extra day, because 2008 is a leap year.

I'm assuming he'll bring my mom along. ::giggle:: Maybe we can do lunch. ;)

Better go adjust my paper chain.


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Baby Mia

This is Baby Mia.

She is new... new to us. Well -- new to my friends.

Isn't she pretty??

She comes to us from China. Oh how long I remember my friends Todd and Chris talking about Mia. Now they have 5 girls. It was so fun to see Mia with her new mommy.

Grandma is enjoying Mia! We got to shower baby Mia with gifts at a baby shower.

Funny side note -- I asked Dani if she had fun... Mia has an older sister. She is 2 weeks older than Dani. Dani loves Lily! She loves to say her name. Lily! Lily, Lily, Lily!!

Anyway -- she said, "YES!" Oh... I just remembered I told you this already. She had so much fun she "missed the baby taking a shower. " Oh me... too funny... sorry you had to hear it again. I'm still laughing about it! Ü This photo was taken right after Lily stuck her finger in the frosting. She was right... that frosting WAS too good to refuse. I had 2 pieces of that cake... just for the frosting. ;D

My dear daughter, Tori, was a good sport and dawned a blind fold, then proceeded to diaper a dolly with a cloth diaper -- pins and all. OUCH... no really... Tori did really well. Not as well as I did... but you know... good for a 12 year old! I got beat out by my friend Lori. She's probably diapered more than I have with cloth. I only used them for 1 1/2 babies. Dani is the 1/2 baby... cloth gave her a rash. Doesn't that sound backwards? Anyway...

What fun baby showers are... WELCOME MIA!! You can read her story here. Todd and Chris have blogged about their adventure. My favorite photo?? Baby Mia and her friends on the Red Couch.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wrestling in Waukee

We got to go to a Pee Wee Wrestling Tournament in Waukee, IA, on Saturday. It was a tournament for beginners only. That is a neat idea. If you had wrestled in more than 10 matches, or 3 tournaments, you were not eligible. Milo is a beginner. Yep he is.... still is. LOL In fact -- he may just not be cut out to be a wrestler, but that is yet to be seen. He really likes to practice. He and his brother drag his dad out to practice twice a week. And to tournaments often on the week-ends.

This week-end Mansel got to be his warm up partner. Mansel loves wrestling. He is already asking about his first tournament. When can he wrestle? Huh? Huh? Huh??

Tori really enjoys wrestling tournaments. This is when she gets caught up on her free reading pile. A horse book of course.

Milo is a bundle of nerves here. I'm so glad he didn't wet himself. Those singlets just don't hide much... it would have been sort of obvious. He did fine. He came in 4th place (out of 4)... but he did FINE! Ü

Here is Wayne -- ever his supportive self. Actually -- he really was helping... helping me enjoy myself. He got cranky for just a bit, then fell asleep in my arms. Ahhh... slobbered a little on my arm, so I decided to lay him down on our coats. Isn't he a doll?? It may have been a result of us waking up at 5:30 a.m. It was nap time!!

I asked Milo what his favorite part of the day was... He replied, "You know Mom... the medal." Oh he is funny!! They don't care that they came in last place... oops... I mean 4th place. He gets a MEDAL!!! Cool. Ü Plus we made new friends this week-end. I'm going to send a mom a DVD of her son pinning my son. HA HA!! No really -- I am. It's all fun. Plus -- it was a beginners tournament... it was his FIRST EVER pin! Gotta have a memory of that!! Maybe some day another mom will do me a favor like that. When that happens... you bet I'll blog about it!!

You know what's fun about pee wee wrestling? In 10 or 11 years... we'll be seeing these kids at the Iowa High school State Wrestling Tournament. Now that will be FUN!
Here is an example

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Noelle -- a new movie coming out December 7th.

I've heard through the grapevine that Noelle put out by an Amblesider Kerry Wall and family. How cool is that? Wikipedia says Kerry is married to David who produced Noelle and plays the main character Father Jonathan Keene.

Cindy at Dominion Family reminds us that "seeing movies on their opening weekends is a huge boost for the filmmaker so mark Dec 7 on your calendars."

Another good option from Hollywood -- we'd better step up to the plate and let them know we appreciate it! I smell another date coming up. LOL!! "Hey Daaaan!" ;D

Monday, November 26, 2007

Another Favorite Blog (or two)

I was reading through some blogs today -- and I found the one of the blogs I read regularly, is really inspiring. I can't believe all the hard work she does and it makes me want to get up off my toosh and DO SOMETHING!!!

She seems to make everything she does look beautiful -- even her chicken coop. LOL

She is a precious lady in real life -- so as you read her blog -- imagine her "voice" to be sweet and beautiful! Her kids are adorable too... :D

The Beginning Farmer's Wife. Check it out!!

Her husband has a blog too -- although I'm not a regular reader -- your dear husbands might enjoy it. LOL He has a good post about the movie King Corn! (Which I had never heard of until I read his blog - Thanks Ethan). The director of the movie even goes there to comment on it on his little old blog! Wow -- impressive Mr. Beginning Farmer! The Beginning Farmer (they have coordinating blogs -- how cute!!) °Ü°

The Dinner

My mother knows me. She knows that my "luuuuv language" is gift giving -- or receiving... which ever. So -- she brought me this beautimus center piece for my Thanksgiving Dinner Table. I added in the oranges (pierced with cloves). Hmmm... it smelled delicious! Now -- to figure out how to store that beautifmus center piece intact for next year!

Here is the entire long table. There were 10 of us seated - and one high chaired. Like the red table cloth? Yep -- it's the only one I have that fits. Why am I not going to buy a new one? Because I KNOW I have an actual Thanksgiving Table cloth -- farm animals and all... somewhere. I'll find it -- as soon as I purchase a new one. So I'm not buying a new one -- but I'll keep on looking for the missing Thanksgiving one... that fits the long table. Notice there are no spoons. No one to blame but myself... I'm the one who set the table. Didn't notice until all the food had been served and some one needed one to eat... since they can't eat with forks with out stabbing themselves. (One of my children) I should have looked at this photo before eating, I guess. I noticed it right off today. LOL

Here we all are... why do we look like we are laughing? Because my camera can be set up to take several photos on my "self-timer" setting. I think this was photo #5... we were laughing -- when will it ever quit?? Finally my mom poked her head around George's head, and I think this is one where EVERYONE is in... if not totally -- but just barely. See 1/6 of Wayne, and about 1/8 of Dan. Mom's one eye. All of George, Mansel, Tori, Me, Dani, Milo, and my Dad.
That was before eating began, our meat is still under foil.

Fun was had by all -- just don't look at my curtains... why was that one all bunched up?? Some one was messing with it I think... Oh well -- now you know I'm real. You do know that if you are looking at this blog at blogger -- you can click on the photos to see the larger version. You can see my teeth -- since I'm laughing instead of smiling... I know -- I'm trying to work on that.
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Saturday, November 24, 2007

2007 Thanksgiving!

Don't you wish you were here?? We had so much fun. Well -- some of us did. Some of us were sick, and probably just wanted to crawl under a rock. But you know what? Just being in their company -- I had a great time.

I love my parents.

I overheard my mother saying that we probably wouldn't want them to ever live with us -- it would disrupt our rountine -- we'd have to give up too much. But you know what?? (I said that already)... but who cares??? YOU KNOW WHAT?? I think I would really enjoy my dad and mom living with us. My kids LOVE them. I really enjoy the godly conversation. I love how they speak to me, and of me. I cherish any time I get to spend with them.

So -- I'm looking forward to June 2008. The next time I get to see them. Only about 200 more days. I think I'll go make a paper chain...
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Friday, November 23, 2007

I Have Arrived

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Marchioness Jennifer the Querulous of Lower Beanthrop in the Hedge
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Look it there -- I have a title!

What's yours?

I found this at Dawn's Site, A New Day. She was moaning about no friends the other day. HEY -- that sounded familiar. Go check HER out!! She really is a funny gal.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise Him all creatures here below
Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts
Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost

Today my parents are here -- we are going to have dinner at 2:00. My dad is going to pick up a friend and his daughter, so we will have guests. I don't know them, but am looking forward to meeting 2 new people today.

I've got my list ready --
Turkey into the oven at 9:45 a.m. (I'd better get a move on!)
Rolls - store bought
Lettuce Salad
Sweet Potatoes - got my recipe printed
Mashed Potatoes - going to add real butter YUM!
Corn - going into the slow cooker
Pickles - chilled already
Stuffing- must I? ugh...
I've even written down the extras so I won't forget them.
Sweet tea-chilled
Salad Dressing

Pie and Ice cream for dessert. Got my pies from COSTCO this year. Woo Hoo!

I'm going to use the slow cooker for corn and probably my smoky links. I'm going to set the little wieners out on the counter so people can snack on them before dinner -- we are going to have a cold cereal breakfast, then not eat until 2:00... so some of my kiddos will be begging for snacks... around noon I'll let them eats the sausages.

It snowed here last night. So it is beautiful outside! I'd love to be able to get a family photo outside. We'll see about that.

I've already stoked the fire -- so we are nice an toasty in here.

I praise God for a nation that still stops and gives thanks for all the many blessings He has bestowed upon us!
I praise God for a dear husband that provides so well for his family. Lovingly giving and giving! Yesterday he scooped manure on my garden, so I can get out there this spring and play in the dirt and have it be more productive this time around. Thank you DAN!
I thank God for my wonderful children. They are so fun to be around. They are really cherishing their time with Grandma and Popop (as Wayne calls them both).
I praise God for my parents -- they have spent so much time and effort raising me -- I pray I can repay then even the slightest bit by raising my kiddos to love and honor them. Where would I be with out my godly parents? Heavens only knows.

I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

May God bless You Mightly today!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Living Windows

Recently the girls and I, oh, and the baby, went to the Living Windows Display uptown. I brought along my camera. I decided to play around with it a bit... it's still new to me ya know... so I did a little experimenting. I took all of these photos with the color accent feature, using the color red. I chose the color red from a bright red truck parked up town -- it looked like the Christmas Red.

You can always tell Christmas is getting close when you can hear the Salvation Arm bells a ringing! Tis the Season! What a smart man -- he has a hat on AND ear warmers...

The theme was Christmas and Nursery R
hymes. This is a photo of the little old lady who lived in a shoe, with so many children, she didn't know what to do... I was protesting -- she doesn't look like an old lady... in fact... she appears to be about my age... HEY! OK -- so the photo isn't so great... but if you could see my kiddos faces... they were probably this shade of red, because they were so embarrassed that I was protesting so loudly that there was NOT an old lady in that there window... but a young, lithe, fresh looking lady in there. She was NOT old! Got that?

This window was cute -- creative -- 3 little kittens, who lost their mittens... Using live kittens, well cats really, and there were only 2, but you know... it was C.U.T.E.! Better then the other store who chose the same theme, and used 2 teen agers with cat ears on -- and there were only 2... and they weren't little, and well, not so cute -- that window was sort of lame. But this one -- should have won a prize.

And the entire evening was to be wrapped up with Santa coming to the Town Square Gazeebo. Woo Hoo -- we heard him riding in on his sleigh... no wait.. his FIRE TRUCK? Yep -- my kiddos were so scared of the sirens they didn't care who was in the truck. We weren't getting any where near that Santa. So we just looked at this one.

Good enough for us!

Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We got to make Pillowcases with our Home School Co-Op. Fun was had by all. I thought since I had these instructions typed up -- I might as well share... BECAUSE -- these would make AWESOME Christmas Gifts. Very doable!!

I have even taken photos of us sewing some pillowcases... so I can tell and show at the same time!!




The “roll-sew-pull” method of construction, which dramatically reveals a perfect finished edge, is the MAGIC in this project.

Cut your fabric into the following sizes.

Piece A = pillow case cuff, should be 9” x 42”.

Piece B = pillow case trim, should be 2 ½ ” x 42”

Piece C = pillow case body, should be 27” x 42” (or 37” x 42 for a king size)

Take piece B to the ironing board and iron it, press wrong sides together, lengthwise. It should now be 1 ¼ ” x 42”.

Place piece A, right side up, on the table. This is the HOT DOG BUN.

Place piece B on top of piece A, matching the top raw edges.

Place piece C, right side down, matching top raw edges with piece A and piece B. PIN them together.

Roll piece C toward the top, until you see about 1/3 of piece A. (The right side of the material will be facing you). This is the HOT DOG.

HINT: don't poke your finger with a pin -- cause it hurts!

Bring the bottom 1/3 of the piece A and match it to the raw edges. You now have 5 raw edges matched and should pin them. (The wrong side of piece A will now be facing up. )

Stitch a seam, sewing along the pinned edges, backstitching at both ends. Pull the pins out as you sew, before you sew over them, to avoid breaking a needle. Take care not to sew the pillowcase roll into the seam. Seams may be trimmed after sewing.
Reach into the sewn tube and pull out piece C. This is magic of the HOT DOG method!

Press to make your edges crisp, beginning on the wrong side. Pressing is an important part of sewing to shape and set the stitches. Press after stitching each seam. You will be able to stitch the next step smoothly and evenly, and your article will have a more professional look..

Trim off selvage edge and even up the long edges. (Selvage edges can shrink and cause your pillow case to pucker).

With the WRONG SIDE together, fold the pillow case in half matching the long raw edges.

You will sew the edges with a French Seam. Beginning at the TOP of the pillow case, stitch a 5/8” seam. A French seam is stronger and has a more clean look, preventing fraying. Leave your needle in the fabric at the corner, lift your presser foot and turn material, lower presser foot and keep on sewing along the bottom -- makes a nice corner.

Trim the seam to 1/8”.

Turn the pillowcase to right sides together and press again along the edge of fold.

Beginning at TOP of pillowcase, stitch 5/8” from fold.

Turn the corner and sew the bottom edge seam with a 5/8” seam allowance.

Turn, right side out again. Press the seam and give the pillowcase a final press.

Repeat until you are all done with your Christmas Sewing!!

My folks have arrived. Hooray -- the Grandparents are In the Building!!! While the men are at home playing with fire -- more about that later -- the girls and I are headed to the fabric store to buy some goodies today. We will be making these today. If you make some -- I wish you'd share some pics with me! I'd love to see them.

I've put a button at the bottom of the post which you can use to get a printer friendly PDF of this post.  This is my most looked at post by far.  I pray you enjoy making your pillow cases!  °Ü°

Monday, November 19, 2007

10 Mistakes I've Made


You thought I was going to list MY 10 mistakes. Yeah riiiiight! I'm too full of pride for THAT. ;)

BUT -- I'm going to send you to a lady who is humble, and wise, and full of advice. Cindy at Dominion Family has written a great post on her blog. She is an older mom, giving advice to younger moms -- not because she knows it all -- but because someone has asked her to. She has some very good stuff over there.

Take your bag along with you when you read -- do some gleaning -- fill you bag... she is like Boaz, she leaves a lot on the ground for you to pick up! But you got to be willing to put it in your bag.

Of course -- I'm adding her to my list of favorite blogs too.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Tag - You Are It!

I had a post all ready to go this morning, ya know... waiting in the wings... but I got TAGGED!!

::gasp:: I thought I said I wasn't playing tag. But -- well -- I like Melissa. tee hee... so I'll play. I want to be her friend -- and as you can remember from an earlier post -- I am desperate for friends. SNORT!

Melissa tagged me. Her's was so insightful, it inspired me.

So - here goes.

(This is so easy, because you can not see me)

1. I can smell my cinnamon room smelly plug in thing right now, and it smells good.

2. I went to a baby shower yesterday day -- on the way home -- I asked Danielle if she had fun. She said, "Oh Yes -- so much fun I missed the baby taking a shower."
What a funny idea that would be! LOL

3. My Kitchen Aid stripped a gear yesterday. (Now I'm praying HARD for that Bosch).

4. I have 2 guests coming for Thanksgiving. It might be a slow week. Some years we have 3 guest, every other year we have 6. My dad might invite a friend.

5. I really love Peanut Butter M&M's (oops... some people know that about me already). This is harder than I thought, becuase I'm so transparent. (that's a better description than chatty!!)

6. I refuse to shave my dear husband's head. It's either a real hair style - or he has to do it himself.

7. I can't wait to get MY hair cut in January. It's been a whole year of growing out... I decided I don't like my hair grown out. I'm budgeting for a hair cut every 3 months in 2008!!

8. I've got a sore up my nose... hurts like

There ya go! Aren't you glad you stopped by my blog today. I don't know how you would have made it through you day with out knowing all that stuff.

Now TAG -- you are it!! If you read this -- then you are tagged -- and I'd appreciate it if you left a link in the comments section, telling me where to go to read your post!! I NEED to know 8 new things about YOU!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Why I LUV Thanksgiving

I bet you are thinking I'm going to get all gushy and mushy and say all the things I'm thankful for.

Well -- I'll just be honest with you -- one of my most favorite things about Thanksgiving?


Getting ready for COMPANY!!

Look at this buffet...

What do you see there?? I'll just tell you -- NO CLUTTER!!

And here... on the side board...

Dust -- it's gone... vanished... poof... Hooray!!

And the FRIDGE???

Can you believe all the room??!!??

Of course -- it'll be full to overflowing in a few days. But HEY -- it's CLEAN!!!


My mother always says... "Don't even think about cleaning... just leave it!"

Who is she kidding!!! That's what I love about company -- the cleaning -- My house WILL be clean ONCE A YEAR!!

Now -- I'm off to go tackle the upstairs. My word -- it took me hours to just do that little bit.

Oh and the classroom -- I almost forgot... take a look at this...

Of course -- that no longer looks like that -- because you know... well... I've got 5 kids, and one of them got got untied yesterday... so ... Well -- it was nice while it lasted! :p

Found Some New Friends

Have you ever been the new girl? I have... I am, I mean.

Here -- come here... I'd like to introduce you to my new friends.

HA! They aren't my friends... but you know -- I like what I see... so I'm calling them my friends, then they awkwardly look at each other, then at me, then at you and smile really big and shake your hand, and laugh, and say, "Oh that Jennifer, she is so sweet, isn't she?" and really they are asking -- is she sweet?? But wanting it to sound like, "She is so sweet!" but just in case I'm not sweet, they can say, "well -- we were asking, and not saying." You know... that sort of deal.

Any who...

I'd like you to meet BooMama and tired supergirl. They are so cute, and funny, and they love Jesus! I've had a really good time getting to know them. Of course I've left obnoxious comments over there -- you should go see if you can spot them. HA! Oh wait... this is not about me. They are so good, I think I'm going to add them to my "favorite blog" roll over there on the side.

My favorite topic so far? The Sparkly Will Of God. There is such a thing you know. As they mentioned... diamonds, warm tropical water, glittery snow... all things created by God, all things sparkly.

H.E.L.L.O!! I've found my new way. I think I'll just pray and fast about this a bit... Lord -- show me your sparkly way! LOL I'll make up my Christmas List after that fasting stint. It ought to be good and sparkly!

Oh me... I'm sure glad God has a sense of humor! He must -- since he created me, and BooMama and tired supergirl! We love to laugh. (That's my subtle way of putting me in their group... think they will notice? Just laugh along...) Ah ha ha ha haaaaa...

Well -- I hope you enjoy my new found friends as much as I have. But hey -- don't leave.. Hey -- don't forget me....

HEY!!! I'm the one who introduced you all... fine... go -- I'll be here when you get tired of them. Because I'M YOUR REAL FRIEND!! °Ü°

Friday, November 16, 2007


I was in the den, and could hear Wayne, in the kitchen... cheeeuw - cheeeeuw...

He was shooting away. Totally into his play.

He rounded the corner, and I looked up and BAM... I'd been shot...

...with a breast pump - turned pistol - by a 2yo boy.

HA! Nature vs. nuture. Bring it on. LOL

::Just where did he find that pump? Good grief... we are trying to clean up this place!::

Monkey See Monkey Do

Monkey See Monkey Do, originally uploaded by ~*~ Jennifer ~*~.

Like father - Like son. Dan can be seen here doing his stretches for his plantar something or other (how ever you spell it -- it's painful).

Wayne loves his Daddy. Can you tell -- he wants to be like him so much.

When Dan comes home from work, if Wayne is not napping -- he'll always have a gloriously enthusiastic welcome home!

When Wayne wakes up in the morning -- one of his first questions usually is, "Where Daddy." Then I say at work, then he'll say, "Oh yeah!", and grin.

My son chooses his role models well.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Trip to the Large Animal Vet Clinic

I'm a part of a home school co-op. I have the opportunity this year to teach a class on Horses. OK -- now stop your laughing. I know -- it's funny... but not that funny.

How can I teach a class on horses? Lets just say -- there is a LOT of homework. ;) I'd actually call myself the leader of discussion, truth be told. They get 2 weeks to do a homework assignment, then in our 1 hour class... we "NOTEBOOK" it.

Well -- this week, our class time was taken up by a field trip. I arranged for the girls to visit the local Large Animal Vet Clinic. When I called, I asked if they could find a time for us to come visit and talk to the vet about horses. The receptionist said, "Oh -- we are going to perform surgery on a horse on Friday." Great! COOL! The girls would LUV that!! How awesome.

At the end of the conversation -- after all the arrangements were made -- after it was final that we were coming -- just as we were about to conclude -- finish up -- kaput -- ... she said, "Ok -- the castration will be at 4:00..."

I quit listening.

I had to giggle...


Started listening again -- "OK -- fine, we'll be there with bells on. THANK YOU!"

Oh me...

When I told my dear husband what we had planned, he said, "Can't you reschedule? Isn't there something else? You are taking GIRLS to a... THAT??" He couldn't say the word.

Well -- I called a trusted friend, "Do you think it will be OK? Can I take girls to this? Pure, innocent, young, girls? Would you?"

SURE she said. So -- we proceeded.

I e-mailed the parents -- made sure they would know the nature of the visit... all got the go ahead but one. That girl was a bit squeamish about any sort of surgery on animals... so she stayed back to help her mother with the pre-school group of kiddos. So very gracious of her.

Onward and forward!

We arrive at the Large Animal Vet Clinic and open the door and are greeted with a most obnoxious smell of disinfectant. The receptionist stares at me like a deer caught in the head lights. She's mopping. I look down -- ohh... the floor is covered in Large Animal Dirt and Blood, apparently. Um... "Do you want us to wait outside?"


OK -- we'll wait. I turn around to tell the girls to wait -- and one is already a pasty white color. She has her nose buried in her coat. That's fine -- cover your nose... just wait outside until the smell is dissipated and the Large Animal Dirt and Blood is off the floor.

We wait.

Then the door opens again -- HELLO!! There is someone -- covered in Large Animal Dirt and Blood -- greeting us. I think I gingerly waved... I don't recall. We all troop inside -- the smell is a tad bit better... but the floor is now smeared... just a quick clean up job -- she probably just mopped up the chunks. Never mind... it's o.k. We'll get used to it.

The girls and I had re-hearsed ahead of time some questions to ask the Large Animal Veterinarian. I actually wasn't sure if the young girl sitting in front of us was the Vet or not. She was very -- YOUNG! Cute... young... and covered in Large Animal Dirt and Blood. Well -- her face was clean... that was good -- just look her in the eye! She was the vet after all and very good at what she did that day.

The girls did GREAT. They asked and asked and asked questions. Their homework for the next session was to write a paper about what they learned at the Large Animal Vet Clinic. So they were grilling that Vet. She said, "Wow -- I didn't know there was going to be a quiz." I was very proud of the -- we have a tendency to be shy in strange places -- group of girls. We got to talk about horses teeth, vaccines, favorite animals, least favorite animals, why she became a vet, where she went to school, how long she want to school, what constitutes a large animal (horses, cows, pigs, goats, sheep in these parts)... lots of things. There wasn't' a question these girls asked that the vet couldn't answer. It was neat.

One girl asked, "What surgery are we going to see today."

A teeny weeny awkward pause by the vet. Then she bravely waded forward to explain in very medical terms -- just want she was going to do. It flew right over those girls heads. She did a great job! Awesome -- I was proud of her, for my dear daughter was standing right there... and if she had waded too deep into that subject -- I would have slapped her... she probably knew that.

A man poked his head through another door -- "They are ready."

THEY?? 2? 2 horses??

Hey -- we are in for a treat.

So we followed the vet outside. OUTSIDE?? What is the deal? Don't thing have to be sterile? Don't you lay on a table for surgery? Outside?

SURE -- why not.

Well -- to make a long story -- not quit so long...

We watched the castration.

First the horse goes to sleep -- drug induced sleep... I took this photo from far, far away...

She had us stand back until the horse was down on the ground. No problem. We talked in whispers and watched. 2 shots then the horse was laying on the ground. They we walked in for a closer look. We thought it was funny the 2nd horse was waiting in the waiting room (horse trailer). He was making quite a lot of noise... probably was telling Mr. Horse #1, I feel your pain buddy! I'm right here with you... Then after Mr. Horse #1 was on the ground, we think he changed his tune. HEY -- what's the deal? I can't hear you -- everything OK? I've reconsidered... I really DO want to be quiver full!

Some girls observed closer than others. Notice the short girl standing BEHIND the tall girl. Poor Ellen. Her mother made her go. Cora on the other hand is old hat with this sort of deal. Her dad and brothers have done with this sheep... or something. But she did mention that a horse is QUITE a bit bigger than sheep. EVERYTHING is bigger. Wowza. HA HA!! Quite a learning experience for Ellen (the one hiding). She now KNOWS she doesn't want to be a Large Animal Vet. That has narrowed the choices down a little. I'm sure her parents are pleased.

Tori has often said she wanted to be a vet. Doesn't she look thrilled to be there. Observing. Taking notes. Experiencing the thrill of discovery. She dearly LOVES horses... I asked her on the way back to the van. So -- still want to be a Vet? She shrugged... she is most verbose! But -- that was very telling -- because just 30 minutes ago she had been the only one to raise her hand when the vet asked, "Who here wants to be a veterinarian?" ::giggle:: It's always good to get up close and personal before you go and make choices like that.

Only once did I feel like breaking out into a most uncomfortable giggle... after the Vet had taken out one... part... she started in on part #2, because you know... there are 2 to be removed... well one girl said, "Oh -- she's doing it again?" My very intelligent response was, "Oh Yes... 2." Then you know girls... some one was chatting away, so I jumped right in on that conversation, praying she would file away any other questions for her parents to answer at a later date.

We decided that one was enough, one surgery, not one part. After she was done with the dirty deed, I stopped real quick to say THANK YOU! and we left the premises.

Let's just say, "Fun was had by all!" It will be interesting to read their reports they wrote next week. I can't wait!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tim Hawkins

Never heard of the man before -- but that's not saying much... I don't out very often.

But this video is HILARIOUS!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

** Swap a DVD **

Do you have any used DVDs laying around? I did, and I finally found a great way to share them with other people.

The PaperBackSwap folks have been inspired by the tremendous growth of our other web site - and decided to branch out into DVD's. So they put together SwapaDVD to allow movie lovers to trade DVD's. No gimmicks. No spam. No advertising. No kidding.

When another member requests one of your DVDs, you mail it to them. Yes, you pay for the postage. But then another member returns the favor when you request a DVD from them and they mail it to you.

Once you have registered, simply post your DVDs that you would like to share with other Club Members. For the first 10 DVDs you post we give you 1 credit to get you started trading DVDs with other club members. However, the more DVDs you post, the more likely you are to receive requests. And that means more DVDs for you. So post as many DVDs as you can!

Cool huh!?! Well -- the only way you can join for now is by invitation only. I have 5 invites. E-mail me and I'll send you one. I have to have your e-mail address to invite you.

Apple Cider Vinegar + Honey

Tori, Dani and I have drank our ACV cocktail to see if we can prevent the throw ups.

So -- that's 3 who have the ACV cocktail. 3 who didn't and 1 who already threw everything up. I'll keep you posted.

Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktail

2 oz of ACV
2 oz of honey (or more!)
4 oz of water
2-3 ice cubes.

BLEND in the blender.

Drink as much as you can. Usually we sip it. It tastes a little bit like spicey lemonaide... if you squint your eyes and plug your nose. But it's worth it. If it keeps me from vomiting... I'll drink it all day long.

Oh Lord Have Mercy!

I want your prayers.... I was upchucking at 11:30 last night.

Mom gave me a bath.

Threw up again.

Needed another bath.

Then I camped out in the hallway with mom right close to the bathroom. Used 2 more towels in the night, but didn't need any more baths. My aim is getting better.

This morning -- my mom's a bit tired. I'm praying she doesn't get cranky! Will you pray with me?

She says I can watch all the Lassie movies on Turner Classic Movies. I think it's because SHE wants to watch all the Lassie movies on TCL, but who's asking?


Monday, November 12, 2007

How Much Is 300 Grains?

You can go here to test your wordiness and also donate some free rice. How you ask? Don't ask me. LOL Just play the game -- I donated 300 grains of rice and ended up at Vocab Level 34. I'm not so wordy as I think I am.

Brandishing My E-Sword

I'm doing a bible study with the book Loving God with All Your Mind, by Elizabeth George.

I'm really digging deep -- getting into it -- cherishing what I'm learning -- all by using my Sword!

E-Sword that is.

I've put a link down at the bottom of my blog -- clear down there at the bottom -- see it? Hit your end button... It's green. This could be... but not if you don't use it... it could be the most important think you ever down load. And -- get this -- and... it's

Here is an example of how I use my e-sword.

I have saved it to my desk top -- so I double click on it and open it up.

Mrs. George's book is going over Phillipians 4.8. So I look up that verse specifically by typing in the reference. I normally use KJV around here... so I have downloaded KJV+, and KJVR. The "+" version looks like this...
Phi 4:8 Finally,3063 brethren,80 whatsoever things3745 are2076 true,227 whatsoever things3745 are honest,4586 whatsoever things3745 are just,1342 whatsoever things3745 are pure,53 whatsoever things3745 are lovely,4375 whatsoever things3745 are of good report;2163 if there be any1536 virtue,703 and2532 if there be any1536 praise,1868 think on3049 these things.5023

...and has all the Strong's numbers besides the words. Each word that has a number, I can look up. Automatic... no searching or flipping of the pages. The numbers are links -- so they are a different color actually... it's not all run together like that. Very easy to see and use.

KJVR looks like this...

Phi 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

... and is what I use most of the time, just for reading. There are many many versions. I bet you can find the one that you use at home.

Well -- the other day I did some digging. What does this verse really mean?

I'm to think on things that are true... what is true? Not concealing. Well -- that makes sense.

Just - Equitable, innocent, holy, just, meet, right(eous). What pops out at me? Innocent. Is my thinking always innocent? Oh yeah... riiight. Hmm...

How about Pure - properly clean, innocent, modest, perfect, clean, pure. Well -- look at that. Innocent shows up again, but also modest, and clean.

Lovely - that's a nice word... what does it mean? Friendly towards, acceptable. Oh ding, ding, ding... friendly towards?? I KNOW my thinking is now ALWAYS friendly towards.

Good report - well spoken of, reputable.

Virtue - properly manliness (valor), excellence, praise.

Praise - laudation, concretely a commendable thing.

THINK ON -- I'm to think on these things. I can even look up "think on" - to take an inventory, conclude, count, esteem, impute, lay, number, reason, reckon, suppose... think on.

Then Elizabeth George reminded me of James 1.22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. Oh hey -- is that nice to throw that verse up in my face. Well... it is the right thing to do actually. Now that I know what things I'm to think on, and how I'm to do it. I'd better do it -- right?

Now I know what Elizabeth George has to say about that verse, because I'm reading her book, but I also like to see what the commentaries say about that verse.

I have downloaded Clark, Henry, Robertson's Word Pictures as well as Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary. I can find all kinds of goodies about that verse, but here is my favorite from MHCC.
All our privileges and salvation arise in the free mercy of God; yet the enjoyment of them depends on our sincere and holy conduct.
And Robertson reaffirms this idea with his words.

Think on these things (tauta logizesthe). Present middle imperative for habit of thought. We are responsible for our thoughts and can hold them to high and holy ideals.
He's quite the wordy guy... but habit of thought jumped out at me. I've got to create a new habit -- create a habit of thinking correctly, and it must be held to high and hold ideals.

IF -- for any reason you need a map -- you can download maps, and look at them through your graphics viewer. I've got NASA maps, and the SONLIGHT maps at my disposal. Very cool thing, if you ask me, especially since I'm homeschooling some rug rats and we are studying Creation to the Greeks in history this year. Very convenient.

So -- that's quite the devotions I just had there from one little verse, using my MIGHTY e-SWORD! For you know... the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Heb 4.12)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Friends... they are a good thing.

We had friends visit us last week. What a comfortable thing.

Actually -- it was my friend Karen, my laughing friend. Remember her from our E.W. trip?

She came bearing gifts. Oh me... she brought me Peanut Butter M&M's. Needless to say -- they didn't last long. Gone already. I think I had decided that they are my favorite M&M's. Surprising how fleeting M&M's can be.

Mansel was so excited that he climbed the tree to be on the look out. He wanted to be the first to see them arrive! He was...

I made the Milo, Royce and Mansel stop running like crazy for just a moment, for 1 posed shot. Didn't happen... that Milo just can NOT sit still. That's OK -- they were having so much fun... I didn't make them pose for long. Off and running them went.

Look at Clara -- she is a laughing friend for Dani, just like her mother is for me!! Almost as soon as they walked in the door -- they were transformed into princesses... with uncombed hair, but who cares. It's all in the attitude.

Karen and I made bread together while the kids run amok!
Ahhh... what a blessing friends are.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm 2

I'm 2, originally uploaded by ~*~ Jennifer ~*~.

When you ask Wayne how hold he is -- this is his answer.

Holding up his whole hand... "I'm 2."

How sweet is that?