Sunday, January 29, 2017

When things change

Time for a new post - yes?

I stumbled across this photo on FB.

Have the courage to make the change,
the strength to get through it,
and the faith that everything will turn out for the best.

So... changes have been made.

I applied for a job at the Knoxville Hospital and got it.  Quickly.

Going to start working there in Housekeeping... Environmental Services, February 14th.  Looking forward to being more comfortable financially.

I'm quitting both the school and the city janitor jobs.  I won't necessarily have more free time - I'll work a 40 hour week.  School was 36, and City was 6-10.  So I guess I'll have more free time... Usually only worked those 10 hours during the summer when I wasn't working at the school.

It will be more steady income.  Actually... it will be MORE.  40 hours a week, and 52 weeks of the year. Year round job will be nice.  I was having to saving anything over a certain amount to live off of during the summer.  I'll get to start up a new budget. LOL  I love budgets.  Time to pay off debt. Here we go.

Concerns?  Having a latch key kid. Leaving the kids home alone during the summer.  They are old enough - I know.  Fairly responsible... but lazy.  I'm afraid of what the house will look like each night when I get home.

Other then that - things are mostly the same.  Kids are still in school, Tori is still at Applebee's...

All is right with the world.