Thursday, January 31, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

~*~ Baby Sophia Jay ~*~
Is getting tubes put in her ears today
?Can You Pray?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Beautiful Heavy Thick Snowfall

Perfect for catching snowflakes on the tongue,

and for fort building,

and relationship building.
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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Drink that Water

You know my most looked at post??

It's the Drink Water on Empty Stomach Therapy post. That is hysterical!! Maybe I'm on to something and I didn't even know it. Maybe I WILL give it a try. LOL

My Hot Dog PillowCase instructions come in a close 2nd. The lady at the local Wal-Mart material counter has even seen it. I get people from all over the world looking at those instructions. Too bad I didn't use better or more contrasting material -- but how was I to know so many people would be looking for Hot Dog Pillow Cases. Then I went and showed them how I poked my finger -- I thought my friends... who already KNOW what a klutz... would be the only ones reading this. Now I have folks in Indonesia who know that I poked my finger until it bled while sewing a hot dog pillow case. That's just what I needed.

I started using my Site Meter in February 2007... with only 197 visitors in that month. In January 2008, I had 1,423. Wow -- that's quit a jump.

Soon I'll be posting my 300th post. I think I'll celebrate.

Maybe if the stars align just right -- I'll have my 10,000 visitor on my 300th post... then that will be a wing ding like never before. (That could be good or bad). Currently I'm at visitor 9,143. So -- it's possible... but highly unlikely. LOL IF it happens -- Imagine balloons dropping from the ceiling, and confetti being tossed about. Woo Hoo!!

Do you have any ideas of good/great/outstanding/maybe even ordinary bloggy celebrations?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baby Bottle Math

In Des Moines there is a Crisis Pregnancy Center that our church supports, the Alpha Women's Center. Every year they pass out Baby Bottles, at the churches who support them, that can be filled with $$. All sorts of money. We save our coins all year and put coins in the baby bottles. I've seen them returned with 1 single check in them. I bet they appreciate those bottles.

This year -- it was Milo's job to fill the bottle. But first -- we had to count the money. Why? Because -- he's in Kindergarten, and that's hands on math, if you ask me.

So -- he counted to 10 and put the money in piles.

Then of course filled the bottle.

But not before I'd shown him how to cheat and add it up with a calculator. LOL
Looks like we needed another bottle. I think I'll run that by the bank, have them change it into bills, and we'll stuff the bills into the top of the bottle.
This being Sanctity of Life week -- it seems like an opportune time for them to pass out baby bottles. REMEMBER!!! I just want to do all I can do to pass the word for us all to REMEMBER the babies!!

This page of their web-site shows the truth about Adoption vs. Abortion. What it says is very true. There are some similarities between adoption and abortion. But there are some very TRUE and REAL differences. The difference between life and death. And if you think it's something you can take lightly and just shrug away... think again.

But here I am -- probably preaching to the choir... my one or two readers a day would NEVER dream they'd be in the position to even have to make such a choice. So what is our job?

Well -- I'd start by saying... Fall on your face before God and beg for forgiveness for even allowing such a choice in our country. Then get up on your feet and do something. Even a little thing such as giving your spare change to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center... Make it a math project if you have to.

Oh God Forgive Us!
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Friday, January 25, 2008

My Camera

I'm not a pro photo shooter like The Pioneer Woman. I don't even own photoshop. But I do love my camera.

Yesterday Rachel asked me about it -- and I blathered on and on... so I cut it out and am now turning it into a post.
rachel said...

I decided I know what I would buy...a new you still really like yours???

Oh -- now THAT is a great plan.

Yes I do like it. I got a Canon S5 IS. I got it from NewEgg on-line -- best price around, even compared to Best Buy or Wal-Mart. We got the combo deal. Looks different than what is available now. So I'd do some comparing.

SAME camera as available in the stores.

Here are the specifications listed on-line. I'll comment beside it, if I have an opinion.

Brand Canon
Model PowerShot S5 IS
Series PowerShot S Series
Color Black
Weight Approx. 15.9 oz./450g (camera body only) It's NOT heavy or bulky.
Dimensions 4.60" x 3.15" x 3.06"
Type SLR-like Which means you can add on lenses if you want to.
Image Sensor
Image Sensor 1/2.5" CCD
Gross Pixels 8.3 MP
Effective Pixels 8.0 MP
Sensitivity Auto, High ISO Auto, ISO 80/100/200/400/800/1600 (Standard Output Sensitivity. Recommended Exposure Index)
Resolution 3,264 x 2,448
Image Stabilization Optical Image Stabilization
Optical Zoom 12X This is good.
Digital Zoom 4X
Focal Length 6.0-72.0mm (35mm film equivalent: 36-432mm)
Aperture f/2.7 (W) - f/3.5 (T)
Shutter Speed 15-1/3200 sec. (settable in Tv and M)
Focus Type TTL Autofocus
Auto Focus Yes
Normal Focus Range 1.6 ft./50cm-infinity (WIDE), 3.0 ft./90cm-infinity (TELE)
Macro Focus Range Macro: 3.9 in.-1.6 ft./10-50cm (W)
Super Macro: 0-3.9 in./0-10cm (W) Soooo cool!! I can't wait for spring flowers.
Flash Mode Auto, Auto w/ Red-eye Reduction, Flash On, Flash On w/Red-eye Reduction, Flash Off; FE lock, Safety FE available
Flash Range Normal: 1.6-17 ft./50cm-5.2m (W), 3.0-13 ft./90cm-4.0m (T)
Macro: 1-1.6 ft./30-50cm (W) (when sensitivity is set to ISO Auto)
External Flash Supported You can add on flash, if you want.
Exposure Control Program AE, Shutter Speed-Priority AE, Aperture-Priority AE, Manual; AE Lock available
Exposure Compensation -2 EV to +2 EV in 1/3 steps
Metering System Evaluative*, Center-weighted average, Spot**
* Control to incorporate facial brightness in Face Detection AF
** Metering frame is fixed to the center
White Balance Auto, Preset (Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Flash), Custom
File Formats JPEG (EXIF 2.2)
Continuous Drive Approx. 1.5 fps; AF/LV: approx. 0.9 fps
Tripod Mount Supported
Self-timer 2s or 10s OR CUSTOM! I change it for up to 10 photos... no running back and forth.
Shooting Modes Auto; Creative: P, Av, Tv, M, C; Image: Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Special Scene (Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Aquarium, Indoor, Night Scene, Color Accent, Color Swap), Night Snapshot, Super Macro, Stitch Assist, Movie
I LOVE this -- all these fun things! Color Accent is Fun. BW/or color. Sepia available. We take high quality movies which are better then our old camcorder.
Viewfinder 0.33-inch low-temperature polycrystalline silicon TFT color LCD electronic viewfinder
LCD 2.5" 207K BIG!! Nice - it rotates out -- so it can be to rotated to the front so you can watch yourself while using the self-timer. It can be rotated in so it will protect the screen while not in use. It's nice!.
Movie Format AVI (Image: Motion JPEG; Audio: WAVE (Stereo))
Movie Recording 640 x 480 @ 30fps
320 x 240 @ 60/30fps
Recording Media
Storage Media SD / MMC Card
A/V Out Yes
Battery Type AA
Battery Life Still Image: approx. 170 shots (AA-size Alkaline Battery); approx. 450 shots (AA-size NiMH Battery)*
* LCD screen on. The above figures comply with CIPA testing standards and apply when fully-charged batteries are used.
Package Contents PowerShot S5 IS Body
AA-size Alkaline Battery (x4)
SD Memory Card SDC-32M
Lens cap
Neck Strap NS-D4
Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM
USB Interface Cable IFC-400PCU
Stereo Video Cable STV-250N

I don't see the sound -- but it has audio. 2 microphones on either side of the lenses. So it has great quality audio as well. Oh it does mention STEREO, I guess.

We got the package deal at NewEgg and it came with a case, more memory cards, tripod, strap, even batteries... not sure what else. No monopod... that was extra... but I prefer that over the tripod when recording sports things. Tripod obviously necessary for self timer feature -- but the monopod really makes it steady, yet flexible.

It isn't a battery hog either. I can take several hundred high quality and 1 tournament of movies before I need to change the batteries out. It takes 4 AA, and we use rechargeable.

So um... yeah -- I like it. Ü Does that answer your question?

We are impressed... but maybe we are easily impressed... who knows? No really -- I was NOT happy with my $80 Wal-Mart special HP camera. No optical zoom... which is different than digital zoom, ya know.

It's easy to down load the photos. One complaint on the camera is the lens cap pops off easily... but that is a plus for me. I often forget to remove it -- and I'll turn the camera on and pop -- off it comes... no damage to the zooming thing. LOL (I'm so professional).

Have fun shopping! Ü

Thursday, January 24, 2008

2007 Tax Rebates


Here is a new article on the Tax Rebates issue.

Now they have decided to include the poor who don't even pay taxes... up to $1200. $300 per child.

The Republicans didn't want to include them... makes sense fiscally, but the Democrats wouldn't sign on unless they were included. Sounds typical. How can you rebate someone who didn't give in the first place. That's not a rebate... that's a give-a-way. LOL

So -- you know how I like give-a-ways... well -- wait... this sort of leaves a bad taste in my mouth... they are giving away someone else's money. I'm not sure I'm so excited about this "free" money. If it were my money -- I wouldn't want some else to give it away. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. (nicely)

Do you already have plans for your money?

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunday School and e-Sword

This morning I'm studying my Sunday School lesson. It has a TON of scripture I need to look up. Well -- it's titled, "How was the Bible Written", makes sense you would use the Bible -- right?

I'm going to cheat a bit.

It's not cheating actually -- I'm using The Sword of the Lord with an Electronic Edge. Those of use with computer have a great advantage... we also have no excuse for not studying God's word.

My pastor mentioned recently that he called his wife and said, "I'm going to do a little studying at home -- I've got about 50 books to bring home." Then he walks in almost empty handed... they were all on a disk. The E-Sword has a lot of helps on it too -- computer in hand -- have knowledge. (Notice I didn't say wisdom). ;)

OK -- so I'd better get back to my studying... I've got lots and lots of scripture to look up for this lesson.

Oh one more thing -- those of you who use e-Sword (or something comparable) what is your favorite thing to do with it? How do you use it most effectively? I want to get all out of it that I can get.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Scaling The Heights

Today I plan to climb Mt. Ablution.

While lavation is happening I hope to keep right on schedule. Lavation could be kin to aggravation, ya think? At least Firefox spell agrees with me on that one.

I just pray the clothes go through the purification that I long for. (No weird smells -- usually the stains are stuck).

Then I commence the folding.

Quickly. Neatly. With something kindred to OCD.
(Yeah... NOT the Office of Civil Defense rather obsessive-compulsive disorder.)

I had my oldest daughter make me... um... make one of these for a home school project. Then I appropriated it. It resides under my bed to be used regularly. I love it when my t-shirt corners all line up on the shelf.

Now -- in 100 EZ lessons fashions.

See me fold.

Why yes I did use the thesaurus... why do you ask?

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Answers

To your questions... Yesterday I was stuck. Today -- with a little help from my friends. I'll answer questions and boost myself out of my slump. Sort of like David encouraging himself in the Lord. OK -- well not really... but it sounded good.

DangitAnge said... a bunch of things about snowflakes and vacuuming.

I skipped her idea. We did school instead. Actually -- we did several days worth of Bible, and several days worth of history yesterday. I have been feeling puny this week -- so we've been sneaking by with just the basics... so I got them caught up. Whew... Today -- a regular old Friday. Hooray!!

But if you are ever looking for some GUT BUSTING humor -- you could go check out her blog. She is one funny girl, who produced some very funny children. Like yesterday... ::snicker:: really funny post yesterday. Now go wash your mouth out with soap, young lady.

corefoundations said...

You PREPARE for your blog posts??!

Yes I do. Can't you tell? Ha ha haaa! Even if she doesn't prepare her posts ahead of time -- you can't tell. Christine is a great story teller -- my fav? The trip to the ditch. Ever so gracefully. LOL

Actually -- not EVERY time do I prepare ahead of time, but most times I sit down and upload my photos from the camera to the computer. If I find any that are blog worthy... then I use Picasa2 to blog them. Picasa is a "Google" thing. You can down load it and then when you use it to look at your photos on your computer -- you can chose them and then chose "blog this". Up to 4 at a time. Rather cool. Really quick. I like it because I can do all sorts of "formating" in Picasa that I can't do here in the blogger dashboard.

Anyway -- when I upload my photos I start a'blogging. Then -- instead of publishing them... I save them. ::tee hee:: Then I stock pile them... sort of like my empty cottage cheese containers. I'm a good hoarder. Then every morning -- wa lah -- I go into a "draft" entry and change the date and hit PUBLISH. It looks fresh -- doesn't it? That Great Nephew Post... it's rather stale to me... he came to visit before Christmas. But it wasn't to you, now was it? Grandma Karol was really impressed... she even e-mailed me about it.

So -- there ya have it... yesterday morning I ran out of hoarded posts. I need to go upload some more photos don't I.

AND... another way to get blogging ideas is to Stumble. Do you stumble? I do. In real life and on the computer. I really only can do this early in the mornings on Saturday -- when no little kiddos are around. I often wake up at my "regular" time on Saturdays and let everyone else sleep in -- then I blog away -- for a rainy day.

Susan said...

roflol...go to my blog and read it and send all of your friends and family there...

Oh -- I've done that before, I think. But I'll do it again. You all should GO HERE and read what Susan has to say. She is a very wise person. AND she laughs at my jokes!! I really like her. I've met her in real life. She makes the best brownies evah!! Ask me how I know... Oh wait -- I'm answering questions today -- not taking them. I KNOW because I've eaten one. Yes I have!! It was D-Lish, and she has a picture to prove it, I think.

You should blog an open letter to someone or a group of people.

Do I have to? That sounds rather serious and smart. Maybe I'll save that idea for later when I'm feeling serious and smart. Maybe.

Sharon said... on >>grabs tissue and tries to stop the overwhelming flow of tears<< style="font-style: italic;">


I go to bloglines and see that you have a new post only to find, nothing????

Right. I'm sorry Sharon.

Do you know how you have destroyed my day??

Um... are you having a little postpartum hormonal stuff going on... a little wee bit? But man alive -- I'm sorry I destroyed your day. Really, really sorry. Go get Caleb to give you a hug... or something. That'll make you feel better.

Hee, hee, ok go make your Dan the Man's favorite sandwich and post pictures of you making it step by step.

Oh... great idea. I could do that -- I'll put that on my "to blog about" list. YEAH... I've got one of those -- it's just run a little dry right now.

Go take a picture of your dog, Oreo?, and blog what she is thinking.

OREO??? You read my post about my walk and the 1/2 deer and you can't remember my faithful MALE companion's name even?? EBONY!! But speaking of oreos... maybe I'll put those on my "to get at the store" list.

Hmmm, a question......

Do you have a hairstyle picked out?

NO. Know why?? I have no idea what to do. I think I'll sit in the chair and say, "Surprise me." Then start praying. Ü I do NOT want it shaved, or punked, or pink, or ugly. But I'd like it to flatter my face shape... what ever that may be. I have no clue.

Are we going to get before and after photos?


Are you going to have pictures taken through the whole process?

No. Know why?? BECAUSE -- I want to say to her... now that I have you here... I want to sit here and read my book and enjoy my coffee and just read, and be quiet, and relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet. My sister cuts hair in TX, she says that if clients tell her they don't want to talk -- she doesn't talk. Boy howdy... I didn't know I could do that. I'd love to get my hair cut and not have to chatter away with some stranger and not say things that make her M.A.D. and have UGLY hair when I got done with her -- or when she gets done with me.

So -- I won't take photos during the whole thing.. but I think I will take before and after shots. I need to have a visual reminder of why I will never let my hair grow for an entire year and why my hair looks UGLY when it's grown out!! I need to remember all the yucky straw feeling junk that is at the end of the hair. GROSS... I can't wait until January 22nd at 3:00 P.M. I'm going to be there with bells on -- and with a book -- and some coffee -- and one request. "Shhh..." ::giggle::

Are you going to eat chocolate today?

::gasp:: No -- no chocolate. And here is the reason why. Wayne and I scrapped the very last itsy bitsy smear of Nutella out of the jar Wednesday night. There is NO CHOCOLATE in this house today. Rather a bad day if you ask me. I could go eat a spoon full of sugar free hot chocolate powder... but I'm not that desperate yet. ::gag:: Oh sorry... Praise the Lord it's grocery shopping day. I'm using my e-mealz list b.t.w. That seems to working out OK.

Thanks for playing commentors!! It's been fun. Hopefully tomorrow -- I'll be back to my old self. I think I'll go do some stumbling... or look at some photos... or just blather away like I normally do.

Make it a Great One!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh My Heavens!!!

I'm not prepared today --

I've got nuthin.

So -- what's new in your neighborhood? We've got fresh snow.

That's about it -- because I've got no fresh ideas this morning. Sorry.

Here's what you should do -- leave a comment -- and give me an idea on what to blog about.

OR we could do like that Pioneer Woman does... ask me a question -- I may just answer it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Favorite Great Nephew

I can say that -- because he's our ONLY great nephew. Dan's nephew - has a kid -- doesn't that make him our great nephew.. or 2nd nephew.. or something?

Anyway -- isn't he a doll? Look at that grin.

His grandma Karol says he is normally always cheerful. Did I say that right?
Cheerful he always is.
Normally cheerful always?
Oh man -- I just couldn't stop taking pictures of those cheerful eyes and cute smile.
Cheese - he would say.
I un-muted my camera and a dog would bark every time I would click.
That made him even more cheerful.

And those baby fingers. They are too precious...

He did get mad at me --
once --
when I made him quit talking to Uncle Dan on the phone.
That's boys a talker.
He takes after Great Grandpa Delano, I think.
Oh -- I'm just kidding!!
(But he does love talking on the phone!)
Apparently Dan wanted to talk to me - he was saying, "Jen... Jeeeen."
So I had to make him quit -- It was my turn.
My turn Trenton.

What a pleasure it was to have him around.
His grandma is right.
He is cheerful!
What a blessing!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Six Million British Pounds

Wowza!!! I'm Rich!! Can you believe THIS??



We wish to notify you again that you were listed as a beneficiary to the total sum of £6,000,000.00 GBP (Six Million British Pounds) in the codicil and last testament of the deceased. (Name now withheld since this is our second letter to you).

We contacted you because you bear the surname identity and therefore can present you as the beneficiary to the inheritance. We therefore reckoned that you could receive these funds as you are qualified by your name identity. All the legal papers will be processed upon your acceptance.

Upon your acceptance of this deal, we request that you kindly forward to us your letter of acceptance,

Your current telephone and fax numbers and a forwarding address to enable us file necessary LEGAL documents in your name at our high court probate division for the release of the fund in question.
Please contact me immediatley so that we can get this done immediately.

Kind regards,
Mr. Hamilton Greg.
Director Alpha
Financial Consult.
London, U.K.


OK -- so what do you want me to get you? °Ü° If Hamilton is giving money to me -- I'll give it away to you. Sound fair? Yeah -- what could be better than free money... especially so much of it.

Funny... I never knew I had relatives in London. I know we are related -- and this is real -- because my now deceased relative chose a Financial Consult. that can't spell -- just like me. It's genetic.

So -- leave a comment -- wish for the stars. As soon as my 6,000,000 British Pounds come in -- I'll grant YOUR WISH!! Ah ha ha haaaaa!!! Woo Hoo!!! Another Give Away! ::SNORT::

Monday, January 14, 2008

Let's Talk about the Weather

Do you recognize this guy? Some of you Iowa readers might. I'll give you a hint. He wears make-up when he performs his job. Not many men will admit to that.

Today our home school group had a field trip. We gathered at the library in town to meet with Jason Parkin. Mr. Parkin is the weather man from KCCI Channel 8 News. It was a very interesting field trip.

He started out by telling us all about himself... ok -- probably not ALL about himself -- but a few things about himself. Did you know he once had a job where he wore a hair net? Interesting, I know. I never knew.

Then he showed a video. It explained all about his job as a weather man. I'm curious as to why Wayne has the deer in the head lights look.

Then we all got to ask HIM questions. Robert wanted to know if it would be snowing when his Grandma flew into Iowa from California on Friday. It MAY BE! Won't she be thrilled? There were some other good questions asked...

Mansel asked about how to measure snow fall. Do you know how?
One can measure the snow fall in 8 different locations in your yard, then average them together, and that the snow fall for that area. I think we could find 8 different place in our yard to measure. I think that would be interesting to know. What is the snow fall for OUR YARD!!
He said it doesn't work to just measure in the snow drift and call in 12" of snowfall... that's not accurate.

I asked him what his dream job would be as a meteorologist. He mentioned being a storm chaser in Oklahoma. That doesn't sound fun to me -- but then again... I'm a mom and not a meteorologist. Ü I wear make-up, but I don't know much about predicting weather, or chasing tornadoes.

Here are some VERY COOL links he told us about. Check out the movies on You Tube by AKRHERZ. He said the one to watch is the "Gravity Wave". I'll admit -- that's a pretty awesome 32 seconds of video. Check it out.

That show me how AWESOME our God is. Who knew there would be weather video on You Tube viewed almost 1/2 million times? Cool.

One more suggestion was for us to check out USA today for some "good weather graphics". I found it -- he's right. The weather graphic index is FULL of stuff that is neat to know.

AND last but not least -- he was kind enough to pose with my kiddos... most of them. Danielle decided to run off and play ring around the rosie with some of her friends when he was done talking. She missed out on getting her photo taken with some one famous.

Mr. Parkin is a very personable guy, and knowledgeable about the weather -- we just couldn't stump his this time... maybe next time.
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Wrestling in Oskaloosa

Mansel wrestled in Oskaloosa.

This tournament was the first time he's wrestled this season. I was a little discouraged after the first match.

See - I'm a mom. Not a reader of The Predicament. Just a mat-side-mom. So -- when I was seeing my kiddo get flopped all around by another 2nd grader, I got discouraged.

What did his dad say when he was done? "Did you see that? Mansel did NOT get pinned by that kid." Ü Good thing Dan's the coach and not me. That kid came in 6th at the State Pee Wee Wrestling tournament last year. Ohh... makes more sense. Hooray for not getting pinned!!

Then his next matches -- Mansel went on to deftly handle the next 2 opponents. Pinning one himself! YEAH!! That makes a mommy proud.

Look it here... Mansel's already working on his "I'm not going to smile for the camera even though I'm so excited to be standing here on the 2nd place stand next to the guy who DIDN'T pin me" face. He's getting good -- very good. He didn't even smile even though his mom was screeching across the room... SMILE MANSEL!! SMILE FOR MOMMY!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Graduation Day!

Dan has a beautiful niece - that I'm lucky enough to share... because I'm married to him! Ü

Today is Michelle's graduation day!

** Woo Hoo **

She is 17. She has worked hard and done well -- so she is rewarded by graduating a semester early.

She has been working at a pizza place in town -- and has worked her way up into management... having to get special permission because she wasn't 18 yet. How excellent is that?

In a few weeks -- she's is headed to Brazil to serve with some missionary families. That sure makes it easy for us to pray for her.

Her Dad and Mom must be proud -- I can say that -- because I'm not them. You know -- pride is a sin... but they really, really must have an awful lot of THANKS to God for her doing so well in her life thus far. We look forward to seeing how God will use and bless her in the years to come.

So -- today is Michelle's day. I pray she enjoys it and will have memories she can cherish the rest of her life!

We Love you Michelle!
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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Year of the Bath

I'm calling this the year of the Bath - because we were Deluged with Bathroom Stuff for Christmas. I'm NOT complaining!! Not at all!! I asked for and received some of the best towels that I've used in a LONG time. After Christmas -- I had fun making some rags out of my old towels. I didn't have to work to hard at that either, mind you. All I did was put the towel in a bag and write "rags" on the outside of it. ::sigh:: They were in BAD shape. So -- you can see my nice new washcloth from one sister and the corner of my new towel from another sister.

AND -- the TONS of Thomas the Tank Engine soapy smelly slickery stuff. Then the 2 boxes of stuff that are being put in the cupboard until the rest of the stuff gets used up. See the pink princess soap, oh and the red racey cars soap, oh, don't forget the yellow rubber ducky soap, and the purple pleasant soap.

Some people need to learn to keep a lock on their lips. My kids weren't as excited about the year of the bath when upon opening the 2nd or 3rd box of soap someone said, "I think they are trying to tell them they stink." Oh... yeah... my kid heard that... and he remembers. I think he has a mind like his mother's. I'm sorry kid! We discussed some people's sense of humor -- or lack of...

But they are right -- we'll come out smelling like roses in the end. ;)

AND -- dry off with some awesome towels to boot!
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Win An Oreck Vacuum?

I have found 3 blogs this week that are having contest to GIVE AWAY an Oreck Vacuum.

That is some giveaway.

I first saw it a BooMama's blog. You have to leave a comment. She's got over 1500 comments already. The odds are not so great that you'll win over there -- but you never know. She uses the random number picker to pick her winner... seems fair. So -- maybe if you start praying now -- you might win.

Then there is another giveaway for the same product at the bloggy blog. You have to tell what your favorite feature is on this product in a comment. So -- it's a tad bit more work... only 883 comments. Like that's even hard... But she says she'll have a drawing... too bad on a blog you can crumple up your paper a little so she'll draw yours out of the bag.

Last but not least is the give away at the boing boing blog. What sort of weird name is that? Who knows. Their contest is weird too -- you have to tell about your suckiest gadget experience. Well -- that's stupid. Firefox says there is no such word as suckiest. See... I knew it was stupid. But I played along -- because I love free things. Wouldn't you know... they have the least amount of comments of all -- only 22... but they are going to PICK their FAVORITE story... it's very subjective. So -- my chances there are probably even worse then at the first 2 sites.

So -- who's gonna play? Do you like Orecks? I guess if I don't like it -- I could always re-gift it. LOL

ETA: I googled Oreck Giveaway and I found another one. is having a contest to give away 2 Orecks. Wowza...

Billy the Kid

Do you all get the History Channel?

I do.

I also get "This Week's Educational Programming Update" via e-mail, from the History Channel.

Sometimes there is information in the e-mail that I find useful.

Like this little tidbit.
Investigating History: Billy the Kid, Thursday, January 17thth at 5PM/4c

There also is a link so you can BUY the DVD instead of watching it on TV for free. Ummm... I think I'll turn my TV on for free. Here is the link so you can take a sneak peak at what is coming up next.

Oh... I bet I could stop what I'm doing and take a sit down and watch a bit of the history channel.

Let's see -- what do I know about Billy the Kid? Not much actually.

The History Channel e-mail writers say that...
Billy the Kid was the Old West's most infamous desperado, yet we actually know little about his short life--and more important--his death. Now, New Mexico has reopened the investigation into Billy the Kid's crimes and mysterious death in 1881. Did Sheriff Pat Garrett kill him or fake the death and allow his friend to escape? Throughout this one-hour episode, we talk to those involved in the investigation, including Governor Bill Richardson, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist N. Scott Momady, and historian Robert M. Utley to unravel the mystery. This program would be an excellent companion to course units on the American West.
Well -- what do ya know about that? I'll put that on my calendar -- and count it as school. ;) Remember watching TV during school? The teacher would turn the TV on and we'd all count down with the TV... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4... I wonder what that was... was it the History Channel or PBS, maybe? I don't know... but if the public schools can do it -- I can do it too. °Ü°


That's how many years I'm expected to live. I've got to start taking more risks... or eating bad food or something. Who wants to live to be 88 years old?

My biological age is 37. (Shh... a lady must never tell her age - I believe that a woman who will tell her age will tell anything, says Mary Kay.) My "real age" -- 23.9. Now -- that's amazing.

How do I know that?

I went here... Poodwaddle - (how do you say THAT??) and check out my "real age". FUNNY!! OK -- now some of the things I guessed on... like Cholesterol. Who knows that? But I knew most of the rest of the answers.

I wouldn't really be surprised if I lived to be in my 8o's. My mom's mom lived to be 99. I bet my mother does too. She's in her 70's and as healthy as a horse. (Don't tell her I called her a horse). Are horses healthy? And I didn't even tell how old you REALLY are mom -- so you'd better put down that phone. Save your anger. ::snicker:: (My mom wouldn't call me and yell at me... she LOVES me! Sometimes she thinks I'm funny. But mostly she loves me.)

So -- you learned something new about me today -- tell me something new about your self, why don'cha. °Ü°

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Give Away!

MapperSnapper has a name that photo contest going on.

It's a SUPER NEATO photo!
(Here is a hint -- my Horse-Lovin-Daughter would SWOON if she saw it!)

Don't even try to top my suggestion.

(I'm trying for some Starbucks here folks)

If you go -- will mention to her how you found her? My name is ~*~ Jennifer ~*~. Not to be confused with the 4,000,000,002 other Jennifers out there. Be a name dropper... I dare ya. (It's just cool for folks who blog to know how things are connected.)

But don't be a smartie... I WANT THAT STARBUCKS! Ü I beg yer pardon -- did I just scream in your ear? I'm sorry -- here -- put a cotton ball in your ear... now go


Go give that photo a name.


Hurry Up!

It's almost over... GO!


Funny, Funny, Funny

Danielle: "What are we going to watch?"

ME: "Diary of Anne Frank."

Danielle: (Look of utter horror on her face) "WHY???"

ME: "Why what??" (Totally puzzled)

Danielle: "Why would we watch her diarrhea?"

Oh me... I need to annunciate better, or something.

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008



Any one do this? If you do -- let me know.

I'm subscribed for 3 months. So far so good. The planning is all done. Whew... that was easy. I went grocery shopping. They had most of the ingredients that I was looking for.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes for 3 months.

I have been going grocery shopping once a month. But that's not working -- we ALWAYS run out of produce. I try to save money back to we can bet fresh stuff at the end... but that doesn't work usually. I try to eat South Beachish style -- but on week 4.. I'm usually diving into the crackers as a snack becuase we don't have any fruit left, or not eating as many salads as I should.

So -- I'm going to do COSTCO once a month - a long with ALDI while I'm in town, then I'll shop at FAREWAY once a week using my e-mealz list. I bought the Wal-Mart list because they don't have one for Fareway, but Fareway grocery prices are cheaper than Wal-Mart, so I'll still be OK.

There are actually different lists for different "plans". I'm going to use the Low Carb list. How cool is that?? I'm very excited about THAT! There is also a weight watchers list, a low fat list, or just a plain old list. There are different stores too. I wish there were an ALDI list. LOL Now -- that would be perfect... but I KNOW that Aldi prices are lower than Wal-Mart prices. So I could use the Wal-Mart list at ALDI for one week. That wouldn't hurt my feelings any.

So -- here we go -- to the grocery store today.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Go Get Dressed... Maybe

The other day I said to Dani and Wayne -- go get dressed. And they did.
It's the middle of winter mind you - actually -- it's the beginning of winter. But it's COLD outside. Wayne's looking forward to summer - me thinks.

Surfs Up Dude!
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

If you are going to buy from Vision Forum...

... I'd LOVE it if you clicked to them through my banner on the side of my blog, or the one in this post.

It's official... I'm now an affiliate. What does that mean, actually, you ask?

I have no idea. I'm just following along with the Bettendorfs -- what ever they do I want to do -- because I want to be just like Katie -- including her shoe size.

OK -- that's just a joke. I have no idea what shoe size she wears. Now her skirt size... I'm seen photos -- and I wouldn't mind wearing her skirt size.

ACTUALLY -- I did find out about this affiliation through the Bettendorfs. (They just had a baby b.t.w. Jodi - I didn't win the guessing... sigh... Oh well!!) If some one chooses to buy something from Vision Forum -- through my button on my blog -- I'll get a commission. Simple as that. So -- if no one else uses the button -- I probably will for Birthdays and Christmas. Instant discount. I like discounts. Almost as much as I like free. °Ü°

So -- happy shopping!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Proof is in the Pudding.

Really? The pudding? Why do people say that? Well -- here are photos to prove that my sister was HERE!! Hooray!

Genell came to visit. (She has the cute glasses on.)
(See how my teeth don't line up with my nose?)

Here is Wayne hugging Annie's neck when they first arrived. He hadn't seen her in real life for over 15 months... he is only 30 months old. Think he remembers her? She is very huggable.

They donned snow clothes after a quick bite to eat. We had nachos and brownies. Sound nutritious? No -- but it was delicious. The brownies I copied BooMama's suggestion of putting a candy bar in the middle. Oh. My. Word. The pan was empty when they left b.t.w. It was a success. Praise the Lord - or else I would have eaten the rest by myself, I'm afraid.

Here is Milo resting after skating on the frozen creek.

Tyler was almost camouflaged in all the trees with his white and grey on. I found him... but only after searching for a while -- we could hear him and couldn't see him.

Here are the girls sliding down the bank on their bottoms. No sleds required. No wonder my kids come in so wet after sledding. They start AT the tree.. not before the tree. ;P

And here are the boys - minus the napping one.
Milo, Mansel, Tyler and Trevor. My boys are in awe of their older cousins. The older cousins are so kind and gracious with them. Mansel loved wrestling with them. They let him hang on for a while -- then pinned him. Gotta keep him in line.

Dani got cold first. Her feet were COLD. But the rest came in side shortly after she did. So she hung out there almost as long as they did. She's leaning on some wood Dan just cut. There was a tree that was ruined, after the ice storm, in our church's front lawn. The ice brought a branch down, but it was a big branch and it caused the tree to split down the middle. It'll have to dry and we'll use it next winter for heat, since it was a live tree. Doesn't it make a good leaning spot?

Tori and Ann stopped for a moment to pose for the camera. I'm so glad. Aren't they beautiful? When they left Tori said, "I'm so sad they are gone." She isn't very demonstrative... so I know it probably seemed to them that she wasn't very excited to see them -- but she WAS! I know she was. I saw her hanging back a bit at first and I wanted to just shake her -- THIS VISIT WON'T LAST LONG SISTER!! Don't waste any of it getting over the jitters. Oh -- she is so her daddy's daughter in cases like that. I'm a jumper inner, not a hanger backer. LOL

So - before everyone pooped out -- I made them all sit down one more time. I think I've got 5 photos of myself as a child. My kids say, "Mom -- enough pictures already." Ü

Just ONE more!!

Then the rest of the photos are un-posed. I put my camera on "mute" so they can't tell I'm taking photos any more. Sometimes the un-posed natural ones are the best ones any way.

Don't you agree?

Thanks for coming Genell! Thank you for sharing your children with us. You are doing a great job with your kids. They are beautiful and have wonderful spirits! Every time we get together I leave with the feeling that you are doing an excellent job as a parent! You are in our prayers often.
I love you - Jennifer.