Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Closet

Well -- now -- that's probably not exactly what you are thinking... I'm pretty sure.

I bet my family DOES have things hidden in a closet -- but what about a FAMILY CLOSET at my house -- where the whole family has their stuff in ONE PLACE!!

My on-line friend Ginger has a family closet at her place and I was just drooling reading about it on her blog. Isn't that the coolest idea or WHAT? (I'm assuming you clicked on the link and read her post).

I want one.

Do you?

Where would you put one?  My laundry room is upstairs -- our folded laundry sits in the hallway and it's annoying, until it gets pulled too and fro so much that it ends up back in the dirty clothes -- and I know it's not dirty because it's still partially folded... but alas... after sitting in a basket with dirty underware -- it now does not smell spring clean.  :gag:  So I must re-wash it... or the wearer of said stinky still folded clothes would highly offend people that day.

We've got the room... I've got a guest bedroom--- and a classroom and a den that I could somehow blend together.  I EVEN have a girls room right across from teh laundry room that I could use and I could put the girls in the guest bedroom.  Hmm...  thinking... thinking...  The guests could sleep somewhere else.  The classroom maybe, and then, then... we could put all the books in the den.  I'd have to prune a few books... WAIT A MINUTE... I could put some books in the FAMILY CLOSET... books on one side... the clothes on the other side of the room.  Oh my word... I'm getting all excited!! 

I LOVE this idea Ginger --- you know what else?  I love sharers... Ginger is a sharer... I've asked someone to teach me to make home made noodles... it's never happened... and here Ginger shares her pictures of her Family Closet -- and I didn't even have to ask. 

What a gal!  Ü

Sunday, May 30, 2010


The last several years we've followed a schedule where I would school for 3 months, then take one month off.  Usually we'd take August, December and April off.  Ended up about the same amount of time off -- just not all at once.

Well -- this school year (at the beginning) we decided to do a "normal" schedule.  I threw my dobuts to the wind about my kids forgetting every thing they ever learned (then we'd have to start all over in Kindgergarten in the fall), and are jumping into this new adventure feet first.

You  know what?  I'm so excited for June to be here I can hardly believe it.  We followed our local school districts schedule (loosely), and here we are -- at the end of our school year.  Woo Hoo!!!  We are in the middle of Math books - at the end of History books - and behind in spelling books probably... but we are calling it quits anyway.  That's what happens when you have weird schedules you end up with weird quitting spots.  But -- I'm the boss... and when it's time to quit -- we are quitting.

This summer I'm going to work at selling Scentsy.  (Meet me at booth #20 at the West side of the Knoxville Square!) The kids are going to work at getting a tan in the pool.  My husband is going to work at Pella Corporation.  So -- we'll be busy... just not doing school.  A trip to Colorado is planned -- we will be reuniting with my Dad's family.  Leah, Jini, Ron and Gene and kids and grand kids and maybe a few other stragglers here and there.  Who knows?  Neighborhood Bible Time will be squeezed in.  Junior Camp.  Our kids birthdays start in June -- the 1st of June actually.  The pool is cleaned and ready to go. (many thanks to Dan for that!) And we'll finish up with our church's Family Camp in September and be ready to tackle another school year. 

Now -- I need to make next fall's school schedule -- I can hardly wait.  My left eye is twitching I'm so excited.  But let's not hurry summer!  I want to cherish it.

I usually take a hiatus from electronic entertainment... but I'll need to computer for Scentsy ordering -- so I'll just skip the "official" boycott, and just be on here a bit less.  Who has time for TV and FB when I could be floating on a raft?  I'm not getting skin cancer -- in fact I'm soaking up some vitamin D... I've read a paper once that says people who use sun block actually get cancer at a more frequent rate.  LOL  I'm carrying that article in my back pocket this summer!! (I think it is all about skin types anyway).  We all gotta die of something... so I'm choosing skin cancer... everyone know tan fat looks better than white fat anyway -- that's a fact!

Hope you all have a HAPPY SUMMER!!!  
I plan on it!
I'll be back in the fall with pictures.  (you know me)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

This is Just a Test

At our house -- the man of the house is the movie man... so I'm thinking the reason so many movies fail this test is BECAUSE -- the movies are designed for the customer.  

BUT -- they may have a point... interesting... what do you think?  Is this because they industry is listening to what the market wants?  or are they developing the market by their own likes or dislikes... and the men are just stumbling along blindling following WHAT.EV.AH...

 Great find Abraham Piper -- you can go to his blog to see what he and his readers this of this test.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tis a Bird Day

Let's play I Spy.

I spy something small and yellow and chirpy.

Can you see them?


Pretty birds.

There were a whole FLOCK of them... I think I counted 8 at once.

The birds were eating the left over seeds from last years wild flowers.  I know they look like weeds... but really -- they are pretty weeds flowers!   Ü

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Isn't God's creation wonderful?
Thank You God for the pretty birds you sent for me to enjoy!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Next Four Years

Do you know what you will be doing in four years? (the Lord willing)

Well -- I do.  ACTUALLY I know what TORI will be doing in 4 years... because I said so...

Think I'm crazy?  No -- just a planning freak gone wild.  For those of us who LOVE to plan and make charts and organize and think and drool over home school stuff... you know who you are... The four year high school planning stage is HEAVEN (said in a high sing song voice!)  Woo hoo...

I was trying to spread my enthusiasm around a bit last night... and people quicly fled the room... I found myself sitting at the dining room table all by myself... leafing through the Scope and Sequence book from Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum... turning the pages... thinking, "what if".  "If only".  "My kid will be so smart when they are done with this four year plan." sort of thoughts...  She will KNOW all about the North American Continent before European colonization... and isolationism versus diffusionism.  "The Fish I didn't Catch" will be read and comprehended and vocabulary from that story used.  Binomials and Tinomials will be talked about (hopefully with her dad... think he remembers that stuff?)   After four years Tori will have learned about Hygiene... there is a class for everything -- in case I forgot to teach her about footcare, or deodorant.  And shop... need I say more? 

I bet since I'm typing about TORI's life you think I'm typing about shopping.  NO -- I did not mistype... I said SHOP...  electricity, plumbing, machine shop and carpentry sort of Shopping.  It's an elective... I let her elect.  Well -- the more I thought about it -- the more I liked her choice.  She is a first born driven sort of gal... and in week one of SHOP she has to choose a project to do from one of the four areas...  Well -- I need a new deck.  I'll give her an A+ in shop if she builds me a deck (that will work).  It can't cause me to break my leg every time I use it...  I'm so excited!! 

And Spanish I.  Some things I'm less excited about... Dan did peruse her schedule and crack open the Spanish workbook... as he was pronouncing those words, I realized I'll probably be the Spanish coach, not he.  That's too bad... just ask my dad... he was my Spanish I coach.  Well -- we are planning for Spanish in her Freshman year -- that way if it takes her four years to do... NO -- I'm kidding!!  It'll be fine...  (oh me)...

I am excited about one thing -- being from a Christian curriculum... her Spanish class goal is to be able to present the Gospel to a Spanish speaking person.  That's a lofty goal, and I pray she attains it!  And it does come with some CD's...

My one huge strangling fear was that after 4 years of high school... she would decide to go to college and then "they" would all turn to me and say, "Her transcript please," and I would be standing there -- under a really bright light -- with only my slip on... and one curler left in my hair and lipstick on my chin and me crying and saying... "Trans wha??". 

Well -- LFBC gave me a sample to follow -- and I'm all over make charts... so I sat down and did it already.  LOL  I'm such a nerd.  I'm so eXciTeD!!!  I feel like we have arrived already.  Poor Tori - for some reason -- seeing all those classes and charts and credits and grades and BLAH!  She may be a bit overwhelmed... so we'll take it one day at a time... but my parts done.  So There!  (Whew... I don't even own a slip... that was making me a bit nervous).

Here we go Tori!!!  (first lets finish this year... only 1 more day of school left... you can DO IT!) 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wrinkled Ladies

It looks like the last time I posted it was an Anita Renfroe video -- apparently I like her sense of humor.

Well -- laugh along with me again will ya?

Oh -- the joy of being in the 40 and over club. :giggle: