Friday, October 31, 2008

Last Chance

(Oct 23, 2008) -- Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden interviewed by Barbara West of WFTV channel 9 in Orlando, Florida. Biden misleadingly implies that Obama's campaign has not paid ACORN any money. ...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

^^ Wrestling Mat For Sale ^^

We've got a wrestling mat for sale on craig'

Take a Look!



I've got a few e-bay auctions up that you may be interested in. You may not be interested in them, but how will you ever know if you don't check them out?

You can click HERE to see the latest loot!



Knoxville Skate Park

Some of them walked.

Some rode.

Others scooted.

Some flew.

Ahhh... this is a boy whom we know vaguely...We went to church with him for a while in Chariton.
He has practiced this stunt some, I'm pretty sure. What say you?
Wow... I think I'll boycott the skate park as long as I can. I do NOT want my kids doing this -- with only a stocking cap covering their brains. LOL

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Prayer Request

Ok -- can I have more than 1prayer request a day? I'm not sure... if not -- write this one day for tomorrow.

I have been battling a sinus infection for weeks. I believe... when I went to the dr. the first time I told them it had been 3 weeks. That was 2 weeks ago. I have visited the doctor 2 times for this, and called them on the phone once in between that.

Today -- I'm taking Levaquin (500mg), which runs $13.84 a pill, and last night I started taking Prednisone(10mg), a steroid. Trying to fight this thing off. The doctor I saw yesterday said he recently sent another patient who was battling a resistent sinus infection to an ear nose and throat specialist. They performed a cat scan to verify it was indeed a sinus infection, then continued her on the Levaquin, and added a steroid. So - he's hoping I can avoid the speciliast and just defeat it this route. That's my prayer too!

He also suggested I restart doing the saline flush... only quit being wimpy about it and lean my head WAY back and get that stuff CLEAR BACK THERE. Oh sigh. OK...

THEN... last night I read my direction that came with my new meds. It said, "Avoid people who are sick, as your immune system will be depressed." um... today Danielle has the vomits. Hmm...

AND... you know what?? I've got a friend who's children have the chicken pox. Do you know how rare that is? I soooooo want to take my children to her house. But I won't be. Chicken pox was a specific illness listed to try to avoid. Oh BUMMER!!! My one and only chance to get my kids sick with chicken pox and "they" say to avoid it. What do you think? Should I? I have already had the chicken pox. Could there be a chance I could get that or something else from it while taking this steroid? I really, really want my childrne to have the chicken pox disease instead of the inoculation. I know -- I'll put this in God's hands. ?This friend runs in similar circles as I do. Hopefully someone else will get it... then my kids can get it in 2 weeks when I'm done with this medicine, and done with my sinus infection. Sound good? Good.

Now -- God's will be done.

(Easeir said then done.)

I'll be done blogging for today. I've got stuff to do. One of which is spraying anything and everything with bleach water! KILL THEM GERMS!

Our Prayer Request of the Day

Dani got bit.
Bit by the gastrointestinal distress bug.

She thinks she got it from Wayne, whom she was sitting by, when he vomited in the van on Sunday evening.
She may be right.
So -- does that mean Tori will get it -- since she was laying in the same room as Danielle when she vomited in the night time?

I'm praying NOT!
Apple Cider Vinegar Cocktails for everyone!

Stop reading here if you if you don't like being grossed out.

Oh -- you have a strong stomach? OK -- here goes.

I recently read on Jenn's blog about her slipping in some vomit in her hallway.

GROSS!! I thought.

Well -- yeah... it really is gross. Ask me how I know.

Apparently Danielle got sick en route to the bathroom in the night time... then had such a servant's heart... she didn't want to wake her mother from her sound sleep... so she just went back to bed. I reviewed the vomiting in the night time rules with everyone!

Well -- several hours later... after the vomit and the rest of us sleepy heads had gotten cold... I woke up. Oh -- time to stoke the fire. I always head to the powder room -- to... um freshen up before going to my nightly meeting with the furnace. After that impromptu meeting I turned right to head down to the furnace... splat! My WORD??? What was that? LORD-- let it be water. Please let it be water!

Nope. It wasn't.

Another ACV cocktail anyone?
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Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, October 27, 2008

OH I've been Tagged Again!

Dangit Ange tagged me... it's a really pretty looking tag... don't you think? YOU should READ her post... she's a funny gal. I LOVE her blog! (it's pretty too). And don't you know it? The day after I download Picasa so I can do photos pn my blog again... I can now use the image button again. Hmmm... Weird.

What a nice segway into this post... 7 Weird Facts.

I'm pretty sure I did this already. Does that mean 7 MORE weird Facts? People must think I'm a pretty weird person. Well -- I guess it does say some RANDOM or WEIRD... maybe some of these will be random

Here goes...

1. I secretly love stoking the fire. We heat our house with a wood furnace. I'm so excited that it's cold. Ü :giggling like a pyromaniac: Pyro is Greek for FIRE! Maniac is something for idiot or insane. LOL I'm teasing about all that... Well not the giggle part, or the loving to stoke the fire part. FIRE FIRE

2. I can't wait until Tori starts basketball practice. I really LOVE taking her into town each day and then getting to exercise there while waiting. I like getting out of the house each day. I like having a set time each day when everything has to be done and put away. (That's really 3 or 4 facts... probably more than you really needed to know... sorry).

3. When I exercise at home... I exercise in my jammies... or sometimes I wear my exercise clothes to bed. It often confuses the kiddos. I put on my exercise clothes at church on evening. Danielle exclaimed when she saw me, "Mommy -- why are you in your jammies?" LOL Oh... confusion can be hysterical at times.

GOOD GRIEF... 7 things??

4. I get to spear head the Children's Christmas Program at church -- I can't wait. I love doing stuff like this at church. I love being at church. I love getting to know the children better. I love working with the Sunday School teachers. I love to hear children singing well. YEAH!!

5. I like to iron. If I could... I'd gather up all the wrinkly clothes in the house today and iron all day long. I have a t-shirt folder that I use to fold my shirts. On good days I fold them and line them up on the shelf -- dress right dress. The washing and folding and putting away on busy days... I don't much like.

6. The sound of rain on the roof makes me want to curl up with a blanket on the couch and watch old movies all day. Unless I'm in the garage -- which is a metal barn -- then it makes me want to run inside out of the cold wet rain away from that insensate pounding.

7. I want my children to be good athletes because I'm afraid they are suffering academically because of me.

8. Oh WAIT!! I'm done... Hooray!! Ü

Ok -- who is next. Let me go find 7 friends. Beth -- I wish you blogged... I'd tag you right here and right now... Get thyself a blog! Imagine all the fun day care photos you could put on there. LOL The parents would LOVE to see their kids on the screen. Really -- they would!! (Well... I would if I were them). Just Do It!








You know what I love about that list? They are all readers of my blog... and they are varied and diverse. How neat! They are not all home educators, not all from Iowa, not all from my favorite message board HearthKeepers, and not all mother of many siblings, not all my cousins. COOL! Thanks for reading readers... now TAG -- YOU'RE IT!! (Did I use that apostrophe correctly Angela?)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Before and After

I don't know why I wait so long.

But I do... waaaay tooo long.

They are a bunch of hippies.

Awww.... doesn't that feel good?
Cute hair, cute smiles, cute boys!
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

BZZZing 2009 Dodge Ram 1500

Wow... this is a great bzz this time. I'm a bzzz agent. Did you know that? I am. Sometimes I get free things, or less expensive than retail things that I use, then talk about. During that process -- I earn rewards for giving my honest opinion about the "stuff". This is quite the "stuff" this time.

I WISH I were buying a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. LOL

If you or anyone you know is seriously considering purchasing one of these in the next few months --- E-MAIL ME!!

I've got a coupon you can use. Do men use coupons? LOL They might if it were this one.

Here is what you get.

Preferred Price of 1% below factory invoice.

Fine print...
the Preferred Price is the maximum amount to be charged by a participating U.S. dealer for an eligible vehicle. A $75 administration fee applies.

I know a few farmers. HEY -- farmers... are you reading this blog? Do you want a new truck?? Let me know... I can hook 1 person up with this coupon. COOL!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Milo

Milo's birthday cake -- the last one I get to make this year. Can you guess what it is?

Milo is trying to figure it out too. He couldn't guess what it was supposed to be.

He doesn't really care as long as he gets presents.

Ahh... a CLONE. I tried to make a clone helmet on the cake -- he asked me if it was upside down. Sigh... no it's NOT upside down... but it tasted good. °Ü°

We are so glad God chose to bless us with Milo these 7 years. He loves to make me laugh. It's one of my favorite things about him, because I love to laugh.
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just So Ya Know

Tomorrow we are headed to the dentist...


Why??? Because after that -- we are going to a friends house for lunch. °Ü°

I love lunch with friends. She had promised octopus hot dog on mac-n-cheese. :giggle: I've never had a octopus hotdog. I'm going to tell my kids what they are having... but not tell ALL the details... let them stew a little.

I should take my camera...

I KNOW I'm taking a new piano book -- Christmas Duets for 4 hands on 1 piano. FUN!!! Did I mention I'm doing the piano at church in December? Perfect! I hope she will join me on the piano for an offertory!

Well -- I hope you have a GREAT FRIDAY!!

I know I will.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cutest Blog on the Block

If you read my blog on a reader... please come check out my blog.

Is it the cutest blog on the block or WHAT?

I've seen some pretty cute blogs lately... and they all seem to have something in common.

This LINK!

You can go to this web-site (if you are a blogger) and get FREE backgrounds. So fun... easy to do... what do you think of mine? I think it looks fuzzy and stretched so far I can't even see the design on the sides... but besides that -- lol... it's OK. I like my post to be stretched... so I'm sticking with this one. I don't like the skinny blog where you have to scroll and scroll and scroll to read and all that JUNK on the sidebars. It's distracting to my ADHD brain. So plain is better for me... I'll work on it when I have more time. OK -- that may be years from now... but for now -- this will do.

So -- do you have the cutest blog on the block?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Why I Use An Absentee Ballot

I know this is an unpopular choice sometimes... but I really do prefer to use an absentee ballot for elections.

Can you guess why?

Because of the Judges.

When you go into our booth to vote -- you may pull down the Straight Party Voting lever... or you may not. You may choose to write in a few candidates names... just to keep things exciting. I voted for my husband this year... I wrote him in as an Indiana Township Trustee. So I never go the straight party route -- BUT... if you do -- you STILL have to vote on... the -- JUDGES.

That's RIGHT. The Judicial Ballot.

This year --we Iowas are voting on 3 Supreme Court Judges. and 3 Court of Appeals judges. I'm also voting on 2 District 5A Court judges.

Do the names Daryl Hecht, or Terry Huitink or William Joy ring a bell? NO?? Well -- of course not... we know nothing about judges. And they are NOT to be partisan. (pppsssshaw) So you can't vote down the party line on the judges. You MUST be informed before you ever go in there on how you will vote. Well -- if you are like me and you don't even know WHEN a judge will be on the ballet, let alone how that judge... thinks... you will be voting UNEDUCATEDELY. It's a word... look it up.

Side Note: We are also voting on changing some constitution wording from "idiot and insane person" to something much more nice and less offensive. HA HA... I'm so offensive. I voted NO -- I like the words idiot and insane. I use them all the time. What's wrong with that?

Never mind... let's get back on topic. I hope I didn't offend all the idiots and insane readers today. Sorry...

OK -- so I vote with an absentee ballot... open it up -- get my blue ink pen and turn the ballot over -- yep -- they are so important they are clear over here on the back... then I google Iowa Judicial Ballot.


Look at what I found.

Judicial Retention Elections This here document says... What makes a good judge?

  • Integrity—honest, upright and firmly committed to the rule of law
  • Professional Competence—keen intellect, exercises good judgment, extensive legal knowledge and strong writing abilities
  • Judicial Temperamentneutral, (HA!) decisive, respectful and composed
  • Experience—strong record of professional excellence
  • Service—committed to public service and the administration of justice
Hey - they missed... "They can READ the constitution." LOL What makes a good judge? A good judge is one that DOES NOT MAKE LAW!! OK -- so, they didn't ask my opinion. Judicial Tyranny... it is too a word... look it up.

But that page also includes a few links.

The Iowa State Bar Association Judicial Publiscite evaluates each judge on the ballot on a wide range of attributes. The results of this evaluation are available online at one month prior to the general election.

Well - it's NOW one month prior to the general election. Yippee... let's see what they have to say.

You can also go here to find out most recently "opinions". It has several links you can follow to find interesting information, BEFORE voting.

In the past, I haven't always been able to find a lot of information about judges, or haven't been able to interpret it very well... so I have considered WHO APPOINTED THEM. Hmm...

There is a survey out there, published on the NEWS ROOM -- of what the LAWYERS think of the judges. Interesting reading. Depends upon how liberal or Conservative the lawyers are if this is helpful or not.... but still good information to get hold of. ONE of the judges -- only 77% of the lawyers think she should be retained. Hmm... very interesting.

So fellow voters -- especially you Iowa readers -- grab your judicial retention voters guide, and a cup of java, and put your feet up and read a while.

Remember -- Judges do NOT have a RIGHT to be retained... especially if they don't deserve it.




LOL -- I'm just kidding about that last one!!

Did I get them all in there?$FILE/2008%20Judicial%20Plebiscite.pdf

I think so... happy reading.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Morning

All is quiet.

I can hear Wayne waking up.

We all sleep on the 2nd floor. The boys bedrooms is right above the Den - where I'm currently sitting and typing.

Wayne is sucking his thumb and rocking in his bed. He's waking himself up. He also rocks at night to put himself to sleep. Tori said she tried that the other day -- the rocking, not the sucking of her thumb. She said it's hard work and it didn't put her to sleep. He's been rocking for years... I wonder when he'll grow out of it.

Milo turned 7 this week... I'll blog about his birthday later... but he reminded me that I would have to get rid of his blanket now. He has 2 that are identical... so he's been using a blanket to fall asleep for 7 years, but now he is determined to not use it anymore. I said, "No more sucking your thumb after you are 7." Apparently I'm a woman of my word, or at least he has been led to believe that. He brought me his blankets. We'll have to see how the thumb sucking goes. I offered Danielle a prize when she stopped sucking her thumb. She stopped herself in 1 week at the age of 4. Her thumb sucking was bothering her teeth. Milo's isn't. I wonder what he'll want as a prize.

We've noticed a difference in Danielle's teeth in photos since she has stopped sucking her thumb. Interesting.

I don't hear Tori or Danielle up yet.

I've got to get up from here and make tator tot casserole. Tator Tots, Hamburger, green beans, cream o'soups and sour cream on top of all that... topped with -- oops... I don't have those fried onion things... hmmm... I'll have to top it with cheese. I use a HUGE casserole pan, then we eat the left overs after church tonight for supper.

I need to talk to Pastor about our Children's Christmas Program. I get to spear head that this year. I'm excited.

I'm going to talk to Danielle's Sunday School teacher about her inquiring about salvation this week.

I get to stand up with my family and SING GLORY TO GOD. I love Sundays. Ü

Here we go!! the Calm before the storm. Are Sundays like that around your house? I do try to be organized. All the kiddos were bathed last night, but Tori, and they ALL have their Sunday clothes laid out. Shoes seem to be a problem on Sunday Mornings... I forgot to have them lay out their shoes last night. So -- I guess I'll get breakfast going early -- so they can all brush their teeth and find their shoes after they eat.

It's cold cereal and bananas on Sunday Mornings. We got through 1 entire box of cereal. We could go through 2 boxes, if I'd let them. LOL


Get Set


Thursday, October 16, 2008

FIREPROOF - Jacket on E-bay


Do you recognize this photo??

Well -- this is a scene from the movie FIREPROOF. The jacket is up for bid on E-bay.

Here is the story, as told by the FIREPROOF folks on their blog.

AFR morning man JJ Jasper was on the set. One of the evening shoots included a scene where Caleb Holt goes outside to call his father. As is wont to be the case in late autumn, it was pretty chilly that evening. After a few takes, Kirk Cameron mentioned how cold it was getting. JJ graciously offered up his jacket and sure enough, that is what Kirk is wearing when he makes a key phone call.

Afterward, Kirk signed the inside panel of the jacket. Now, the jacket is available on eBay! And best of all, the full amount of the purchase price goes to AFR, the commercial-free radio network, which is in the midst of their Sharathon. The jacket auction lasts until early Saturday morning.

So, here is your chance get a piece of FIREPROOF ... and a nice jacket to boot! (btw: get well soon, JJ!)

I'm going to watch it for sure... I think the bidding has already blown my clothing budget for the month LOL But it will be interesting to see how high it goes. Let me know if you win it. °Ü°

p.s. The movie FIREPROOF is still open in 100 theaters across the country. It has been in the top 10 for the last 3 weeks. Amazing how a CHURCH produced movie is competing with these HOLLYWOOD movies.

p.s.s. Final bid... $2500. Wowza

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do I Smell Like Garlic?

How is it that I can get a sinus infection with no runny/stuffy nose? I've ran a low grade temp for 3 weeks. Never above 99.9°. But that is enough to make me want to nap in the afternoon and feel a bit achy in the evenings.

WHY I wait so long to do this, I'll never know... but last night I broke open my garlic and took down my big jar of chewable vitamin C. Can you smell me? LOL I'm hoping to kill this sickness... kill it dead.

I've got to go -- Danielle just came to ask me about getting saved. First things first.

p.s. Well -- we got the process started.

Several days ago Danielle asked me about praying for salvation. Since she is only 5, just turned 5 in September, I tend to be cautious with this at such a young age. Tori and Mansel were both saved at a young age, but Milo is still not saved, and he's almost 7. So when Danielle asked several days ago I said, "You go talk to God about this and we'll talk about it later." Then I begin to pray fervently... "Lord - if this is you calling her and not outside influence, please send her back to me." Today she came back.

I read through several scriptures in Roman, 1Cor., and Acts with her. She could explain the process to me in 5 year old terms. She told me the only sinless people were Jesus and Noah. Hmmm... Noah? So we talked a bit about Noah. Then I asked her if she wanted to pray, she said, yes... then wasn't sure what to pray about, so we talked about that a bit, then she started crying. She shut down. So... I started praying silently... I just felt like we should continue our talk another day. So I explained to her that SHE had to do the praying and not me, and she should go play and talk to God some more until she is ready.

You can bet your boots I'm still praying.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'VE WATCHED! FIREPROOF - Never Leave Your Partner Behind

If you are married, or you aren't. If you are thinking of getting married, or you aren't. If you have ever been married, or are never planning on getting married. In fact, if your parents or grandparents were ever married, or not... YOU should go see the movie FIREPROOF!!

It's that amazing.

My dear dear husband called me up yesterday and said, "Hey -- do you have anything on the calendar for tonight?" I plodded into the kitchen... very Eeyore like and replied, "Nooope... nothing on the calendar."

How about a date? Oh... my ears perked up -- do Eeyore's ears ever perk? I think I became Tiger quit quickly! I'm so pathetic. Oh a date, a date, a date, boing, boing, boing!!

Just a hint... grab a bunch of napkins when you buy your popcorn -- you might need them.

Oh yeah... it's that good!!