Tuesday, March 3, 2015

2 hour delay

If school were not delayed 2 hours
we pay be pushing.

So we will put off taking showers
until 8:00

I am not a poet...

Monday, March 2, 2015


Updates are always nice.

What's nicer - is someone asking for an update.  We are remembered.  Two people asked me for an update last week.  ahh...  Makes me feel good.  Thanks friends.

I am finally getting to this - where I can sit and type with all my fingers.  Not just my thumbs.  LOL  That's not so easy for me... I'm old.

Dan and I are legally separated.  Final December 2014.

The kids and I are at a new church.  We go to New Covenant Church in Knoxville.  I really love that church.  AWANA on Wednesday - 4ONE2 youth group on Sunday evenings - I get to sing with the praise team on Sunday mornings.  Wonderful...

I'm doing ok.  :) I have been trying to exercise regularly at the local Recreation Center.  3 times a week... I bought a suit - maybe I'll try swimming on those other days.  I'm a bit afraid I'll only be able to swim 1 lap.  Then what?  HA.  My eating isn't under control.  I love food.

I bought some new glasses for myself.  Going to forgo the contacts - trying to save some money.

I got another job.  Still working at the school as an associate.  Like that job - love the perks of getting to be able to see my kiddos regularly.  My 2nd job is being a janitor at the City Hall building... which includes the police station.  10 hours a week.  I'm saving as much as I can through the school year - so that I can stay at home with the kiddos during the summer while they are off school.

Thus - I've started a chore chart.  The kiddos are supposed to help me - most of the time they do.  Or the house is a mess and I don't care.  That is a wonderful feeling actually.

Tori is still in TX.  She has been gone a long time.  I hope she is enjoying that weather down there.  It has been so bitterly cold here.

Mansel is about to start the shooting club at school.  It's an official sport that you can letter it.  How cool is that?  I don't remember a shooting club when I was in school.  Very neat.  Mansel finished up the wrestling season a few weeks ago.  I like watching him wrestle.  I hope he sticks with it - he got to wrestle varsity this season.

Milo is going to join Mansel on the shooting team - I believe they all practice together - high school and middle school.  They both have their own shotguns.  Another new sport I'll have to learn - I wonder if anyone cheers?  Milo also plans to wrestle next year instead of basketball.  He may practice some this summer with our Pastor.  (A former wrestler and coach). Pastor Strode does a great job of including my teens at church!

Dani loves school.  I gave her the choice the other day - whether or not to go - and she went.  The middle school had a bomb threat and the administration said they could stay home if parents wanted them to, and it would be excused.  She chose to go.  (she's not in the middle school yet, but the threat didn't say explicitly where the bomb was).  She's making friends.

Wayne doesn't love school.  That makes me sad - I'm not sure why exactly.  He is getting special attention for his reading.  Really doing well with that.  Improving. He and I really love his teacher.  He does have some crazy kids in his class - I told him what I would do and said I would back him up in the principal's office if need be... Some of the behavior is gross - like a girl talks while she is eating and spits food on his plate.  So then he doesn't eat his lunch.  So he just hasn't seem to hit his stride in school yet.  He chose to stay home that day I mentioned earlier.  He and Mansel. It won't be long... and they'll be done with school.  That's a sad thought.  Wayne went through a basketball academy with the Methodist Church in town.  He really liked that - seemed to learn a lot.

We are buying the house we are living in.  Soon.  I have the money - Speaking of money.  I feel like this was a God thing.  I was advised to save 30% of my settlement to pay taxes.  Well - the VERY day it was deposited in my account, I had an appointment to get my taxes done.  I had set this appointment up 3 weeks earlier and feel a little bummed that I had to wait so long to get my tax return.  HA!  I actually NEEDED an appointment that very day.  God knew when I needed it.  I was able to talk to that man about how much exactly I should be saving to pay my taxes in 2016.  They had taken some off of the top and prepaid it - but it wasn't exactly correct - too much federal, not enough state.  So I put some aside for next year's state taxes and now I'm good to go.  And it wasn't 30%.  You know what that means?

We went shopping!  :)  The kids and I all have regular beds and mattresses to sleep on now.  And dressers of our own.  They aren't all put together yet - but hey... they are ours.  LOL  A couch is on it's way. chair.  ottoman.  shelves for books...ahhh... wonderful feeling.

Attorney paid off.  Discover card paid off and reset to pay in full each month.  I may have all my bills paid through that to earn rewards and use it for Christmas money.  

After we get this house business settled, I'll call a contractor and see about adding a 1/2 bath in the basement.  As it is now - we have to schedule the bathroom use.

Oh... we also got a basketball hoop.  Milo played basketball this season.  He doesn't really LOVE the sport - but he'll shoot hoops at the Rec Center to kill time.  So - I got one for home.  Now we need nice weather to set it up.

One of my favorite things?  Since we don't do bible class in our home school anymore - we have started family devotions before the kids and I head to school.  My favorite time of day.  Love it.

I am practicing to sing a special with a lady at church - The Wonder of It All!!  The wonder of wonders that thrills my soul - is the wonder that God loves me.  He does...

Just to thing that God loves me.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Friends come in all sizes and shapes... and ages.

I was planing on going to an exercise class at 1:00 today after church.  BUT - a friend invited me to lunch.  Oh let me think... FRIENDS!!  I chose friends!

What a wonderful time I had with church friends during lunch.


Tax Return

I get a rather large tax return, because I have so many children under the age of 16.

I'm going to share it with them. (Not equally... just giving them a small portion)

They have a rather varied wish list.

One is trying to see how she can get what she wants, and have some left over for savings.  LOL  One of them is listening to me.

One is going to buy a slug barrel for his gun.

One will buy an old iPod - for playing games on.

Another said to me, "Oh, I didn't even think of saving for a car."  So -  now it's clicking, although on the late side.  That's ok...

They don't know that I'm going to pay them for their good grades this year as well.  I love surprises.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I'm a Janitor

I am off to clean City Hall/Police Department offices.

My house is a mess.

I will be a janitor all day long.

Maybe tomorrow I will work on Para-Educator class homework.

Can I say - the house mess is rather enjoyable?  We are receiving new stuff and the mess is boxes and wrapping and moving in and out of new and old furniture.  Ahhh....  so grateful for the mess.

So grateful for the part time job.  I'm not complaining - just stating the facts.  A janitor I will be.

So - protein has been consumed.  Caffeine swallowed.  Now I'm off!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How do I feel about Love

Well... well.. well...  Interesting that I should stumble across this subject.  Love - I feel that I don't really want to write about this subject - that's how I feel.

I see some young people around me who are "in love". I remember those days... as I look back, I think I can remember the physical feelings.  It's like they are in.  Like the looks... the laughter... the desire to be near.  To see someone across the room, or come in the door and zing - the feelings thrill you. 

I don't have that "like" stage anymore.

I think I'm not "in love" in this stage of my life.  Although I do LOVE things.

I love food.  LOL  too much...  but I wouldn't lay down my life for it.  I've gone through stages in my life where I've had very strict control of the food in my life.  I wish I could get back there...

I LOVE my kids.  I really do.  I hear people say, "I can't wait until they go to school."  I recently put 2 of my kidlets in school.  I can't wait for them to get off the bus each day and I ask them all kinds of questions - trying to pump them for information.  I miss them, and I miss that I don't know everything about their every day.  I really like my kids.  Even the kids that don't like me as much as I like them.  I had one tell me that they thought I've hated them since they were 8.  Oh my word - that cut like a knife. 

I cried...  I felt wounded for several days... I made a conscience effort to love the unlovely.  I sure do NOT want them to think that.  Why would they think that?  I just kept on keeping on - kept saying I love you.  Kept inviting them to tag along with me. I think THAT'S love... when we keep on keeping on! 

I want to train my kids how to love others.  How to be a friend.  I want to set them up the best way I know how.  Now some are getting to the age where they are making choices, and I don't have much input.  Well - I can input all I want, but whether it bounces off or soaks in is their choice.  So - I try to keep loving them even when they chose differently then I would want them to.  LOVE is still loving them even though they are different.

It's not giving up and walking away.

I've never been one who loves animals - as pets.  We've had many who have died - I never mourned that loss.  I don't love clothes shopping.  I went shopping Saturday - and an overly agressive sales cleark was annoying me.  I left that store not having spent all I could have spent.  I asked one clerk if they worked on commission - I think she was on crack.  Good grief...  shopping I do not love.  LOL

Maybe reading - I love reading.  I'll even read a bad book.  LOL  Bad as in not well written.  I'll usually regret it later - waste of my time.  I read lots of things - many signs.  Instruction manuals.  Newspapers... blogs... I think that is why I like FB so much - read, scroll, read, scroll, read...

Love... Friends and Family - I've found I'm not a good friend or sibling, or kid... wow - now that my kids are making choices to so closely mirror some of my own, I think - my poor parents.  I'm so glad I circled around and came back to their morals and beliefs.  I'm so glad I have sisters who love me and show me in very tangible ways.  I have a sister who called me today - for no reason.  That's love... not because she wanted anything -or needed anything - and it was a weird time... Sunday morning.  I REALLY like that sort of love! 

The romantic love - how do I feel about that?  I feel burnt out... some folks go from one relationship to another... I'm pretty much stuck in motherhood mode - not looking and not wanting anything more.  No desire... In fact - I'm thinking I need to lose some weight, so I can start wearing my wedding ring, just to keep questions at bay.  Stay away. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

#642 Back of a Police Car

"Your Friend Calls to say she saw you in the back of a police car Yesterday. What happened?"

You know what?  If a friend asked me that recently - I would LAUGH OUT LOUD! Literally...  I wouldn't be surprised.

March 29 - a Saturday night - I was driving home from working at Casey's.  Late at night - it was dark.  I got pulled over by a police car.  Hmm....  It could be multiple things - as I was reading a text from my dear daughter and I had no idea how fast I was going.

It was neither - I had a bulb burned out on the license plate.  After not showing the kind police man my license and registration or insurance papers (as both papers were out of date, that were in the glove compartment), he gave me a verbal warning. I showed him my old ones and he scanned my name, and found me to be an upstanding citizen.  He took my word for it.  Plus they have it in the system that my insurance is up to date.  Whew...    I saw a man and woman walking straight lines on the highway after being released - I do believe they were on the look out for drunk or drugged drivers.  Me - I got nothing.  Whew!!

One week and a day later.  April  6, on my way to church no less... pulled over again, this time by a sheriff.  I was speeding.  "Did I know how fast I was going," he kindly asked?  Not a clue...  67 in a 55 zone.  Oh me... once again - no current papers to show the man - and this time - not even a valid driver's license as it was left as home.  He walks back to his car and I'm praying that the fine will not be $300 or even $500 as I've so recently heard others received.  Please, oh please, oh please..... 

Just a verbal warning and a thank you for wearing my seatbelt. 

WHAT IN THE WORLD!!?!!  Oh happy day - I sure did Praise the Lord on my way to church THAT week. 

So - if some one ever says they see me sitting in the back seat of a police car - I'd say, "Third times a charm."  HA!  AND... a few days later - A Wednesday I believe, I was driving Dani home from Softball practice.  That's right... I see lights in my rear view mirror.  Oh no... oh no, oh no...  Out loud I say, "Oh Dani - a 3rd time, I can't believe it."  I pull over - and a fire truck ZOOMS past.  "Oh it's a fire - praise the Lord."  HA!  Sound odd I'm sure - but I've never been so happy to see a fire truck. 

There is an inside story to all of this - that someday God will reveal.  He is faithful and just... helping me to see people's true colors in all this.  I am happy to say that I am walking with him and doing the best I know how with what he has given me.  Praise the LORD I've never been in the back of a police car - other then during a school field trip.  But by the grace of God. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Believing God - Experiencing a Fresh EXPLOSION of Faith

I am going to be doing a Bible Study on Sunday Nights.  Beth Moore wrote a book - Believing God.  I look forward to seeing what God has in store for me!