Saturday, December 31, 2011

36 in 366

I go to a message board on-line... love it there.

I have been challenged by a friend to do 36 projects in 366 days (LEAP YEAR remember)... so - here is my list.  It's not in order, because I sorted it AFTER I wrote it.  LOL

Do you make lists?  Today is a good day for that - I'm going to start on this tomorrow!

What do ya think?

1. Lose 5 pounds per month for 6 months.
     Exercise using RUSHFIT with 1 day of rest - follow schedule posted on fridge.  Have time scheduled after devotions.
      Carbohydrate Counting - grocery shopping done for January.  Will make a food schedule to follow - figuring carbs 12/31 for each day, will alternate every other day schedule.
      Number the water bottles - 5 for each day... save and refill each night before bed.
     Going to sleep in work out clothes!  (HA HA... Dan doesn't like this one - he said.)
     Need to find hand weights and put them all in the basement.

2. Stick to our church's bible reading plan. 
     OT 1/2 way through, NT through once (for 2 years - to complete the Bible in 2 years).
        Make book marks for Sunday School Class...
      Going to do this during BIBLE class time at home - going to listen to it on with kiddos.

25. Hand write a letter to family members 1 x per month.  

23. Buy Christmas gifts all year long, be done before Thanksgiving for PHILLIPS side.
     G&G Phillips

     G&G Johnston

24. Pick 2 chapters from the Bible - and memorize them.
finish Psalm 34
new one

3. Stick to School Schedule for 8 weeks with out cheating - then re-evaluate.
Jan 3 - Feb 27; with out cheating means no computer for entertainment until 2:30 p.m.

28. Get a passport.
     need it by June

29.  Schedule hair cut before June. 
      LeAnn at Exsolance

31.   work on Little League Fundraiser 
     Order envelopes now
     order catalogs - March 1
     get order forms now
     create "prize" sheet on other side - create instruction insert
     order magnets
     start making samples of SOTM at beginning of delivery month (April?)
     have enough labels

32.  Work on Little League signs and t-shirts in JANUARY! get instructions
     start making phone calls

33.  End of March - get Tori a Manicure, before trip in April. 

35.  Project list for summer 2012. 
      11 weeks - 11 projects; June, July, August
 1. clean classroom
2. organize entry way
3. clean dining room
4. organize kitchen
5. latrine
6. organize den
7. deep clean living room
8. stairway/hallway (including linen closet) & laundry room
9. master bedroom
10. powder room
11. guest bedroom

36. Discuss Thanksgiving with family before July 

4.  Organize Scentsy side of the class room.
    warmers on shelf, bars in containers (get lids for transporting), put bags in drawers, sample making "area"

5. Finish LibraryThing.
     Get all books put on computer, label all books, print off list and find missing books,

6. Jump Rope for 3 minutes straight.
    wrestlers can do this for 8 minutes, great cardio work out, just regular old jump roping... nothing fancy

7. Organize boys clothes.
    they seem to always struggle with getting their clothes put away.  I hang up Wayne's clothes... but Milo and Mansel stuff... train them to put away folded... maybe put them away in outfits?  Fix Mansel's cupboard.

8. Paint boys bathroom.

9. Paint living room.

10. "hang" clock in living room & "hang" saying above TV in living room
     after painting living room - put the "uppercase living" stuff on the walls... is that what it is?  the rub on sticker things

11.  take photos off of the computer and put on picaboo

12. Paint sayings on bedroom walls.
     some sayings in the one thousand gifts book are very appropriate for my bedroom

13. Read 6 Ambleside Online books.

14. Make monthly menu for winter/summer seasons. (21 meals a week).
     going back to once a month shopping - per dh's request

15. Print "school" photos for dining room (8x10).

16. Order sister photos from Studio 92

17. find a place for Scentsy meetings to meet.  Schedule it for the year.

18. Keep up with "school" blog.

19. Keep written "tax" stuff organized.  Start Tax Deductable folder.

20. Set up a Scentsy calendar of monthly "duties".

21. Set up the Scentsy newsletter for team.

22. name team

26. Get Birthday "stuff" for Young Ladies Sunday School class.
     start with cards

27. Find where to order coffee for the machine in S.S. Class.

30. Schedule "sisters" week-end thingy.
      September   Can't remember for sure

34. Update the church calendar
    music schedule
      nursery schedule
      bible reading schedule

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Santa is up at our house - about to stuff the stockings.  For some reason - she was very very tired last night... so she went to bed before everyone else did.  LOL  So - here goes... I'm off the internet until Monday!  (just see if I can).  Have a very merry Christmas, and may God bless you every one!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Over Christmas Break I am....


  1. Going to finish my library (librarything)
  2. Going to do another school schedule - after reading "The Core" 
  3. Going to do a different chore sheet - time to reshuffle the chores
  4. Going to make some hot chocolate, and bread.
  5. Going to do laundry and work on a system... we need a system.
  6. Oh and going to make some laundry soap.
  7. Going to update blogs (school and family).
  8. Going to work on Scentsy Bring Back my Bar sales.
  9. Going to start my 1,000 gifts list.
  10. going to sort through my e-mails again, and this time unsubscribe from all junk mail!  This is taking days.  Crazy!
Not necessarily in that order.

* Funny story about the hot chocolate.  I had a helper volunteer to do this job... they accidently put in 1 CUP of salt, instead of 1 TABLESPOON of salt.    Ehh...  LOL  So - we are done with that - and probably will throw it away.  We'd have to increase the batch by a WHOLE LOT in order to save it... and then one of my friends figured it would probably last me about 6 years.  Ü  So... we'll drink warm tea instead.  (Ironically - I got them all packages of cocoa mix in their stockings - isn't God good?)  

** VERY COOL!  There is an app for the 1000 gifts list!  I've got it started on my Galaxy Tablet.  Woo Hoo... 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Iowa Hawkeyes Warmer HAS ARRIVED!!!

From Drop Box

If you have ANY ties to the Iowa Hawkeyes - this is a wonderful find!  °Ü°  (Great gift for men b.t.w.  - a LOT of men love things that smell nice!)

Scan the QR Code to be taken directly to the Scentsy Web-site to order - or call/text me to ordering locally.  641.820.1168

Full-Size Scentsy Warmer - $35 + tax.  If you order on the web-site you will pay $5 shipping.

We ♥ Scentsy around here!!

Scentsy says order on-line by the 19th to receive this before Christmas.  Won't your Iowa Hawkeye fan LUV you Christmas day??!!  °Ü°

UPDATE:  The Iowa Warmers sold out the very fist day.  Selling 11,000 in 2 days before they had to shut the ordering down.  Now it's back up - on back order - but they will begin shipping in January!  So order away!!  Enjoy!  GO HAWKS!! 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


12 years old today.  Can't believe it... he started out so small.  6#1oz.  I took him to Des Moines to the endocrinologist to make sure nothing was wrong when you were a baby and off the charts small even (that was before computers... the paper only went down to <5%.

Now you are a young man - not small in mind or body.

Keep reading Mansel - readers are leaders!!  Love the Lord with all your soul, mind and strength!

I love you!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Neighborhood Bible Time!

Our church is having its annual N.B.T. this week. I get to be in the preschool class. I'm teaching with my friend Ruth. Often people complain about this class because its more work.
I'll tell you what - this week has been wonderful so far. We have great helpers. Ruth is laid back and easy going. I really like great, laid back, and easy going!
I learned something new this week. My own son is in this class. He is the only 6 year old. But that isn't what I learned. I learned that he didn't know John 3:16. We are working on it. He will before long.
Thank you Grace Baptist Church for running such a neat program year after year.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Creek Edge Press

THIS web-site is a wonderful find!

AmyKate is a wonderful home school-er.  If you ever need one to emulate - she's one!

And NOW - now she is sharing her knowledge and skills with US!!  :sigh:  She's wonderful! 

Go check it out - you will NOT be sorry, even if you don't buy - you can glean... you can ALWAYS be a learner, you know.  Always!  I hope you like what you find... I did. °Ü°

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I'm learning about Kettlebells.  I don't do the Russian variety... because I'm a wimp... light weight.  This guy shows 17 different exercises using kettlebells - I can't wait to try a few.  I do the "swing" - both hands on and in between my legs.  I actually use a dumbbell... because I don't own any kettlebells as of yet.

Today I did 100 swings.  I read somewhere that doing swings burns 20 calories per minute.  Thus - doing 20 minutes of swings... LOTS of calories.  Ü  (400... in case you were reaching for your calculator). 

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fishing

We went fishing. Dan knew of a farm pond. Boy was he right. I'm not sure Dan got to fish much.

Milo got one.

Danielle got one or two.

Mansel got several.

Look at Wayne's fish!

I'm smiling because I got four all together.

I'm not sure if Dan got to relax much - even now he is still out there cleaning them. Fish for supper tonight.


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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Fishing

We went fishing. Dan knew of a farm pond. Boy was he right. I'm not sure Dan got to fish much.

Milo got one.

Danielle got one or two.

Mansel got several.

Look at Wayne's fish!

I'm smiling because I got four all together.

I'm not sure if Dan got to relax much - even now he is still out there cleaning them. Fish for supper tonight.


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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A good find

I found this picture of Danielle on here. She is a beauty

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Little League

We have 3 players this year. Danielle is the newest. She is playing softball.

She loves it. Go Mariners!

Milo is a rookie - the Mets.

Mansel is in the major league this year. Rockies rule!

Soon it will all be over and we won't know what to do with all our time.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We are coming up upon birthday season at our house

Once upon a time I made a rule. I thought is was a good rule. Efficient.

Here is the rule. My kids will have "friends" parties for their birthdays when they are 6, 10, & 16. I have 5 kids, this rule ought to help keep a little sanity, and order. It will help us remember whose turn it is to have a party. Help me plan ahead and save up for it. Keep them from asking for one every year. That sort of thing.

Well - this year I have a child turning 6, 10, & 16. LOL. We are maxed out on birthday parties this year.

To make matters even more exciting... I am planning a surprise birthday party for my dear husband who is turning 40 this year. Call me a glutton for punishment, I don't care.

The first party is coming up Saturday. Wayne is turning 6. What has blessed me the most about this is watching the siblings get involved. Some of them are working on making a pinata for the party. Several chipped in money for the project. The excitement is growing.

I'll post pictures soon. In fact I'll post many pictures in the next few konths. Birthday season is fast and furious around here. Starts in April and over in October. 2 Parties in June, 1 in August and 1 in October.


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Monday, May 23, 2011

I worked out side a bit.

I mentioned to the kiddos that I was going to head outside to mow. They got a longing look in their eyes and starting dropping hints that they would like to mow. Please mom?

Well what in the world? Who am I to meet them to from enjoying the great outdoors?

So, I took this opportunity to do a bit of gardening. I had a few plants needing planting. While I was out there i noticed plants that could use thinning. I got busy.

The end result.

Plus the yard got mowed. I love the outdoors. Don't you?

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogging from my Tab

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! I don't blog much any more because of time... But... If I can blog on the go- it might happen on a more frequent basis.

We'll see.

I'm going to go to the Iowa state track meet this week. Remind me to blog about it.

And we are going to the C.S. A. garden this week. Remind me...

Oh and there are little league games this week too. Will you re...

Wait and - soccer, and school, and...

Yeah - I really should be blogging more.

Wayne's birthday it's coming up. He it's having a friends party. Remind me to tell you about my smart plan with friends parties...

I bert you can hardly wait for me to start blogging again! =)

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 ™ - cut your Grocery Bill in HALF through Enlightened Shopping! ™ ™ - cut your Grocery Bill in HALF through Enlightened Shopping! ™

I'm using Savings Angel to make my grocery lists lately!

I have a food budget of $600 per month. The food budget includes things like toilet paper and shampoo and toothpastes... not only food.

BUT in the past - I've really not stuck to my budget much. I'd go do my once a month shopping - and spend my allowance... then by week 3... we were running to the store for this or that... and by week 4 we were eating hotdogs and mac-n-cheese every day waiting desperately for that once a month grocery shopping day again!!

Now - I go to Savings Angel web-site and check out what's on sale at my favorite local store (Fareway), and Hy-Vee and Walmart... BECAUSE Fareway will match all their prices.

I chose those 3 stores... and make a list. What Savings Angel does is tell me what's on sale, and tell me where to find coupons - either on-line, or in my file folder full of coupons from the Sunday paper. I click on what I want... then go to another page and click on how MANY I want and put them in order by aisle. i don't HAVE to put them in order - but I like it that way... I like it that I have that option.

THEN it tell me what I will pay, and what I would pay for the item at full price.

The thing I LOVE??!!!??? I love that each week I still have food in the cupboard and I'm NEVER making runs to the store with the credit card so we have something to eat. I get CASH out every other week... (if I get it every week... it's an odd number and my ATM machine will only give me 20's. LOL That's why)... so I go every other week - get $300... this week I'll spend $100 probably. Woo Hoo!!! That leaves $200 for next week. That's wonderful!! Sometimes I do a run to COSTCO - because i like buying something in bulk with THEIR coupons... like hand soap. or those clorox chemicl wipes. Baby wipes... COSTCO cleans up on baby wipes... Press'n seal stuff from Glad... I get that at COSTCO too... but anyway...

If you look at my link above you'll see that I have coupons for REAL stuff. I'm not buying JUNK just because it's on sale and I have a coupon - or if it IS junk... like the blue bunny ice cream - we are getting 1... for Sunday. I'm getting apples, cabbage, tuna - lots of it - tuna helper, lunch meat, mac and cheese, bleach, frozen veggies (lots of them), banquet meals (because I like them for myself for potion control), and cereal. We have visitors coming who like cereal. So I'm stocking up on cereal while it's on sale and with coupons - instead of waiting for the week that they come and paying $2.99 a box for it. THEN - this leaves me more money for meat - that is outrageous right now. pft... who wants to pay $3/# for hamburger? That's cRAZY! but I can now because I'm saving so much on the other stuff. No more hot dogs for 7 days in a row at the end of every month. :giggle:

Savings Angel has a deal where you can try it for a few days to see if it indeed will help you save money. I like that - you can see if the stores around you are on the list. I know some moms who play the coupon game - but the stores where you can do that are more than an hour away for me. Not a savings for me to drive there every week to get groceries.

I hope you can glean something from this information! It's really been a great help to me and my family.