Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scentsy College Warmers!!!

Fill the Stands - Campus Collection

You can go to this site and VOTE for your college to be release next... if your college has already been selected... you can see who is "winning" in sales. TOO FUN!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Just a Reminder

Shelly (Dauchenbach) Braley's baby passed away on the 6th of October... this video was posted on facebook today - I hope if you watch it, you will remember to lift Shelly and her family up to the throne of grace today.

Now - go hug your babies!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just the Facts

I just heard some facts about Scentsy that I'd like to share with you.

I was not a consultant last year at this time... so this is all new to me. But I learned something new last night that astounds me... I want to share it with the world -- but for now I'll just share it with my blogging friends.

"Normally" October is 30% higher in sales then September. People are getting ready for Christmas...

"Normally" November is 80% higher in sales then October. :Thud: (that's me hitting the floor in a dead faint).

So - I can't say... "you will make this much, I promise".

But I will say -- if you need extra spending money in December... now would be a good time to start selling Scentsy.

Let's just say... you sign up now... October. You get your kit -- you are READY to have parties... as soon as it comes... In fact you can sign up -- and start booking parties before the kit comes... then you'll hit the ground running. Have a few parties in October... get a check in November... LET'S JUST SAY... you sold $1000 all together in October... 25% commission. That's a $250 check in November.

Now -- If November is statistically 80% higher then October... your $1000 will turn into what? (grab your calculator)... that's right... $1800 in sales.

$1800 in sales in November would be a $450 check in December. You would get paid on the 10th... Friday... that leaves 15 days to spend that money for Christmas.

Does your mind work logically like that, like mine does?

Map out your plan... work hard and get good results.

Obviously -- if you sell less.. you make less... But in my experience -- Scentsy is NOT overly saturated in my area, is it in yours... I still have people saying to me, "Oh -- I've been looking for some Scentsy." I can tell you, "Scentsy is easy to sell." which it is -- but it's not all easy work. If you want to do anything well -- it's work. But the rewards can be fabulous!!

Give me a call if you have questions... or fb me... or text me... 644.745.9265

or go to my web-site... the FAQ is very helpful there, and that is where you would go to join.

$99 to sign up... (plus tax and shipping - for me it was $115)

So - are you thinking -- how long before I earn that back? What would I need to sell in order to earn that back? Your first $999 you earn 20% commission... So you would need to have one $500 party at 20% commission to earn back your $99. After that -- it's all gravy. Yes? Your start up kit comes with everything you need to have a home party. Catalogs, order forms, party tester scents, a warmer, bar of wax... everything you need... plus a few extras.

So even if you wanted to use your November check to pay off the kit... or get a return on your money... you would STILL have a December check to use for Christmas gifts... or food... or gas. Ü

Personally? My goal -- it's to reach my Dave Ramsey baby step #3. $10,000 dollars in savings. Just a few months ago I thought... Well -- that will take me 3 years to reach that goal... bit by bit. BUT... after learning what I learned last night. I may be able to cut that time frame in half! Can you believe that? That sounds too good to be true. But numbers don't lie... do they? We'll see. I'll let you know in December. °Ü°