Friday, March 30, 2007

Lazy Post Tag

I've been tagged... but only because I was reading -- she didn't mention me by name.

So here you go...

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday (month and day only): April 25 is the 115th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (116th in leap years). There are 250 days remaining. And notice this; it is also the latest possible day that Easter can occur. That's interesting... I never knew that. I don't ever remember Easter being that late.

2. List events that occurred on that day of interest to you:

1989 - James Richardson is freed from a Florida prison 21 years after being wrongfully convicted of the murder of his seven children. (I would have been in my first year of college -- I'm wondering why I didn't remember this... must not have been up on my current events).
1719 - Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe is published. (Hey -- 11yodd is reading that this year for school.)
# 1792 - Highwayman Nicolas J. Pelletier becomes the first person executed by guillotine. (Really?)
1945 - Fifty nations gather in San Francisco, California to begin the United Nations Conference on International Organizations.(Seems to be sort of an unlucky day.)

3.List a Few Birthdays:

* 1214 - King Louis IX of France (d. 1270)
* 1284 - King Edward II of England (d. 1327)
* 1770 - Georg Sverdrup, Norwegian philologist (d. 1850)
* 1840 - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Russian composer (d. 1893)
* 1849 - Felix Klein, German mathematician (d. 1925)
* 1874 - Guglielmo Marconi, Italian inventor, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics (d. 1937)
* 1898 - Fred Haney, baseball player (d. 1977)
* 1908 - Edward R. Murrow, American journalist (d. 1965)
* 1917 - Ella Fitzgerald, American singer (d. 1996)
* 1932 - Meadowlark Lemon, American basketball player
* 1940 - Al Pacino, American actor
* 1977 - Matthew West, American Christian singer
* 1985 - Giedo van der Garde, Dutch racing driver
* 1988 - Sara Paxton, American actress
* 1989 - Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, 11th Panchen Lama
* 1996 - Allisyn Ashley Arm, American actress

4. List a death:
2002 - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, American rapper (TLC) (b. 1971)

5. List a holiday or observance (if any):

Official Red Hat Society day. (Oh well -- that's nice. I didn't know they had a day. I thought they were around all year long.)

If you’re reading this, I tag you. Anybody need an easy post?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Proverbs 29.1

Wow -- have you read that verse?

Here -- I'll write it out for you.
Pro 29:1 He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.

I'm amazed that God doesn't suddenly destroy more people.

Henry said this...
The issue of this obstinacy is to be greatly dreaded: Those that go on in sin, in spite of admonition, shall be destroyed; those that will not be reformed must expect to be ruined; if the rods answer not the end, expect the axes. They shall be suddenly destroyed, in the midst of their security, and without remedy; they have sinned against the preventing remedy, and therefore let them not expect any recovering remedy. Hell is remediless destruction. They shall be destroyed, and no healing, so the word is. If God wounds, who can heal?

That makes more sense that what my little pea brain was thinking. Hell. I was caught up by the word "suddenly".

2 friends and I were discussing this last night in church. We can see some young people making bad choices. I want so badly to say, "Hey -- look at me... I'm an example. I made bad choices... do you want to end up like me?" Well -- Praise the Lord actually -- I got reproofs and only by the grace of God am I living the life I'm living today. I've said many times, if it weren't for God, I'd be in jail or worse. The friends I was talking to last night just shook their head. "They won't listen." Well -- most of the time they don't. I'm not sure if I would have listened as a teenager. Would I have? But the older I got... the consequences got more and more weighty. I finally did listen to a dear friend, when she warned me of what was ahead of I left my family for those selfish reasons I had all thought up. Praise the Lord for sending her my way.

So -- whose to say the young people won't listen? I'm praying now that the Lord will soften their hearts, and if it's the Lord's will for me to say something -- He will present an opportunity. He will open the door -- and open it wide!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Walk Today

I'm in this little contest... trying to lose weight you know. Well -- this week I'm trying to get in a little more cardio excercise than normal. Let me tell you about my walk today.

OK -- so I left at 2:00 (on the dot). Got the littles down for a nap, and the olders either doing school, or watching PBS. Strict instructions not to mess up. LOL

I started on my normal route, with my faithful companion Ebony -- but when I got to the top of the hill... I thought (that's the problem) I thought... why don't I turn right instead today.

So -- I did.

Lah dee dah!! How nice. Different scenery. Oh my -- walking right into the wind... lucky for me it's not far until I turn the corner.

Around the corner... lifting my knees high -- pumping those arms... listening to my drama part on my CD player... BARK, BARK. Oh my... I turn around and there is a BIG dog that lives in the house on the corner, why I haven't ever noticed that before? EBONY takes charge. He stands there with his feet planted. I say sweetly, "Come on Ebony!" I'm begging... I think he notices because he just turns around and follows me. Whew...

Well -- I keep on trucking... feeling fresh...

Ebony flushes out 3 birds. I think they were pheasants. Well -- I know they were, I think 2 baby males and 1 mommy. The babies are small but colorful already. My dad would have been so excited. He told me all about when Ebony flushed out 2 quail a few weeks ago. He ate one of them, so I was very happy that those pheasants could fly, and high.

Well -- I kept on marching -- almost to the stop sign. I had set my alarm, and was going to turn around after 30 minutes. A nice hour long walk. How nice....

When I get to the stop sign, I still have 8 minutes left to make 30 minutes. Oh my... now what do I do?

Well -- I think I'll turn left and walk in a big circle. I can't see the road that I turn on from where I'm standing... but it's just a ways down there...

I think instead of turning around for a short 44 minute walk, I go in a circle for a longer walk.

Now I'm walking on a 2 lane highway.

Whoa -- there are WAAY more cars on this highway then I ever saw before. How nice of them to pull way over into the other lane to go around me... and my wayward dog. I wish he would stay in the ditch.

Ewww... Ebony found a dead deer, in the ditch. I don't really want to look at it... but Ebony is running around all excited and sniffing it. I start screaming, "NO -- EBONY COME -- GET AWAY FROM THE DEER." The deer is only 1/2 a deer... yuck -- I hear a vehicle coming, so I turn and start walking again... yelling one last time, "I'M LEAVING -- COME ON EBONY!". And I mean it... I keep on walking ... I don't want to WATCH him eat it if he chooses to. (Gag!)

He chooses me over the dead deer. Whew...

We are coming up to a house... my beeper goes off..

Oh -- I think -- I'm 1/2 way through. I look for the road to turn on... I can't see it. So -- I look back... maybe I can turn around and just finish my walk where I came from. I can't see that road either. Good grief... what do I do now? I guess I'll just keep on going -- I think I'm almost there...

Now I come upon a house -- and I can hear another dog. So does Ebony. My word... He starts trotting out across the highway. All of a sudden I picture myself having to explain why Ebony is no longer around -- he's probably going to end up in the ditch with the deer... 1/2 deer, we left behind. So I start screaming again, "EBONY COME!" I finally see the dog... it's in a kennel. It jumps up on the fence....

... it starts climbing the fence....

I start walking faster... good thing this is a cardio walk and not a stroll...

That dog climbs the fence to the top -- and apparently there is a roof -- because he does not jump out. Whew... it looks like a grey hound, and I heard those things run pretty fast. I think actually it's a coon dog. I wonder if I look like a coon?

Luckily Ebony chose me once again... I'm beginning to think Ebony is just a coward... and not choosing me.

My legs are getting tired. I think I've walked further than I've walked in a long time... plod, plod, plod my feet are hitting the ground.

Oh -- gracious... I can now see the road to turn on. It's a good thing.

Oh look -- there are some calves.

Oh look -- there are the mommas. Momma cows are very protective... ALL the momma cows in the field are looking at me. Every single one of them have stopped munching on momma cow feed and is looking up at me. Well - maybe they are looking at Ebony. Or maaayybe they are looking at my red sweat shirt I'm wearing and getting ready to CHAAAAAAARGE!?! YIKES... I start pumping my arms again. Let's go Ebony! Let's go!!!

The calves were cute though -- maybe I'll drive by in the safety of my vehicle and show the kiddos... maybe -- I drive a Red Van... maybe not. LOL

Oh -- the corner where I turn... the corner!!! YEAH -- normally I'd be 1/2 way done... woo hoo!!! I'm on the home stretch.

I stretch out my legs and really go -- I'm pumping my arms high... for about 10 strides.

MAN ALIVE!!! I'm pooped.... I just want to sit down here and take a nap... can I do that? No -- Ebony would probably lick my face. Don't want that after he was licking that deer's -- 1/2 deer's face. (gag!)

Oh my aching legs... my knees... plod, plod, plod...

I turn the next corner. The neighbor's little puny dog comes out and barks -- but I don't even care... if he attacks, I'll fall on him and kill it -- or knock it unconscious -- or maim it so it can't chase me anymore ... I'm so tired I don't mind his incessant little yapping... maybe if he bites me, they'll call an ambulance and I can get a ride home. No more walking...

Oh nice -- there is the owner.

"Hello," I put a smile/grimace on my face, "I can't stop -- the littles are napping! Are you enjoying the weather?" I can't hear his response because the wind is blowing...

Hmmm... as I turned that last corner, I am all of a sudden facing into the wind. The same wind that I started out in. I was marching along quite smartly at the beginning... now I think when I lift my foot, it gets blown backwards and really I'm making no forward progress at all.

Sigh... this is the walk from hell... when will it be over???

Plod, plod, plod... crawl... No -- I didn't crawl, but I sure felt like it. I didn't crawl, because I didn't want Ebony licking me... remember the 1/2 deer? Who ever said dog's mouths are clean never lived out here in the boonies -- in deer country.

The last corner -- the home stretch...

I think -- I wonder if I can just roll down this hill...

Home -- Sweet -- Home

Only 1 hour and 14 minutes later.

I'm such a wimp...

Update on Isabella Lynnn

Here is the newest information that has been posted on Isabella's CarePage.

Today Isabella was more active, stretching and making sounds. Her kidneys continue to improve. We received the results from her MRI. It showed moderate damage mainly in the areas of sight memory and muscle tension, although we will not know the extent of the effects until we see her grow. We are encouraged by her small improvements and waiting for her to recover. We are humbled by the gifts, messages, and love. We will continue to update and love you all.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Funny, funny, funny...

April Showers is one of the funniest blogs I've visited in a long time. Oh My Word... today she wrote about 1st Grade Love. How she can remember that far back is beyond me... Even if she made it up -- I don't care -- it's really funny!


Monday, March 26, 2007

Isabella Lynn

She was born at 3:41 am Friday March 23, 2007. She is having some trouble brought on by a lack of oxygen during delivery.

If you would like to pray for her -- please stop by her CarePage and sign in... her page is named isabella2007.

Her Daddy and Mommy go to my church. A young couple... this is their first baby. They are so nice and loving. Luke mentioned on the CarePage that we should pray for the other babies in the room as they don't have anyone to pray for them. Very selfless!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I'm sure they would appreciate your prayers!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Hands Are Just Itching...

... to grab a hold of that ole' tiller!!

This is the state that my garden is in right now. Getting full of weeds. That just look wrong doesn't it?

I went down there to take a peek last week. I hear if you grab a handful of soil and squeeze it -- if it falls through your fingers -- it's ready to till. Here is what my soil is doing.

Pretty moist still -- then since that photo -- it has rained again. But God has a way of drying things out. It was fairly windy today. I'm saying hooray! The ground should be good and moist -- all the rain we've gotten. It was pretty dry around here last summer. But dh and I noticed on the way to church today, the ponds are pretty full. I need to remember if it gets dry again like it did last summer, to water my tomatoes more. We didn't water them enough. They didn't get very big.

But I'm ready... got my garden shoes out. Want to see?

Oh and... I wanted to show you what I get to do again this spring...

That's right -- pick up more rocks. Isn't is amazing how the rocks just keep working them selves up. We threw out so many last year... and here is some more... ripe for the picking. We saw the farmer across the road out "picking" rocks out of his field before planting time. They do that every few years -- I try getting the little stones every spring. The earth seems to be a living breathing thing. Not stagnant... moving those rocks around.

I just can not wait to get out there in the sunshine! Praise God for the different season. Spring has sprung around here! Ü

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Did You Know...

... that if you click on a photo -- it will enlarge it?

I did not know that... learned something new yesterday.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

They are gone...

But they left behind a lot of evidence that they were here. I was thinking yesterday afternoon, "I'm so glad my dad did these things, I'll always remember, My dad did that." Ü I love my Dad and Mom!

If you didn't know -- they came to Des Moines for a church meeting. I had a sister that was due to have a baby this month. So since they were from CO, and they traveled east so far... they thought they would just stay with us until the baby came. Well -- it came. Welcome to the world Baby Bond! Ü Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

While my folks were here my mom really pitched in and helped. I told her she could come and stay any time! My laundry was always done, and the dusting got done while she was here too. They helped us with a little babysitting over the weekend. I even got to run to Wal-Mart by myself. I couldn't believe it. I was so blessed by their stay! I really enjoyed the time they were here.

Well -- my dad, the dear soul, he told me to make a list of things for him to work on while he was here. So -- I did! Ü Things that I'd been waiting on - but we never want to set aside a while day to work on. They weren't important... but just nice if they got done.

Here are some examples. This is a quilt that I wanted hung up in my hallway. DONE. My mom, 11dd and I sewed a "tube" on the back of the quilt, and then Dad put a stick through it and attached it to the wall. They found out baby bond was on the way, but he didn't leave until this project was finished. How nice!! I love it. This quilt was made by my dear husband's grand mother. Great memory trigger!

He also hung up my shelf. I need to get the ladder back out again, because I don't like the quilt that I chose to hang up there. I think I want it on a bed, and I'll hang up another one that my dear husband's grandmother quilted. Then while I'm up there I'll add a few things to the shelf. I've got some plates that would look cute up there.

He put up the border in my bedroom. YEAH!!! My bedroom is almost done... now I just have to hang up a few things. It is supposed to have a "Lodge" theme. Those are fishing tackle pictured on the border. I'll add my old antique cross country wooden skis... put up the photos. Add the little doo dads around the room... then waa laa... DONE! He did the border in 1 day.

He also varnished the shelves in here. That will be so nice. Much easier to dust. LOL. He did a beautiful job!

Oh... I miss them already.

They really LIVE their walk with the Lord. They would take a daily walk down our country road, turning around at the old country church. They discovered that it was left unlocked. They were taking their morning walk with the 3 oldest kiddos. I'd stay home with the babies. After they discovered it was unlocked, they started going in and praying, singing hymns, and quoting scripture. Oh I can't tell you how that thrills my soul. Just imagine all the memories they created with my kiddos. That's normal for my mom and dad, and I want it to be normal for my kiddos! Walking and talking about our Lord!

In case you think it's crazy that they leave that old church unlocked... there isn't anything worth stealing in there. No electronic "stuff". The pastor's office is at his home... and once while my folks were in there... the neighbor - who heard our dog howling along with the music outside - he came over to check out all the ruckus.

Dan mentioned that maybe they forgot to lock it -- but I'm so glad they did -- what a joy filled time my kiddos had with their grandparents to start off the day! First thing in the morning... they met with the Lord.

So now they are headed on down the road. Ready to meet the new grand baby. That makes 10. Pretty even number. They will be helping with the older sister while mommy is in the hospital.

Funny side note... my 3yodd asked, "Did my Aunt break her leg?" Why else would some one be in the hospital? LOL...

Well -- all I can say is Praise God from whom all blessings flow! What a blessing to be able to live with my folks for that short time. I wish we could do that every year! For no reason -- just come and stay! I'd love it.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes...

I have a little guy that likes shoes!

RED shoes.

Brown boots with bare legs - doesn't matter to him.

Brown boots with pants. Works for him. See?

Brother's shoes. They were handy.

Sister's boots. These are nice too.

Too funny... I need to put these in his baby book. I've had kids that liked shoes before, but compared to the crazy wild child... he LOVES shoes. Big shoes, little shoes, brown shoes, red shoes. Shoes, shoes, shoes! Ü

Little Princess Prayer

My 3yo little princess prayed this prayer this week, "Lord, please help me to be sick all day. Help me to lay on the couch all day. Amen."

At our house -- we get to watch TV while we are sick. Too funny... apparently she was in the mood for some TV.

Grandparents are a Lovely Thing

My parents are visiting. We are the in between spot. They had a meeting in Des Moines, now they are waiting for my little sister to deliver her special baby soon... very soon. So while they are waiting they are visiting us. I'm so very happy, because we don't get to see them all that often.

We have been creating memories. One memory took place at an old covered bridge. A bit off of the beaten path, but it was worth the drive. It's only about 10 minutes from our house and we thought we'd share. It was fun watching the ice float down the creek and plunge over the edge of the dam. Small dam, actually it's floating over a "Missouri crossing". Usually the water flows under the road through a small culvert, but during high water times -- like when the ice and snow is all melting -- the water rises above the road and flows over the road. So we stood on the old bridge that is not used for cars anymore, and watched the water run under. Fun times.

I'm really enjoying listening to my children get acquainted with my parents. Building memories. Fun tims!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Modesty... addressed again.

The Rebelution website participated in a Modestly Survey. There were girls who submitted questions, and the guys responded. The results can be found at the Modesty Survey.

I thought it interesting that they stated that some girls have fathers, or brothers to help them with the modesty issue. But some girls sincerely do not have anyone to be a guide... so they sincerely do not know if something is modest or not.

So the survey has very interesting questions, and great answers.

Take a look -- if you have a teenage daughter in your house... take a look with her. I'm continually amazed at what church people are letting their kiddos wear. Man alive... and when ever I see one of them that look like they are trying to take a stand and BE MODEST! I tell them. THANKS -- thanks for taking the gigantic effort it takes to dress your daughter modestly, and for training up your kiddos in the way that they should go.

Thank you Rebelution for taking the time and effort to put together this massive effort to educate people on this matter. A very important one -- in my mind -- if you have children. One not to just glide right on by. One worth standing up and fighting for!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Biggest Loser 6

As I stated here, I joined the Biggest Loser Contest at HearthKeepers.

My team? The Apron Maidens. How neat is that? I just participated in the Apron Exchange at the C.M.O.M.B. message board. Got a very cute apron -- and I'm in the process of mailing out my apron that I made.

Here is my new avatar. Isn't it cute? We all have aprons as our avatar -- each suited to their own personality. There are some cute aprons out there!! Very cute. You can buy your very own here.

I'm on the very best team... I can't wait to see how we inspire each other to lose, lose, lose and get more healthy on the way. Already I've exercised 3 days in a row. Can't believe that. That's amazing -- exercise on a Saturday or a Sunday? Amazing...

I've been challenged to drink 100 oz. of water a day. Whoa! I didn't think it was possible. But I start early... try to get it done before dinner each evening. So far so good... you know we get a prize if we do it every day. Exercise goal is 5/7 days and water consumption is 7/7. So I must, must, must keep on it.

Why am I so inspired by a carrot? I don't know.. but I am. I pray that I win - but if I don't -- I pray someone on MY TEAM wins. I want to privilege of praying them over the edge! Meet the goals and feel great doing it.

You want to know something? I've got another cold.. same kind as a few weeks ago. I was eating garlic, and using poultices... remember that? Well -- it's been amazing how this one seems to be wrapping up so much earlier. No week long lounging on the couch. I'm pretty sure it's all the water I'm drinking. WOW!

So Yeah Rah! Go Apron Maidens... lose, lose, lose!

On my way to my 140 goal... just one pound at a time! Ü