Saturday, October 8, 2016

Update 10/08/2016

October 8, 2016

I'm fine.
Tori is fine.
Mansel is fine.
Milo is fine.
Dani is fine.
Wayne is fine too.


Tori (21) is working at Applebee's.  I love it when she has left overs from her lunch.  I steal them.  ;) She is at a Halloween party in Boone... how fun is that?  I love her.  She's a fun daughter.

Mansel (16) is going to school and working at Coffee Connection, as well as Hy-Vee.  What a guy.  He's going to be a better person than I.  A Junior at Knoxville High School.  Plans on wrestling... being on the Trap Shooting Team.  I love getting to hear him sing with the Chamber Choir.  One of my favorite things about him.  I love him.  He is a wonderful son.

Milo (14) is going to school and not working.  He is on the football team.  Plans on wrestling.  Then track and baseball.  4 sport student.  I LOVE watching him do sports. One of my favorite things - getting to cheer my kids on.    I can't wait for him to have a good throwing coach.  He sings in the concert choir.  I'll hear him sing on Monday for the first time.  He is a freshman at Knoxville High School.  I love him.  He is a fabulous son... makes me laugh quite a bit.

Dani (13) is going to school.  She is on the xc team.  She plans on playing basketball.  Then track and softball.  She doesn't want to play softball... but you know... it's 7th grade... mom makes you play 4 sports in 7th grade.  Gotta try them all.  If she doesn't like it - that will be her one year.  I think she will like it. A new thing for our family is something that I can't remember the name of... oh.. Mock Trial.  Is that is?  She seems to be learning a lot with that.  She sings in the choir and plays in the band.  She is a 7th grader at the Knoxville Middle School.  I love her.  She is a fantastic daughter.  

Wayne (11) is going to school also.  He is in 5th grade - no teams.  He did the football drills and skills thing on Thursdays.  He will do the wrestling club practice this year too.  He likes the practice - hates the tournaments.  So - we'll just do the practice.  No choir - no band - ... just being a kid as long as he can. He goes the Northstar Elementary School.   I love him. He is outstanding.

I really love getting to watching my kiddos grow and mature.  I wish I were a better parent.  How come there isn't a manual that says, "do this - get that result."  I keep plugging along... doing the best that I can.  Seeking advice from friends... gleaning all I can.

We are all going to Celebrate Community Church in Knoxville. I LOVE going to that church and seeing my friends out and at about in town.  What a neat idea...  seeing church friends in town.  Love that.

Me... I'm still doing what I do.  Working with a student 1:1 at the Northstar Elementary School.  I have the best job at the school.  I work at the best school. Love what I do.  Since I do what I do - I'm a budget-er... living frugally.  Work two jobs... I am a janitor while the kiddos go visit their dad.  We live in a small house - close knit.  It's an interesting way to live.  Different then I've ever experienced... and this will be my kids "normal".  I wonder how they will turn out because of it.  Will they feel poor or middle class?  I bet poor... but who knows?

No pets.
A few of us read a lot.
I've lost the battle of electronic entertainment... most of the kids get computers from the school... and phones have become a necessity with a two household family.  I want to be able to communicate with them always...

Still trying to sell the suburban... but don't have the money right now to repair it to be sold.  Weird times we live in.  Never dreamed we'd end up like this.

No marriage plans either... so don't ask.  Their dad has a girlfriend - causes my kiddos stress.  Funny how that works.  I think I've raised them to be selfish beings.  Probably a failure on my part.

all in all... all's right with the world...

Until next time -- turn the music up loud!!