Monday, April 30, 2007

Just Because!

I love photos -- especially of the kiddos.

Just in case Grandpa and Grandma are looking at this -- I'll post a few here. Ü

Oh -- the wild child. He LOVES to be outside. He really cries -- big alligator tears, when we make him come inside. I'm sure that's a training issue... but who cares? I love it that he loves the outdoors.

Ooooww... my little princess. She's s thumb sucker you know. She didn't feel good this day. So she was lounging around. This week -- we were out at a restaurant -- and she didn't feel good. I told her she didn't have to eat. She said, "OK." Long pause... "but Mom? Can I suck my thumb?"

Awww... good grief. Who could resist that? Normally our rule is no sucking your thumb unless you are in your bedroom. But you know -- if you are sick and you ask politely... just maybe I'll say OK! ;)

The preschooler was watching daddy clean the fish the other day. Look at that interested face. Wow! I betcha he will be doing the cleaning before long. He's a good hard worker. One of a kind... well -- actually he's a duplicate of his daddy. But our only one so far. The other unlucky ones are just lazy slugs like their mother. LOL

Who didn't fix the red - eye first? Oh -- I guess that would be me. Sorry about that!

The grappler -- he's standing here with his friend. Just a few months older. Genetics plays quite a part in their make up. Boy -- when you have short parents... it sure sucks to have tall friends. LOL This boy -- he's a good kid! My 7yo really likes him.

Then last but not least. This is the 11yo with her little sister. They had matching outfits for Easter. CUTE!! Probably the last year I can get them to do that. So I'll cherish this photo forever! Well -- that's a long, long time. I'll just cherish it for a really long time... how's that!

We get to go to a mother daughter banquet together -- I think I'll try to get them to wear them again!

THANKS for bearing with me. Photos of my kiddos -- one of my favorite things to blog about!

We had Catfish for supper

A CATFISH and several small bass. My fishermen/women brought home some dinner to fry Friday.

Dad went to Wal-Mart and brought home a fishing license... now we can FISH! Woo Hoo!! The kiddos were so excited. What fun.

Someday I'll post my mushroom/fish frying lesson.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SIGH... I've been Tagged AGAIN!?!


Seven things you don't know about me. Hmm... let's see -- didn't I just do this? Well -- apparently not. I don't see it here anywhere. Ah ha... I found it. HERE. ;) Well -- that was 4 months ago -- different blog... I could just repeat them. HA HA... but I may a faithful reader(s) that just might recognize those.

Plus -- I have to add one more. Seven things. Hmm... I'm such a blabber mouth - is there anything you don't know about me? Not a blabber mouth -- I prefer to call it "transparent". ;)

OK -- here goes.

1. I'm a counter. We have 15 stairs, but I like to count to 12 and start over. 12 is my favorite counting number. Usually my kids know how to count to 12 instead of 10. I count steps a lot. I recently discovered that my mom is a counter too.

2. I'd rather read a book in the bathtub than shave my legs in the bathtub.

3. I pour 2" of French Vanilla creamer in my coffee. That's gotta be good for me.

4. I once wore a jean skirt that snapped all the way up -- it also unsnapped all the way down... I can attest to that, because while standing and chatting with the cutest boy in the youth group, my rival... um... best friend pulled on my skirt really hard and it came all the way off. Hmmm... I can't remember if I had holes in my underwear or not -- I've blocked the sprint away from the handsome dude totally from my mind. Why was I her friend? Yeah -- I blocked that from my mind too.

5. I love playing the piano really loud and singing just as loud. I often do that to relieve stress right before dinner time. My family loves that. Well -- my 20mo wild child loves he... he dances to my singing/playing!

6. If I ever get fit, I'd love to wear dresses like they wear in Sense and Sensiblity. Somedays I'd only wear a white "shift" with an apron. That would be so free and cool... You Apron Maidens -- just keep your trap shut! Ya hear... LOL

7. I'm in charge of the Mother Daughter Dinner -- and I edited this becuase I was convicted of my own grumbling. Ü

Yeah -- transparent... that's a good word for it.

THANKS April! I sure feel better now. Sort of like a therapy session -- only free. Ü

Let's see... whom can I tag? I'll just put my blind fold on here... and point.

1. Keer
2. Dawn
3. Kirky
4. Sunny
6. Wendy
8. Rechelle

Off to leave a few comments. Ü

My Father's World

I'm in the process of switching.

No -- not switching my kids.

Switching curriculum.

I'm going to try My Father's World in the fall. The Creation to the Greeks unit to be exact.

Starting FALL of 2007, I'll have 3 scholars. Using Ambleside Online, which I still really love, I'd have 3 different schedules to work around, plus my own. LOL... My Father's World is a Charlotte Mason type Unit Study deal, that is designed for families with multiple grades. Plus they throw in a little bit of the Classical Education. Still using living books. Latin/greek. Nature Walks and notebooks. History timelines. I'm praying that it will be a perfect fit!

One thing that bothered me about Ambleside Online was that my 11yo was shuttled off into the other room to "do her reading", so she usually ended up in her bedroom -- with the door closed -- alone... which, if I were reading for school, and didn't want to be distracted, is where I would be too. But do I really want that all day long?

With My Father's World, she will still have her alone reading time, but we will have a lot more TOGETHER reading time, and TOGETHER hands on activities. I missed that with Ambleside Online. No unit study type stuff. Which -- they are proud of. They don't like hands on Unit Study Type Stuff. Ü Some people, do, some don't. I think I do. I KNOW my 11yo does. She's always creating something. Gluing, pasting, cutting, tossing, shaking, stirring, and creating...

So -- I'm selling my AO books, and looking forward to the day when -- OH -- did I mention this? My Father's World... if I want to... I can just say, "Give me 1", and they'll ship me all the books -- brand new -- already gathered -- with a teacher's manual -- to my front door. No burning the mid-night oil at e-bay, looking for obscure books, and getting out bid at the last minute. Or opening up the package and fining Robinson Crusoe in SPANISH!! :P LOL Yeah -- that's a hard one to sell too... mind you. No wonder they forgot to mention that in the description.

The Teacher's Manual -- they set up the schedule for me and 3 kids. That will be nice. I KNOW HOW To do that -- but if it's done already, then I like that.

So -- now you know how to better pray for me. I look forward to schooling a little differently next fall. Dad and Mom -- you need to come back for another 10 day visit -- school will be different next time. Home school - ya gotta love it!!

I bet you are wondering...

... how did I come up with Book #12? Well -- I read Beautiful Girlhood and forgot to blog about it! This book was written by Mabel Hale who lived in Wichita, Kansas, in the early twentieth century. Beautiful Girlhood was her most popular book, so says Ü

Now THIS book -- This book I highly recommend.

I pre-read it and quickly. I devoured it!

Now I'm going over it again, more slowly, with my 11yodd. I'm so old fashioned. I agree with most things she has to say. Manners, our walk with God, our relationship with our parents. She just really nailed it on most things. But -- as with most books. Well -- all books except the Bible, there are errors. But really -- I think the errors are so small, that I think YOU should read the book for yourself and see if you can find them.

Definitely a must read. This book is a keeper. I got it through PBS for free -- one of the best finds yet! There is a revised version of this book called Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola and Mabel Hale. That is NOT the one I read, but I've heard good things about that copy. I think Mrs. Andreola also wrote a study guide to go with her book. Go for it. LOL

There -- NOW my list shows 12. ;) LOL

Book # 12

This is it -- my goal busting book.

Too bad it wasn't a better book that pushed me over the edge.

So B. It, a novel by Sarah Weeks.

The inside cover states,
"Although she lives an unconventional lifestyle with her mentally disabled mother and their doting neighbor, Bernadette, Heidi has a lucky streak that has a way of pointing her in the right direction. When a mysterious word in her mother's vocabulary begins to haunt her, Heidi's thirst for the truth leads her on a cross-country journey in search of the secrets of her past.

As I was typing, I thought -- well -- what sort of review is this? I thought so little of the book that I couldn't think of anything creative of my own to tell about it?

Some books are just like that -- too fluffy. No meat. This was not a sensational book. I wouldn't recommend it.

PLUS -- it skirts around the issue that she was conceived by 2 unmarried that were mentally retarded. Why even address that issue with young people? That still boggles my mind that adults feel like they need to write children's books with things that should only be spoken of in private in them, for all the world to see.

So -- skip this book too. My pile of library books that they children get to read is getting thin. We'll have to make another trip soon. Not batting a very good average with this trip.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Knox is with the Lord.

Tonight I really felt burdened for Knox's mom around 9:45 p.m.

I wrote out a postcard just with this verse on it.

Romans 8:26

Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities:
for we know not what we should pray for as we ought:
but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

It's sitting here on my desk. I just continued praying. Not knowing what to say.

Then at 10:17 p.m. it was posted that Knox was gone. We do serve a living saviour... one that prompts for prayer at just the right time, and He loves Knox and his family more than any of us can even fathom.

I pray they will feel His presence by their side even now.

Oh God -- have mercy. Comfort Knox's Dad and Mom at this very hour. Truly their darkest hour. Weeping with those who weep...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Isabella Discharged!!

DISCHARGED!!! Today is the day we have been waiting for. Words cannot express our gratitude for all your love shown through cards, phone calls, visits, gifts, food, messages, money, but most important your prayers. We will save all your messages as a reminder of how God showed himself strong this past month, and when we begin to doubt we can look back on these days and be reminded how God abundantly supplied. We will tell Isabella as she grows of all the love and prayers she had during this time of her life that she too may learn of God's grace.
You all have been such a blessing through your love and sacrifice. We wish we could repay you, but we are comforted knowing that God will reward you "hundredfold" Matt 19:29.
Really this is just the beginning as we will continue to see doctors and specialists. We know God has a special plan for Isabella, as He does for us all, and we look forward to see how He will choose to glorify His name. Thank you again.
All our love.
Luke, Angela and Isabella Rich

April 19th Luke, Angela and Isabella got to go home. Praise the Lord.

I thank you friends for praying for my friends. What an encouragement to see this answer to prayer!

2 more books

I've added 2 more books to my ALREADY DONE READ list.

Call it Courage, by Armstrong Sperry -- that's a goodie. Found it at the local library. It reminded me that I need to be careful of what I say to my kiddos. They can really take it to heart and it may affect how they think about themselves.

Then The Midwife's Apprentice, by Karen Cushman, was a different story. I was 1/2 through when I noticed the nakedness on the front cover. Good grief... this was a book I found in the children's section. I was hoping my little weren't more attentive than I was. Thankfully I pre-read new books before I hand them over to my kiddos. I wouldn't recommend this book for children. It's an adult subject... being a midwife. Why is there a children's book about this topic? Not for my kiddos. So -- I'd skip this one -- it's not necessary.

But -- I added to to my list. I was thinking of only adding my "adult" books to my list... but I learned some new things from the Call It Courage book -- it was a beneficial read -- so I guess the reading level doesn't necessarily determine whether it will get listed in my "Book I've Read" list. Just whether I've finished them or not... I'm almost to 12 -- and it's not even summer time here yet. Next year I'll have to set my goal a little higher. I'm going to be reading, reading this summer... new school books. I love pre-reading!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness

Will Smith (in an Oscar-nominated role) and his real-life son Jaden star in this tearjerker about a struggling single parent determined to build a better life for himself and his child. Chris Gardner is smart and talented, but his dead-end salesman job barely pays the bills. When he and his 5-year-old son are evicted from their apartment, they face trying times as Chris takes on an unpaid internship at a stock brokerage firm with hopes of getting rich someday.

So says NETFLIX about the movie Pursuit of Happyness.

I previewed it tonight... I'm fairly certain I'm going to let my kiddos watch it this weekend. It's rated PG-13, and my rule is USUALLY rated G only. BUT -- this movie teaches so many life lessons -- we just could not duplicate them realistically.

BUT Man alive -- I've got a ton of questions for them after they watch this movie. They are going to think they are having homework or something. And if they EVER forget to give thanks to the mighty God we serve for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us -- I'm going to wring their scrawny little necks. ;) OK -- well -- that's a little extreme. This movie is a good one... fast forward through the scene with the scantily clad, very trim, angry wife. Silly woman...

So -- you don't need to RUN out and get this movie... but if you happen to have a chance to watch it -- I'd recommend it for the olders. I'll probably put the 5 and unders to bed.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Newest Update on Isabella Lynn

Talk of going home is in the air, maybe as soon as Thursday if everything goes well.

Isabella had a feeding tube inserted, and she is handling her milk well that way, so they are increasing her intake.

Wednesday she had another EEG and MRI.

Also the staff are lining up follow-up appointments and her equipment and medicine such as working with the pharmacy and home health to get Isabella everything she will need after her discharge.

Angela is learning how to feed and care for Isabella with her stomach tube and administering her medication.

I want to thank you who have been praying for her. Isn't she a doll!?! What a great photo.

We are praying for you Luke and Angela!!

Update on Knox

I have some new information on 18 month old KNOX. (Corrected age).

They are continuing to lower the dosage of the anti-seizure medicines. His heart and lungs are stronger and they have been able to lower the level of some of the medicines that were used to stimulate his heart and lungs. The doctors/medical team has decided to wait another day before repeating the EEG or other test to help determine brain activity.

Please continue to pray that Knox will not experience seizures, and that his pupils become equal and responsive to light stimuli.

Pray for Dad and Mom and other family members that they may rest in the steadfast love of God.

Thanks for you continued prayers.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh -- the surprise...

I told you I would tell you about my surprise later.

I so wanted to post some photos -- but alas... my camera is buried somewhere. I hope it's not in the backyard, and I'm just not finding it in the house somewhere. Crazy...

Anyway -- the company.

Delano and Leora, my in-laws, were honored at their church this weekend for 20 year of service as the janitors of their church. (WOW -- that's amazing!!) So all their kiddos surprised them by coming to church with them Sunday Morning. 4 grown kids and their extras showed up.

Since it was supposed to be a surprise... we opened up our house to my SIL, and her 4 kiddos. They normally stay with grammy and papa when they come to town. NOT THIS TIME!! Oh my kiddos had so much fun playing with her kiddos. It's always fun to have them into OUR house -- our toys, our yard, our environment. We don't get that very often, because they always chose the grandparents motel -- which is understandable.

They came in Friday night and we ate tacos together. Saturday we ate some more. Then Sunday we ate again! Whew -- a lot of food was being passed around with 9 kids.

Saturday I took the olders to the school playground. That's a great place to Rollerblade, we found out. The weather took a turn for the better while they were here. Actually -- where they are from it really snowed. So they were able to come up north and keep warm. Isn't that crazy?

My SIL climbed a ladder and helped her brother put up a chimney. That sort of didn't set well for me. Why do I feel jealous that my dh prefers to work with his family more than me? I need to get over that.

He got the wood furnace going -- now our house smells like a bonfire always. I pray I get over that soon. That is supposed to save us a lot of money -- pass the S'mores!!

Sunday we all went to Grandpa and Grandma's church. Turns out we went to a lot of work to end up looking like fools. Grandma cleans the church -- so she found the invitation lying on the table she was cleaning. It had every little teeny detail listed on it. So we were running around looking like clowns -- lying through our teeth and she was sitting back there laughing at us. Oh well.

They did a great -- really funny -- skit. Representing Delano and Leora. Then we sat through a children's musical. That was interesting.

Off to the Depot for a potluck lunch. The church provided the meat and then the lay people brought the side dishes. There was so much food -- it was amazing. Down home country cooking at it's best. My kiddos were in heaven. So were my hips! That's always nice...

But Oh Man -- can those ladies cook!

Then after a small family tiff... we headed home. Some day I'll get it...but for now -- I'm just glad it's all over! Ü I'll be happy when the Lord returns. Ha Ha!

I need to quit now -- while I'm ahead... if I am at that...

dum da dum dum duuuuummm....

Today is -- TEST DAAAY!!


The cowgirl and her brother, the grappler are heading to town today with sharpened pencils and some scratch paper! The will sit down on their little kids chairs and crack open a fresh STANDFORD test. Fun will be had by all!!

For the next 3 mornings they will strive to do their very best for the Lord. (I'm praying that way, anyway!)

This is our form of accountability to the State of Iowa so we can continue to Home school our kiddos.

Whew... it makes a momma nervous. Well -- you know... NOT FEARFUL -- but just a tad jumpy! LOL

I have hardly even spoken of it to the 7yo -- I do NOT want him to have any anxiety about this. The 11yo has been through it before -- so she is just bored on these days.

I've got average, normal kiddos. No genius here at this house -- we are at grade level... and not above, not below. I bet you didn't know there was such a thing. I always heard how great homeschooling was because the kiddos get so far ahead of their public school peers. Well -- so far not true at our house. We are normal. So -- I don't expect anything OUTRAGEOUS to happen... but I don't want them to do any less than their best!

It's a fun time for them. They get to be with their home school friends, the mom's provide treats! So -- we try to make it as non-stressful as we can. They do have to sit in chairs -- and we don't play any music, or burn candles... but still NOT a stressful time.

So -- those are my plans for today. Test, test, test!

Yeah -- plus some laundry -- but isn't that normal?

No new news on KNOX. We are still praying. He is still in the hospital, and his parents are still crying out to God that His will be done.

The older children did get to see him in the hospital yesterday -- they left behind some posters for the walls. They are going to go home and try to regain some normalcy with grandpas and aunts. While dad and mom and friends gets to stay at the Ronald McDonald house. I've heard great things about that house -- what a blessing to help out people while they are needing to be ministered to so badly! Thanks McDonalds!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

KNOX Needs Prayer

I have an on-line friend who is needing lifted up to the throne of grace this morning.

16 month old Knox is in the hospital. He has had an accident. They got him to the ER, and have moved him to another hospital with a PICU. He is not responsive, has fluid in his lungs, his heart is suffering. They are having to deal with CPS issues, and of course Mom and Dad are going through a horrible night mare.

Please beg God's mercy for Knox and the family.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Ever start a day feeling like this??

So - now you know how to pray for me today. Ü

I've got to run, run, run... then come home and clean house for company -- which is a surprise -- so I'll tell you about it later.

Awwwwwwwww... let's see -- where did I put my head? I saw it here somewhere...

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Today -- we went a hunting.

We put on our layers. Grabbed our mittens... mustn't forget our hats. It's cold out ya know.

One must be prepared -- for an East Egg Hunt.

The little wild child was so bundled up that he couldn't even gather his eggs he found -- all he could do was search. But he'd sniff them out -- I'd pick it up for him and deposit it in his basket.

We went to the small town of Attica for this romp through the meadow. They were ever so prepared -- when I got out I was asked, "Are you Skeeter's friend?" Well -- sure. I guess Skeeter called and said his friend would be bringing 5 kiddos to the Egg Gathering. That was me... not many families with 5 small kids leave the house all together these days. We stick out like a sore thumb. One of the first things they declared was, "We've got 700 eggs out there." I guess they wanted to reassure themselves that there would be plenty to go around -- as I was unloading my van full of circus clowns in snow clothes. Ü We got to go inside for instructions, introductions, and a bucket.

The kidlets 5 and under went into a fenced in area to search for gold -- I mean candy filled eggs -- and the older kiddos got to run all around the outside of the building for their treasures. The snow clothes were so cumbersome for this clown in the tall grass that she tripped and fell -- dumping her LOAD. So we all stood around and waited and snapped photos while she re-loaded.

My 5yo BOY would point out the pink ones to my 3yo GIRL, because -- you know... pink is a girl color. LOL

My 7yo's buckets filled up at a quicker rate then the 1 10/12's year old, so we quickly swapped out buckets and he went back for more.

All in all -- it was a worth while 15 minutes of pleasure. We tromped back to the Easter Bunny and said a big Thank You!! Posed for a snapshot then left. As we were driving home, my oldest mentioned that some gum she snagged was FROZEN. I'm so glad the hunt only lasted 15 minutes.

What I'm most thrilled about is that although my kiddos LUV candy -- and they don't mind running around in below freezing weather looking for it -- they really and truly know that this weekend we remember Resurrection Sunday, and that candy does not bring them closer to God. But it can be a great reminder to Thank our Lord and Saviour for sending His Son to die on the cross for our sins.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

While I Wasn't Watching --

-- the ticker rolled right past 1,000.


Thanks readers. I would have never imagined that big of a number.

So -- if you are a faithful reader -- will you comment? Let me know how you found me? I'm always curious about that.

To comment, click on the comment button at the end of this blog. You don't even need an account -- you can comment anonymously. ;)

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