Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I love this kid!
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wrestling Video

One of Mansel's better matches.

My commentary gets annoying... sorry about that.

Wrestling is over now and we are into baseball and softball. Whew... what a schedule. I thought wrestling was crazy. Wowza!! Little did I know. But I really am enjoying this baseball/softball thing. THIS is something I can do with the kiddos. LOL Wrestling.... ehhh... not so much.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

ISO: 2008 Curriculum

Scroll down for the updated posts. Thank you
Here is a list of things I am seeking out for school next year -- if you have any... or know of someone who is looking to get rid of some... I would be interested in buying.

(I love this time of year!)

What I did was list what I needed right off of the My Father's World web-site. I like most used curriculum should sell for LESS then new price. Ü Don't you?

Rome to the Reformation Teacher's Manual
$ 100.00

How The Bible Came to Us
$ 10.95

The Roman Empire
$ 7.95

Augustus Caesar's World
$ 17.95

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine
$ 13.95

The Story of the World, Volume 2
$ 16.95

Medieval World
$ 14.95

Trial and Triumph: Stories from Church History (Man alive... I used to own this book Loony) $ 21.00

The Human Body for Every Kid

$ 12.95

The Body Book
$ 18.95

First Encyclopedia of the Human Body
$ 9.95

The Wonderful Way Babies Are Made
$ 14.95

Exploring Creation with Astronomy
$ 29.95

The Bronze Bow - a powerful story of hatred and forgiveness that shows the struggles of the Jewish people at the time of Jesus.
$ 6.95 **Free from PaperBack Swap** Woo Hoo!!

Twice Freed - historical fiction set at the time of the apostle Paul.
$ 6.95

Dangerous Journey - the classic story of Pilgrim's Progress retold in a beautiful hard-back edition with full-page illustrations.
$ 24.00

Door in the Wall - a boy in the Middle Ages learns the meaning of the "open door that no one can shut" from Revelation 3:8 in this Newbery Award book.
$ 6.95

Starting Chess

Make This Model Medieval Castle
$ 9.95

Exploring Creation with General Science $74.00

Exploring Creation with General Science Daily Lesson Plans written by My Father's World $15

Exploring Creation with General Science Multimedia Companion CD $11.95

Saxon Math 8/7 3rd Edition Complete Package $134.50

Saxon Math 8/7 Homeschool Kit with Solutions Manual $84.50

Saxon Math 8/7 MFW Daily Lesson Plans $15.00

Saxon Math 8/7 DIVE CD $50

Primary Language Lessons (for Grades 2-3) $ 14.95

MFW 1st Grade Student Materials $50.00

Writing Strands Level 3 $ 20.00

Thanks for looking!

** RED means I found one. °Ü°

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

~ Hi Friend ~

Waving Wildly from the Woolly Woods
(I'm beginning to realize more and more that I'm really a hick!)

I'm so glad God blessed me with you as a friend!

I put this up as my wallpaper. Like it?
(On my laptop -- not in the living room... although... hmmm...)

::off I run back to finish my month of non-blogging::

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've been Tagged.... no not lazer tagged

No lazer tag with Chautona -- because she may like science fiction -- but as she says, " I am learning to appreciate some Science Fiction. Still don’t like odd looking aliens or cartoonish plots." So this is just a normal tag.

Here are the rules:

1. Link your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here we go...
  1. I don't like playing tag. Real or otherwise.
  2. We are about to spend almost every night of the week in town. Little league starts in April. I've got 3 little leaguers. All but Saturdays are filled, I believe, due to church or baseball or softball. I'll cherish my Saturdays in April.
  3. I fooled my dh this morning. I made a sign that stated, "Baby #6 - due December 25, 2008". It was early in the morning. He said, "What? (long pause) How did THAT happen?" LOL He wasn't fooled long, because I couldn't NOT laugh.
  4. We have mud ball marks on our sliding glass doors, which have no deck underneath them, so how will I clean that? (OK ladder obvious choice... but I don't want to). We'll see how long they stay up there. See #5.
  5. I'm so incredibly lazy that it's embarrassing at times.
  6. I home school my children so I can read all their books. I love reading. I even forced them to do Ambleside On-line one year. I LOVED it. They hated it. We are doing My Father's World now. Compromise. LOL (You know that's NOT the reason I home school... but it sure is a great perk!)
  7. I will only drink coffee with flavored creamer. Has to have LOTS of flavored creamer in it. I love it so much I count the calories and drink it instead of eating food while dieting. Milo is following in my foot steps, and he sneaks the creamer and drinks it right out of the bottle. I used to do that, when I was but a child, with the sweetened condensed milk. Remember that mom?
  8. I'm going to not blog for the next 30 days. Dan has shut off the TV. We are going to have electronic free entertainment in April.
Katie, Sharon, Kelly, Jenn, Barbara, Rachel, and Tiffany TAG YOUR IT!!

Bye... I'll come back in a few weeks and read your replies. I can hardly wait!!