Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Home School E-Store

I have listed links to the HomeSchool e-Store a few times... with out realizing something. I can get credit for referring you there. SO -- if you want to check out the Homeschool e-store... now is a good time to do so -- by clicking on the link on my side bar panel thingy. (I'm so blogger savvy). LOL

There will always be the "free thing of the week" listed there... but if you are there browsing and you went there through my link -- I'll get some credit. Woo Hoo!! Love free credit.

And it really is a neat store!! I've gotten a few good deals through them. LOVE IT!!

Click Away

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yea Another Giveaway

Can you top this one??

Over at Ashwin’s blog, you will find one crazy blog owner!! You can win $2500!! To enter just copy this text and paste it in your blog!! But hurry, this competition will not last long! So get posting!

One catch - ya gotta have paypal.

Good grief... $2500. American's are crazy to just blow that much to get more readers... crazy!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

And the Winner IS...

There were 92 comments left on my give-away post. So 1 out of 92 puts the odd at .01% chance of winning. That's better than 1 out of a million!

With No Further AdoJANNE you are the WINNER!

Thanks so much for playing everyone.

It sure was fun while it lasted.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

How Walkable is Your house?

I just saw this today. It is a tool that will tell you your walk score. What is Walk Score? Walk Score helps people find walkable places to live. Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc.

Apparently it's good to walk places. You know -- good exercise, less green house stuff...

Any Hoo... guess what my score was.

No really -- guess.

OK -- 0 out of 100. LOL!!!

See -- I TOLD you I lived in the boonies. Actually -- they are missing the church and cemetery that is just 3/4 mile up the road. I could walk to a funeral, I guess. It's called the Olive Chapel. When I first moved here I was talking to the Pastor's Wife. I didn't realize that was where her husband preached. I exclaimed, "Oh -- you go to the Olive Garden Chapel?" No -- (shaking her head at me)... that's a RESTAURANT!!! Olive Garden... *sigh*... I'm hopeless.

The closest thing to me they have listed is Columbia Store and Tire. Guess what they sell. FOOD. HA haa! No really -- it's a restaurant, and they also fix tires. Oh my word... I'm making MYSELF laugh. It's 3.44 miles away. There is also a HARDWARE store in that town... people drive to it from miles around. It's not very "green"... not too many people can walk to it - but the farmers know it all around here. Now I can tell people I live 3.5 miles from McCorkles...due east... and they'll know right where I live. Now -- you stalkers... you just never mind that information, ya hear? (Don't worry Mom... if they are not a local farmer... they'll never find me.)

So -- click here to see how walkable your house is. Tell us your score in a comment! How Walkable is Your House?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My goodness... another giveaway

This one could be fantastic.

5 Minutes for Mom is having a give away for $300 of Free Dairy Products from Horizon Organic!

Hurry!! Hurry!! Because All entries must be in by Thursday, July 26th at 12am Eastern.

Monday, July 23, 2007

T-Shirt Dresses Part 2

Deanne asked me for directions on how I made the t-shirt dresses that I made for Dani.

Well -- I was going to ask her if she could read my mind... but I didn't want her to get lost in there. HA HA!! Who knows what she would find. I didn't use a pattern. I'm sure I did the first time I made some -- or maybe not, because the first ones I made weren't near as good as these are. Not that these are any good -- but the first ones were horrible. HA HA!! They ended up being play dresses. Sandbox dresses. Rags, maybe.

BUT -- I remembered reading about how to make a t-shirt dress somewhere... I couldn't find it. I did know that Dana was a great seamstress and she gives very good instructions. I went to her site and look what I found. Instructions on gathering -- and pretty close instructions on how to make a t-shirt dress. She made her top part. But you could follow her instructions using a store bought top, like I did.

I bought the t-shirts at Wal-Mart, then cut them off about 2" below the armpit, straight across. Then I sewed the gathered material to the bottom, where I'd just cut. THEN I had Dani try the dress on to see how long or short I should hem them. I just folded it under and sewed a hem with the machine. Nothing fancy!!

Does that help? I hope so. Happy Sewing!

NOTEBOOKING??? What in the Wide World??

I first heard of notebooking probably last year. I thought -- oh well... that sounds neat.

This year -- I'm diving in.

I mentioned it earlier -- because I almost stumbled over the cost of 1 notebook at $4.75/each. BUT -- I was at Wal-Mart this week-end and they sell 1" Notebooks for $1.00. That's affordable. I can get 6 notebooks for each kid at that price. 6 notebooks X 3 kiddos = $18. Doable.

What is it you ask? It's a way to do school that's NOT purely anything. You can do Charlotte Mason this way -- you can do "un-school" this way. You can definitely do the CLASSIC method this way. In fact -- I'm reading The Well Trained Mind right now, and they tell you to get notebooks and how to label them. That is a great book to read, if you are just starting out homeschooling -- or don't have a clue, but would like to get one.

There are a million and one web-sites out there.. and a few of them mention NOTEBOOKING. I'll share a few that I have bookmarked.

Well -- this page, The Well Trained Mind, is a good place to start. I don't see a lot about actual NOTEBOOKING here, but this is a very meaty web-site... so it's in there somewhere. Actually -- I recommend checking their book out from the library and sitting down with a notebook and pen and taking notes... copious notes. Then -- check out a few of these web-sites.

Ignite The Fire! Go to this page to get EXCITED about Notebooking!! They make you feel like YOU CAN do notebooking!

Notebooking pages is where I first realized you could get a ton of "pre-made" notebooking pages for FREE! Wow! Free?? Really?? Yep.

Then I found a link from her site that taught about home schooling with 3x5 cards... but I've already blogged about that some. Well -- she calls it home schooling with index cards.

The Homeschool E-Store has a HUGE amount of Notebooking stuff. Sometimes they'll give away a Notebooking packet as a freebie. I am on their mailing list -- so I see their freebies each week. Some times they are doozies!! I've bought some blank CD's so I can down load these huge things and save them somewhere other than my hard drive. That $10 can save you a ton of $$ in the long run. I've got several hundred dollars worth of "freebies" on CD. Saving them for a rainy day. This is also the place to find notebooking Unit Studies -- if you are into those.

This Site makes great claims about notebooking... such as it's the BEST way to have great retention. I do know that the things I have taught are usually the things I retain the longest or the best. Notebooking could be a form of teaching. They have to write down, or note some how what they have learned from their reading, or hands on projects. Your pupils aren't just reading -- they are reading and then narrating in their notebook. Or they are making notes of science projects. What they right down should be accurate, of course, and should be enough to teach someone else what they have learned.

This site here has a page on using Unit Studies and notebooking.

I've got friends whose children notebook, and that really makes for great projects for the project fair in the spring.

I can't imagine a grandparent who wouldn't LOVE to sit down with a grand kid and go through their Literature Notebook, or even a History notebook. Now art seems obviously a great notebooking subject. But I think I'm going to include our Nature Walks as a notebooking subject.

I like how this site gives different examples of notebooks. It doesn't necessarily HAVE to have 3 rings. LOL. That's just what I prefer.

This week -- the Notebooking Nook is giving away free notebooking "stuff" all about bees. Her link will take you to that Homeschool E-Store I mentioned earlier.

This cute little countrified site tells how to use it with MATH. That is something I don't do -- we are Saxon Math folks -- but Notebooking is even doable for Math... if you ask her.

Still not sure?? Homeschooling with Notebooks will tell you it's the way to go.

Home Hearts is maybe one of my favorites. It's sure pretty anyway. They talk about notebooking in their teaching toolbox. I stole this quote from their web-site...
"No other learning tool has more purity of approach than a blank notebook. Like the artist's canvas, it has the creative potential of becoming anything the author wishes to portray. Its natural form makes it adaptable to any task or learning situation. The content, rather than being dictated by a pre-set curriculum, is determined by the family, meeting their unique and individual needs." Marilyn Howshall, Wisdom's Way of Learning

So -- their mentioning a blank notebook reminds me of a great little book. Everyone who would consider notebooking as a way of doing school should read this book. Carry On Mr. Bowditch He may be the original notebooker. LOL I found it at our public library. Great read!! Very inspiring.

OK -- these last three links are some that can make notebooking just a bit more fun. I think that all of these I found through my e-mail loop that is a Notebooking Gold Mine! Notebooking Yahoo Group. I get something through here every day. Doesn't always pertain to what I need... but every now and then there are some goodies! Here is what they say in their e-mail loop description.
This group is for homeschoolers with an interest in notebooking. Whether you have been notebooking for years (and have binders in every room of your house!), or are just interested in starting, this is the place for you. Ask questions, share resources, pass along favorite tips and ideas, and of course, let us know what notebooks you are working on! We welcome long, detailed ideas or descriptions of notebooks you have done. Other homeschooling-related ideas and questions are fine as well.

Bare Books - neat find.
Hearts & Hands - grab a cup o'joe and browse!
Lapbooking -- a different form of notebooking... some kiddos love it -- I think it's over kill. ;) BUT -- if you google lapbooking... you'll find a million more links to browse through.

Have Fun! Let me know if you find any good stuff about notebooking that's not here. I'd love to see it!!

They have Big Elephants in Minnesota

See -- you didn't believe me -- did you?

Of course -- it's stuff and residing at Cabela's in Owatonna, MN. What a fun place that is. Sort of like a zoo -- only better -- it's smell free.

While we were there -- some man wanted his photo take with me.


Isn't he a hunk!?! I'm so glad I married him. He just gets better with age. He's so good he took me out for steak dinner at Timber Lodge Steakhouse when we were done shopping. Look what they had sitting in the waiting area -- who is going to tell a child, "No you may NOT eat an apple before dinner." They all grabbed one -- and ate it all -- unpeeled! I ate one too!

Thanks for the fun week-end Dan.

We left town for the week-end... Did you notice?

My dh wanted to buy a wood truck. Ever heard of one? Well -- it HAULS wood silly... it's not MADE of wood.

He got one. Don't ask me the particulars -- I only know it's turquoise and it gets called green. Extended cab. 4 wheel drive. So -- when we go out this fall and chop down trees.. OK -- we won't chop... we'll chain saw them down... OK "WE" won't chain shop them down... We we go out this fall and WATCH my DH cut down a tree with his chain saw... and cut it up into itty bitty pieces... the rest of us can scurry hither and thither and pile it up in the back of this wood hauling truck.

WHY?? We are going to burn those pieces to heat our house.

So -- we went to MN. That is, apparently, where all the 4x4, extended cab, wood hauling trucks are to be found. We looked at 5 of them... I should know. Do you like how I resisted the urge to type haulin' there? You're welcome.

Well on the way THERE -- we passed a site to behold.

Want a closer look? ME TOO -- I kept hollering SLOW DOWN... SPEED UP.... SLOW DOWN... PASS HIM... SLOW DOWN... SPEED UP. Apparently this man's wife was yelling SPEED UP... SLOW DOWN... at the same time.

The was a FAQ sheet glued to the window. But the dental man used too small of a font for us to read. So if he is reading my blog -- I suggest you bump it up a bit. It's too hard for us to read going down the interstate at 75 mph. oops... did I say 75? I meant 70.

He finally got tired of the Iowan who never leaves her house gawking at all his dental parafernalia -- so he whipped out HIS camera and took a photo of ME! He must think Iowans are WEIRD.

Although... I don't have a bumper sticker that says, "I'm not WEIRD, I'm gifted" on my window.

Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway

*** This post will remain at the top of my blog all week. To see the newest post, please scroll down. ***

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rocks in My Dryer blog is hosting a giveaway! Actually a TON of giveaways. Over 100 equals a ton doesn't it? I think I'll go find something to give away. °Ü°

Oh look -- I found something. It's pretty rustic. It would look neato in a log cabin some where. I was going to hang it in my "lodge theme" bedroom of mine. Now you can hang it where ever you want -- if you win. This is a cute snowflake that I really just bought for myself -- but since I want to be a part of the Dog Days of Summer Bloggy Giveaway ... I think I'll give it away.

So -- in order to participate in my giveaway you need to leave a comment. Long or Short -- it doesn't matter. Make sure when you comment, there is a valid e-mail address so I can get a hold of the WINNER! If you do comment -- will you tell me what part of the country you are from? I love to find out how close or far away people are who are reading my blog.

If you would like to participate in the over 100 other giveaways -- you can click on the cute dog at the top of the post. That will take you to the starting post. Comment away!

I will be limiting this giveaway to US Residents only. But I'll even throw in the shipping. So it's TOTALLY free. (Not free with purchase!) LOL Or Free after spending X amount. Free, Free, Free!

You know what? I think I'll throw in a free postcard from Cabella's too. Ü Wow -- giving IS better than receiving. What fun.

This giveaway will officially end at 12:00 a.m. on Friday morning. So I'll do a random drawing -- probably have one of the kiddos help me out with that... and the winner will be posted here that same day.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pitiful Pump

Well -- I said I would keep you updated on the pump. Well -- I have got a BLACK thumb, I tell you. Either that or CHILDREN. Or maybe PETS!

That's a Gerbera in the pot on the pump. It did have pretty yellow blooms -- while they lasted. Actually -- there aren't any holes in the bottom of the pot... so I think it gets TOO wet. See how the leaves are sort of yellowish. Now they just clash with the yellow pump.

Then the Echinacia down there... there used to be 2. I was going for that symetrical look. I started them from bare roots plants -- that I got from a catalog int he mail. So they won't be so great until next year... I'm hoping. Yeah -- I said plantS. One got weed eaten. Today I noticed it has re-appeared. Ever so small... but it's there... hardy thing. It got WHACKED -- but it's not dead. Whew... Now I'm going for lopsided. :/

Then those long strangley things in the back... I've seen the big black cat ZIP... zip right through those. He winds around them -- maybe they scratch his back or something. But once he lost his ZIP and plopped right down on them. He's got the run of the ENTIRE yard and he plops down on my plants. What's his problem?

And the Sweet William. Do you see any? I don't... I thought maybe since I planted them from seeds -- I don't recognize them. But I'm pretty sure they didn't come up at all. Some seeds.

What ever is to blame... the plants by the pump look worse today then they do in the photo. **sigh** Maybe I'll take up beautifying the place when I'm 50. We'll see.
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Update on the Orphans

Remember our new arrivals. We think an owl took their mother. She never returned...

BUT -- they are thriving.

Here they are. There are 4 of them. Three of them must be identical... well to adults anyway. I can never tell them apart -- but my kiddos say, "No -- that's Susan." Oh.. sorry... Come here Only. **rolls their eyes** "That's NOT Only mom... it's Pretty Lady." Well -- good grief... let's get some collars or something. (Like I'd remember which color went with which collar with which name... that's why I call them all kitty!)

Who knows which one is which -- but they are cute. I don't know... all of these photos could be of the same one.

Green eyes... how pretty... This looks huge in this photo -- but they are so small. Want to see how small? Look how small they are wet.

A wet kitty... scrawny huh!?! LOL -- I didn't do that. Someone else did. He just jumped up on the porch all wet -- so I snapped his picture. How do I know it's a he... he's the only one named TIGER. Pretty obvious. ;) Oh man -- I hope this one doesn't get run over by a semi -- I think he's a keeper.

OK -- now this one has a brown patch above it's eye... but don't ask me which one it is. But isn't it cute??? Hanging off the stair like that - you'd think it was posed. No it wasn't... I've not got time to pose kittens. I was just snapping away... I was not posing it!! Was NOT!

Enjoy! Kitties don't say kitties long... then they are cats -- which I don't like. Unless they are really, really good mousers!! Then they can stay. °Ü°

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T-Shirt Dresses

Wal-Mart has summer t-shirts on sale for $2. If they go much lower than this -- usually the selection is SHOT. So I snatched up 2 for Dani.

Then I marched over to the material section -- which is still in existance in our Wal-Mart - Praise the Lord. Then I snatched up 1/2 yard of coordinating material for each shirt.

Then I got some matching thread.

So -- I spent $2 on the shirt, $1 on the material, then $1 on the thread. That makes this a $4 dress. Hooray!! Ü Not too shabby... too bad she doesn't have any little sisters to hand these down to. I think the red white and blue one she can wear this winter with a shirt under it -- probably. With some bloomers... wouldn't THAT be cute!!

She LOVES them... she chooses to wear these over her t-shirts and shorts. Hooray!! She's such a girly girl. I love it!
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Those of You Who Notebook

I'm wondering where is the best (read cheapest) place to pick up 3 ring binders?

Last night I was surfing the inter-net and I found a package of 200 page protectors for $10.00. Is that a good deal? Can it be beat?

All of a sudden -- I'm getting claustrophobic. I WANT to do more notebooking... but at $7 a pop for a binder??? And some 'camps' want the kiddos to have 6 notebooks each... 6 x 3 = 18 then x 7 = $126. YIKES!!! Of course the Kindergartener doesn't need that many... if any... 6 x 2 = 12... x 7 = $84.

**runs away sobbing**

OK -- I need to start small apparently... 1 notebook at a time... Just where??

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Couch to 5K

I've started the Couch to 5K program, which can be found at the Cool Runnings Web-site.

If the Cool Runnings site overwhelms you -- let me tell you that it is possible to start small!!

Today -- I completed Day 3 of Week 3. So I say... W3D3 done. WOO HOO!! I discovered this from some on-line friends. They are waaaay ahead, but they are great encourager's.

Today -- I ran 3 minutes. Bah you say... that's peanuts. Well -- let me see YOU try it. HA HA!! You end up working out about 25-30 minutes total... but you only run/jog for 3 minutes at the most at a time. SO FAR... I started OUT running just 90 seconds... or maybe even 60 seconds... now I can't remember. But it was very small... so 3 minutes see LONG to me. It strengthened my prayer life. HA HA!! (You think I'm kidding!)

It's a 9 week program that can take you from sitting on your bum on the couch to running a 5K. I've got my sites set on running one in October. I know that's more than 9 weeks away - but I'm giving myself a cushion. Ü Plus it's cooler in October. LOL

What do you do for cardio exercise?

My Father's World

I joined a BLOG ROLL for My Father's World. I love sharing so much -- this will be NEAT.

If you are a MFW user -- or think you may want to be a MFW user -- you should go here to see all these blogs. Soon I'll have a link you can click on to see all the MFW bloggers in one place.


Sharing - it's a good thing.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I LUV Paper Back Swap

Today I ordered Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. Woo Hoo!!

I got an e-mail from PBS and it said, "this book has just been posted". Well -- I scurried on over there and requested it.

Oh -- now I'll be watching my mail box for the next 2 weeks. Media Mail can be so slow sometimes...

Did you know with the new postage rates - sometimes first class mail can be less expensive than media mail rate? I weigh everything now! Never assume.

So -- who has read this book? It's been on my wish list for a long time. Hooray! It's like Christmas.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


We've got a new pet. It's a Stag Beetle.

I was recruited by my dh tonight to help mow. As I was mowing a bank with the push mower (and counting the minutes as exercise), I saw a huge BUG fly out of the mower. WOW!!

It was intact and started walking away.

I took a look at it -- all the while getting ready to sprint away from it if it were a jumping lunging sort of bug. It was just wandering around in the grass. So I found a short stick and stuck it in between it's pincher's. It took the bait -- PINCH -- it was stuck to the stick. I hollered for my kiddos to come see the beetle. COOL!!

Ya want to know the really cool part? It just so happens that I got a book from the library today called Creepy Beetles. I call it providence. I hate bugs -- gross -- I normally don't check out snake or bug or yucky books from the library. But I did... well -- that came in handy today. The boys started looking in the book and found our beetle's twin - right there on page 7. It's a STAG BEETLE. NEATO!

So -- we put him in a jar -- put the stick and leaves in there and I finished mowing.

When I came in -- after shutting off the timer -- I hopped on the inter-net. I huffed and puffed 35 minutes b.t.w. We look up STAG BEETLE... because what in the wide world would we feed our new pet? I was praying it wouldn't be expensive.

Know what? This is maybe my favorite kind of pet. Full grown Stag Beetles eat NOTHING! Ü Hooray!! They have enough fat stored to last them a long, long time. Apparently they don't burn much. Sometimes they eat sweet sap of trees -- so they can be found to eat fruit in captivity. So we stuck a frozen raspberry in the jar just in case. We wouldn't want to be inhospitable. Happy drinking Mr. Beetle.

In the photo there are 2 beetles. The female is on the left -- she has smaller mandibles. We have a male at our house. That site I linked to has all sort of interesting information about Stag beetles. We probably saved this one from a Magpie. Tori knew what a magpie was from reading an American Girl book. LOL Now I know... it's a bird.

We've actually seen a Stag Beetle grub in the garden while tilling. I was always grossed out -- of course... but now that I'm a little more educated... I might just take a closer look next time... maybe.

You know -- there are people out there who REALLY LOVE bugs... Take a look at this sight.

Well -- if you are one of them... I hope you enjoyed the show. If not -- I hope I didn't give you nightmares. LOL!!

It's library day today...

... I really like library day.

Do you put books on hold through the inter-net. I do. How convenient!!! I've got some great ones coming home today.

But I'm taking some good ones back too...

Have you read Keeper of the Bees? I think I mentioned that book already.

How about The Witch of Blackbird Pond? That was a good one! I need to add these to my list of books I've read. It's going way past 12 -- isn't it. I wonder what I was thinking when I set my goal so low. I was probably thinking of trying to find reading time with an infant in the house... needing sleep -- falling asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Reading with a 2yo in the house is a bit different. I have a tad bit more free time -- not much... just a tad.

So -- I went through the list on Ambleside Online for the pre 7th graders. Ü I hope to be a little bit smarter in 2 weeks. We'll see.

Friday, July 6, 2007

My Jane Austin Husband

You scored as Edward Ferrars, Your husband is like Edward Ferrars of Sense & Sensibility. He is quietly impulsive, with an understated hint of romance. But once you get to know him, he's very affectionate, caring, and faithful. The two of you enjoy a calm, joyful life.

Edward Ferrars






Edmund Bertram




Captain Wentworth


Col. Brandon


Who is Your Jane Austen Boyfriend/Husband?
created with QuizFarm.com

Some of the text is missing.. it says:

Your husband is like Edward Ferrars of Sense & Sensibility. He is quietly impulsive, with an understated hint of romance. But once you get to know him, he's very affectionate, caring, and faithful. The two of you enjoy a calm, joyful life.

I'll have to show this to Dan -- wonder what he will think. LOL

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

11 Oreos

Now - here is a neat blog.

My friend mamabeck motioned me thataway.

This post she is reviewing the book made famous by Oprah, Women First, Family Always. Interesting review -- this lady sounds like she's got her head screwed on right and tight!! I think I'll add her blog to my book of blogs. ;)

Speaking of which, there are so many blogs on my Google blog page now -- I can't read every one's, every day. I may need to do some weeding. If you don't blog once a month -- you might get culled... :/

FREE Diapers

My word -- I stumbled across that frugal something at Bibilcal WomanHood - this time I really did stumble. Who knew???

Anyway -- I followed some links. Got totally lost -- but ended up here. So who knows who gets the credit... but HEY -- you reap the rewards -- Free Diapers. How cool is that?

I know some readers are still using these things... Becky, Sharton, ME! HA!

Love to Share... Share the Love.

GIVE AWAY - Ballantyle Christian Adventure

Oh -- have I stumbled across something great. Actually -- it was set right in my path by a good friend -- so if I didn't stumble -- there must be something wrong. Ü


If you will click on this link -- you will shoot off through cyber space to a web-site called Biblical Womanhood. She is giving away a set of Ballantyle Christian Adventure books via Vision Forum. Oh me, oh my!!

Are any of you doing the happy happy joy joy dance? °Ü°

Well -- if you enter -- I wish you luck, if you blog about it -- will you let me know? I'd love to read your blog!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Poison Ivy Update

I am still scratching -- but not as bad.

Monday I went out into the timber to make a path through the poison ivy -- so that the kiddos and I could walk out and about there WITH OUT getting the itchy scratchies. Well -- I knew that if I were going to be cutting and trampling it down -- I would get that horrendous oil on my skin. So afterward I bathed. Nice warm, soapy shower!! Opened up every single one of my pores and let that poison ivy soak right in. Bummer.

Later I learned that one covered in poison ivy oil should take a cool shower -- keep those pores closed. Well -- now ya tell me.

Sunday - 7 days later, I noticed a poison ivy rash splotch on my left wrist. SMALL... smaller than a nickel.

Did you know you should NOT sweat -- after you've given the poison ivy free reign in your blood stream? If you do -- you get poison ivy every where. The first thing I noticed was after my 1 mile run, the rash spread down my arm. How odd... how could I have done that. I thought perhaps I spread it around during my shower again.

Then I gardened in 90° weather and the rash spread around my trunk. Well now -- this is ridiculous. I began thinking that I didn't have the poison ivy under control.. perhaps I should seek some counsel. I went to the Dr. on Thursday. That was almost 1.5 weeks after I entered the timber...

So now -- it's 2 weeks after I've been in the timber... and now the rash went down my legs some.

Prednisone is supposed to stop the itching. I'm praying it works soon. HA HA! It is -- it's not as bad as it was. But boy --

I hope this mess doesn't leave a mark.

Do I look like a 2nd and 3rd grade Teacher to You?

Well -- get used to it! LOL

Dan and I are going to start dishing out our Sunday School wisdom on July 8th. Woo Hoo... don't you wish you were in 2nd or 3rd grade?

My soon to be 2nd grader is so excited. At this age -- it's cool to have your parents as teachers. LUCKY!! Ha ha... funny what a few years difference will make.

So - I'm waving my big red PRAYER REQUEST flag around... just in case you aren't hearing me ask for prayer!! I LOVE this type of thing... pray I don't go over board and neglect other things.

Which reminds me -- I've got laundry to fold.