Monday, June 30, 2008

What can you do with YOUR phone?

Funny video from google.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


These prices to NOT include shipping. Please e-mail me your zip code, and I will figure shipping for you.

I accept paypal and precious metals.

The books are from an indoor pet free and non-smoking home. We don't smoke either, and our pets live outside.

Thank you for looking. I hope you find something you need.

SOLD Writing Strands
Level 3
ISBN 1-888344-10-5
used, very good condition

SOLD The Story of the World 2
paper back
like new

SOLD George Washington's WORLD, Foster
vintage, hard cover

The Bronze Bow, Speare
paperback, used

The Bronze Bow, Speare
like new

SOLD Augustus Caesar's WORLD, Foster
vintage, hard cover

Saxon Math Home School 6/5
all three books
used, corners taped with clear tape to prevent wear, not written in

SOLD Easy Grammar: grades 3 and 4, Phillips (Yellow in color)
used, corners taped with clear tape to prevent wear, not written in

SOLD Easy Grammar: grader 4 and 5, Phillips (silver in color)
used, corners taped with clear tape to prevent wear, not written in

SOLD Prima Latina Set, Leigh Lowe
Teacher Text, Student Text (2nd Edition), Audio CD (pronunciation guide, songs, & prayers)
used, not written in

Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum MATHEMATICS M105 (1st grade)
First and Second Semester
Studyguide (workbook), Studyguide answers, Weekly Quiz, Weekly Quiz answers

Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum MATHEMATICS M110 (2nd grade)
Studyguide (workbook), Studyguide answers, Weekly Quiz, Weekly Quiz answers

Landmark Freedom Baptist Curriculum MATHEMATICS M115 (3rd grade)
Studyguide (workbook), Studyguide answers, Weekly Quiz, Weekly Quiz answers

Fat Flush Plan, Ann Louise Gittleman
Hardcover, like new

The Heroes, Charles Kingsley
softcover, like new

Reading for Christian Schools
hard cover text book

Reading for Christian Schools
hard cover text book

Reading for Christian Schools
hard cover text book

Christian Liberty Nature Reader - book 5
softcover, like new

SOLD Age of Fable or Beauties of Mythology, Thomas Bulfinch and J. Loughran Scott
softcover, like new

SOLD HOOKED ON SPELLING First Grade Super Workbook
used, pages 1-15 written on, out of 320 pages. still very usable
progress posters and stickers inside

If you need photos of these books - are you too needy. Oh, I'm just kidding. I'd love to take photos of the books. Just haven't gotten around to it yet. I love taking photos -- have I ever told you that? I do... really... any reason to get the ol'camera in my hands is a good reason for me.


Young Me - Now Me

HA! This is a funny site.

Color Wars 2008 -- YOUNGME:NOWME

Photos from when people are young -- then recreated them as they are old. Very funny sometimes... They often go to great lengths to have the same style or color clothing on.

Have you ever done anything like this before? I never would have thought of it -- some people have all kinds of time on their hands.

funny, funny, funny...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Me in 35 Years

Isn't she beautiful?

I only pray I age as gracefully as she has.

She is such a pleasure to be around. My children love her. She loves them back. She appreciates my dear husband. She affirms me every time we are together.

I love you Mom!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gone Fishing

We all piled into the truck -- fishing gear stowed. Beautiful weather abounded. A day of vacation needing to be burned.

We Lake Miami -- too bad it's NOT in Florida. This one is in Southern Iowa. Someone was doing some wishful thinking when this "lake" was named. I kept calling it a pond. LOL So - we all piled out. Got our hooks baited. And cast and cast and cast.

and waited.

and waited. Some more patiently then others. Who needs a hook.... Wayne can be entertained with rocks and sticks. I've said it before... I'll say it again... rock and sticks until they are six. Ü He didn't catch many fish with that stick -- but it was fun trying.

Most of us had fun -- unless their hat flew off and landed in the water -- and they had to fish it out with a wormy hook. Ewww...
But Nice Save Dan.

Milo is in awe of his father's hat saving skills.

Tori likes to fish. I'm so glad. She's fun to be around when she is enjoying herself. She caught one -- big enough to be bait.

Last but not least -- my little princess... she "caught" one. I did the reeling in... and the holding... and the looking... and the unhooking... and well -- most of it actually -- but she was standing very close to me when the fish was hooked. The pole STARTED OUT in her hands. LOL Would she hold it up for me so I could photograph it? No.. not on your life.

But she had fun... yes... of course... with the rocks and sticks.

I look forward to a summer full of fishing.

What is your favorite fish story to tell?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Barn

After seeing all those beautiful barns in Northern Iowa -- I've started to see a few in our neck of the woods. Take a look at this find. Isn't she a beauty? Lovely. Old. Magnificent. Almost regal.

Thanks once again to my dear husband... he was so accommodating as I photograph from the truck. Back up -- oh wait... too far... just a smidgen. Forward... STOP. There... now... can you go back? LOL

I often see houses that look like barns -- I thought they looked rather... cheap... but if the outside looked like this -- I might not mind living in one of these. I'd better not tell my dear husband... he might get some ideas. I'll not live BARN while he's remodeling it... (please Lord no...)

Monday, June 23, 2008

God's Promise

Saturday evening we has a small rain shower -- after a bit we discovered a double rainbow. Isn't it beautiful? I'm not sure I've seen a double rainbow in real life.

My brother-in-law Randy and his wife Karol were on their way to our house -- they called and alerted us of it. They were driving along and could see the ENTIRE bow... from end to end. I'm not sure I've seen a rainbow with all the colors so distinct.

Isn't God's creation awesome?

p.s. My friend Bekah lives in town -- and she got a photo of the WHOLE THING and posted it at her blog The Beginning Farmer's Wife. It's beautiful!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Season's Over

This was our first year for little league.

What fun we had.

Mansel was on a rookie league - the Marlins. We didn't understand that the teams were named after professional teams. So Mansel brought home this hat with an F on it -- we thought -- Oh... Fish? A Marlin is a fish right? LOL Yeah -- we figured it out -- FLORIDA... Florida Marlins.
Mansel sure loves baseball. He'll be going out again next spring, the Lord willing. He can't wait to be in the Minor league -- they keep score and you can get out. The REAL thing.

Tori started out on the Diamondbacks. That's a snake... we never did figure out where her team was from. I'm sure if I googled it -- I'd learn. But it wasn't that important to us. She practiced for 1 month then played for several weeks with this team. She was put on a rookie team as well. But -- since she is 12 -- she finally figured out this softball stuff... she really started to play at HER level... not the 7 and 8 year old level. So -- they moved her up to the MAJORS. Totally skipping the minors. She ended up doing really well. Her final game she had 3 runs batted in (RBI - right?). I really enjoyed watching her learn this game and excel at it. She won't be playing little league next year because she turns 13 in a few weeks... and that's the limit. You can be 13 if your birthday is after December. She will be 13 BEFORE December... so this is it. I'm so glad we got her in! I think in the long run she will to.

And finally Milo. He played t-ball for the river dogs. So -- who can tell me where the River Dogs are from. LOL

He LOVED practicing and playing baseball. We were so glad when his season was over. Whew... t-ball is boring... if you aren't playing it. Ü We also decided that he will be our last t-ball player. We'll wait until they are old enough for the minor league.

Finished. All did really well. Tori exceptionally so -- Her league has a tournament. She was fornutnate enough to get placed on a good team. The Angels were the league champions. What fun to watch. It's always fun when you are winning. Ü

I learned a lot.

Now we'll stay home. We were going to town a lot -- now we'll stay at home and relax. For a little while.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I'm in another weight loss contest with friends on-line... and a few friends from town. Ü I'm surrounding myself with people who want to be fit! It's exciting.

Well - today on the message board someone linked us to these exercises. Calisthenics. That word sounds old fashioned... doesn't it?

It IS old fashioned... no equipment needed. Seems now a days if you don't have a ball, or a hand weight, or a band you are just out of the loop.

The discussion was that this Crossfit "stuff" is working -- so much so that our military seems to be adopting is at their own. That's what this review say too.

So... I may make me a DVD of these and take them up stairs and do them in the privacy of my own room. I like my kids... but hearing them laugh while I'm exercising is a bit discouraging.

Have you heard of Crossfit? Do you do Crossfit? Let's talk.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

2008 Flooding

My friend Susan was kind enough to post photos of the Des Moines flooding. Fascinating!

So -- I guess she won't be coming down to visit because of flooding -- I'll have to think of some other reason to get her down here. LOL Ü

Praise the Lord.

Now -- our friends in Cedar Rapids... that is a different story. Such a mess. My folks are headed over there today. Dad is scheduled to say a little bit for the church's Sunday service sometime. We'll miss it. But hopefully they can get down this way before they head back to CO.

Friday, June 13, 2008


... I WAS going to head over to Cedar Rapids tomorrow for a 50th Reunion, at the Oakland Church of the Nazarene.

Umm... I might be re-thinking my plans.

What would you do if you had a reunion to go to -- would you go? Tax their resources in their time of need? Would they WANT me to cancel? I'm thinking they CAN'T cancel due to out of town people coming.

A quandary... I'm in one. Better to be in a quandary, then a flood, I guess.

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Iowa Flooding

Yes -- I live in Iowa. Yes -- some counties in Iowa are experiencing flooding. Yes -- A creek does surround our property on 3 sides... BUT...

1. We live a long way from the Des Moines and the Cedar Rivers (which is where the flooding is happening, as far as I know)
2. We live up on top of a very steep hill.
3. Dan laughed at me when I asked- will our creek flood?
4. We've got a sump pump in our cave - which should minimize any flooding we would experience.
5. I serve a living Saviour.

So -- I'm not worried.

I am praying for folks who DO NOT have the benefits of #1-5, that I listed above.

I've got friends who helped a home school family move all of their belongings out of their house yesterday -- every last stick of furniture, stuff, food, toys, pictures, cloths... everything. They live below the Red Rock Dam. That's pretty close to the Des Moines River. OK -- it's holding BACK the Des Moines river... but not for long. They put all things they wouldn't need for the next 3 months in a trailer. Neighbors told them that in the 100 Year Flood of 1993 their houses in that neighborhood got up to 3-4 feet of water, and it took 3 months to dry out. So - they are preparing.

I am hearing that folks along the Des Moines river are more prepared then they were in 1993. New levies. Experience is on their side.

I've heard on the radio that 650 Iowa National Guard Soldiers have been activated to help with sandbagging and transportation. I was activated in 1993. I ended up pouring milk for soldiers breakfast. Too many soldiers activated that year, I think. I asked if I could go home eventually. I wanted to go back to my normal job. I thought they could pour their own milk. I'm sure there were some soldiers whose mothers were still pouring their milk for them at home, but if they could drive a deuce and a half through 6 feet of water, then they could pour their own milk onto their cereal for crying out loud. And don't cry over spilt milk either.

But that helps me know how to pray for the Soldiers. Lord -- help them as they pour their milk over their cereal and drive through 6 feet of water, if they have to.

I'm praying for our government leaders. Governor Culver had to travel around Iowa a lot yesterday. Viewing the water up close. He has to divy up the funds to people who want them. Some folks in a City Hall were packing up all their papers and records yesterday. Praying for traveling mercies.

A church in Des Moines lives on the dry side of the levey. BUT -- the ground is so saturated with water that their parking lot is collapsing -- even on the "dry" side. I'm praying the levies hold. Thinking of New Orleans there... their levies didn't hold.

Then I'm praying for my folks too. Cedar Rapids Oakland is having a 50th Anniversary this weekend. Cedar Rapids is along the Cedar River. (That's for the people -- like me -- who do better if you just spell things out for them). Well -- they may experience some detours... small bridges may be flooded out. While they were in Iowa they were also going to go to a High School Reunion, in Des Moines... down by the river... but they aren't driving a van. OK -- old SNL joke there...

I invited my friend Susan to crash here with her 6.5 kids and dear husband if they need to. In 1993 folks didn't have drinking water for a while where she lives. If THAT happens... she can surely come here!! I've already given her my phone numbers. Selfishly... wouldn't that be FUN!!! OK -- I'm sorry Susan... I'm not praying that way... you know... just thinking wishfully!

Now you can say you know someone who knows something. I don't know much -- but you don't have to include that tiny detail!

Oh and... it's raining here again...

Monday, June 9, 2008


I bet you thought I wouldn't put this on here? Didn't you? Well -- you were wrong! °Ü° :giggle:
I know... paybacks are gonna be bad...
Today is our first day of Vacation Bible School. Pray for me -- or I'll end up looking like Ned here. I'm leading the singing. Lord help us all!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

More 2008 Attica Tornado

If you click on the photo it will enlarge for more detail.

It didn't register in my mind right away that those wheels are not supposed to be on TOP of the building. So this house was flipped right over.

I'd say a total loss.

But it wasn't only trailers that were destroyed. I'd say this was a relatively newer stick home. At least it had been remodeled recently. That's a nice front door. HUGE tree in the front yard gone. They had already gotten in and started the clean up job.

This was Tori's most distressing detail. She wondered out loud several times what that horse must have been thinking. What was that horse feeling Friday morning. A lot of the barn roof is missing. Tori loves horses...

It appears people are coming out of the wood work to help in Attica I pray these folks will be helped as they grieve their losses. Some folks have a large amount of loss. I pray they will be able to see God in the midst of all of this. Draw night unto Him.
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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Woo Hoo

It's that time of year.

What time, you say??

I'll let you guess.

Our pool isn't nearly as fantastic as that -- but we sure do have a TON of FUN! I think my kiddos are more brave then Mr. Bean. But I'm not. LOL


More 2008 Attica Tornado

If you click on these photos they will enlarge and you can see more deatil.

To the left you can see a "Morton" type building that is a garage. It has a little denting damage on the roof. Just a smidgen. To the right of the garage -- there used to be a house. A mobile home. You can see it's foundation.

Where is the house?

Here -- in the neighbor's pond -- upside down. We've heard through the grapevine that the inhabitants of that home also ended up in the pond that morning, but are still alive to talk about it today. God's hand was upon them.

This photo was taken Sunday afternoon. Isn't the sky beautiful? I tell ya -- we've had some crazy weather this spring. Crazy is the only word I can think of to describe. C.r.A.z.Y.!!

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Tori and her Grandmas

Tori is 12 now... soon to be 13. I so rarely get to see her smile for the camera... you know what these photos tell me? She loves her grandmothers! She loves them so much she will even smile for me and my old camera!

Thanks ladies for teaching her about hard work, loving God, and being a beautiful young lady. I couldn't have raised her to be like she is with out your help!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

He's Got Gum

My kiddos so rarely get gum... that I'm going to blog about this so I have evidence that ONCE they DID TOO get to chew gum. LOL

Why do they make juicey fruit yellow now?
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wayne Turns 3

Wayne and his Grandma Leora. He was happy -- she brought treats. Gum... his favorite. I let him chew it all up that day -- we don't like gum stuck in our carpets... do we Wayne?

And chocloate stripedy cookies. Yum...

3 year old Wayne and his daddy!

Wayne and the crew. Some of his gifts he got for being another year older. I don't have any more babies... do I? Why does it take a photo on the blog to make me realize that? Awww...

Wayne and his Mum. He'll always be my baby... no matter how big he gets. I can still tackle him and kiss him!
Happy Birthday Buddy!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Now and Then

This is my husband Dan.

This is his dad Delano.

I think I just got a glimpse of my dear husband in 38 years.

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Monday, June 2, 2008


Some explanation by 'shoonya' which I think is pretty good:

Here you go: metronomes (or "pendula") when on table, oscillate with random phases, since that is how they started and they are "uncoupled" (no energy/information flows from one to other so they do not "know" each other.) When they are all together on the cans, notice that the cans themselves oscillate little, providing coupling/information crossover. which forces "synchronization" in periodic systems (discovered by Huygens in 17th century).