Friday, November 1, 2013


I have a tip.

My sisters and I recently did some candeling. That reminds me a bit of cow tipping - but it isn't quite the same.

We have done this candeling twice. Both time I really haven't had much evidence of wax. I do believe I am a wax producer. Some of my kids sure are. My tip?  I put a bit o'soap in my ear.  Just use my big fat fingers and rub it in a bit - then I turn my head to the side and let a hard stream of water shoot right into my ear canal. I even put my wooden clompen on I get it so far down the canal.

I think that is helping keep my ears free from wax build up.

When is the last time you candelled,  or cow tipped?

2013 Sister Visit

This year we are all gathering at my sister Genell's house.

Who is we all?  My mom, sisters and I. There are 5 of us girls.

I really love my sisters.  We laugh a lot together. Until we get tired of each other, then we don't. :)  So week-end visits are nice. Short and sweet.

We started this thing at Becky's house - back when she lived in Olathe, KS. Then next year we had a family reunion, so the folowing year was in Iowa at my house. It fell over the 4th of July. Hot! Then to Claudia's in TX.  Right after she bought a new house.  That was so fun to see where she lived.

That brings us to now.  October 2013. Tucson, AZ. A place I have never been, I'm pretty sure. She has a lovey house. I get to sleep in Tyler's room. A room to myself. Ahhhhh. . .  Bliss.

SATURDAY, 2013 Colorado Trip - Home!!

We made it. 

Oh it is nice to be home.  Some what.  When I found out my husband turned the t.v. on. . .  That was a little depressing.  With only $40 a month left over after paying bills., I am not sure how he is going to afford a $68 t.v. bill each month.  I said, "no way!"  He asked me if I had prayed about that.  LOL. Math is math, whether you pray about it or not. 

Anyway - the kids love Iowa - no matter what people say about it while we were in Colorado.  Wayne kissed the ground after we crossed the state line.  Funny!! 

I really really had a great time buying that E85 fuel.  Getting it as low as $2.49/gallon sometimes.  Yeah!!!  I love a good deal. 

It was so refreshing to get away.  So refreshing.  I am so blessed to have a family that loves me and is willing to help me stay sane.  Ha!  :)  Much needed respite was had by all.  Praise God.