Saturday, January 26, 2008

Baby Bottle Math

In Des Moines there is a Crisis Pregnancy Center that our church supports, the Alpha Women's Center. Every year they pass out Baby Bottles, at the churches who support them, that can be filled with $$. All sorts of money. We save our coins all year and put coins in the baby bottles. I've seen them returned with 1 single check in them. I bet they appreciate those bottles.

This year -- it was Milo's job to fill the bottle. But first -- we had to count the money. Why? Because -- he's in Kindergarten, and that's hands on math, if you ask me.

So -- he counted to 10 and put the money in piles.

Then of course filled the bottle.

But not before I'd shown him how to cheat and add it up with a calculator. LOL
Looks like we needed another bottle. I think I'll run that by the bank, have them change it into bills, and we'll stuff the bills into the top of the bottle.
This being Sanctity of Life week -- it seems like an opportune time for them to pass out baby bottles. REMEMBER!!! I just want to do all I can do to pass the word for us all to REMEMBER the babies!!

This page of their web-site shows the truth about Adoption vs. Abortion. What it says is very true. There are some similarities between adoption and abortion. But there are some very TRUE and REAL differences. The difference between life and death. And if you think it's something you can take lightly and just shrug away... think again.

But here I am -- probably preaching to the choir... my one or two readers a day would NEVER dream they'd be in the position to even have to make such a choice. So what is our job?

Well -- I'd start by saying... Fall on your face before God and beg for forgiveness for even allowing such a choice in our country. Then get up on your feet and do something. Even a little thing such as giving your spare change to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center... Make it a math project if you have to.

Oh God Forgive Us!
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