Friday, January 4, 2008

A Caucusing We will Go

I went to my first ever caucus. I wasn't sure what to expect.

I was told by a real live political caller that I should be to my caucus site by 6:30 because they lock the doors at 7:00. Well -- I pulled into the drive through line at McDonalds at 6:15. When I was still in line at 6:28, I started to get nervous. Oh my... I'll be locked out.

I experienced my first ever traffic jam in this little town that I frequent. Couldn't believe it. It really wasn't a jam, more like a jelly. Everyone was polite... but I had to wait through a light. ::gasp:: Couldn't believe it.There were a lot of folks out caucusing tonight. We ate on the way (which in a small town isn't very far), and some of the smaller ones who haven't yet perfected the art of inhaling food weren't done eating when we pulled into the parking lot.

I had to park 3 blocks away. I stuffed the McDonalds food into my purse and said, "Let's get going... I don't want to get locked out."

My caucus location was a church. I think the biggest church in town, but I may be wrong.

When we got in there was a line zig zagging around the foyer. I was praying I was in the right line. A lady with a blue folder came along asking people which precinct then were in. I'm in the Indiana Township. Don't ask me what that means... I just am. I was in the wrong line, I discovered my line was very short. Woo Hoo! I got to jump out of line and go to this table that had no one waiting. It was so short that people didn't realize it was a line and kept walking in front of me. They were registering people to vote while they were standing in line and waiting. I lost my pen because I'd offered it to a man standing in line, but when I hopped out of line, there went my pen. But that's OK with me...

After signing my initials, using their pen, I then took my 3 tagalongs with me and found the Indiana Township sign. (Dan and the big boys had wresting practice tonight). We were grouped together by precinct. I found some neighbors. This was a good thing for me actually -- because my Democrat neighbors are pretty vocal, and they put signs up in their yard. I always felt a little like I was wearing the wrong colors on voting day. I think I need to start putting yard signs up in MY yard... I'm not alone in my neighborhood... just thought I was.

So we meeted and greeted some folks. There were no chairs left, so we stood for a while. Then the man in charge said we could sit on the platform stairs if we wanted to. We did. He also said people could sit in the hallway on some chairs. People could listen but not see. I didn't see many people opt for that choice. People want to see! ;)

We said the pledge to the flag, then voted on a leader, then for a secretary. All with a yeah or a nay. Wayne wanted to get involved. So after we all voted YEAH for the leader, he said "Anyone want to vote no?" Wayne said, "YEAH!" oops...

Part of the Iowa Caucuses is convincing others to vote for your choice. There were men who stood up for Romney, Paul, Thompson, McCain and Huckabee.

This man spoke for Huckabee. He was not an official Huckabee spokesman, I think, but he did a fine job. At the beginning when there wasn't an "official" spokesman - some one made a wisecrack, which I couldn't hear... but he got a few laughs. I think this man is known in town - people responded well to what he had to say. He's a better man than I -- I didn't volunteer to stand up and talk.

I wish I could find the numbers by precinct, but I can't right now. This map at the Republican Party of IOWA shows the numbers by county.

Here is a Google Map that shows the detailed results of all of Iowa from the Jan 3rd caucuses. It is amazing to me how Obama won with a total of 4,688 and Huckabee won by a total of 39,814. WOW -- those republicans really got out the numbers last night. No wonder I had to stand.



















I'm very glad I went. I'm not sure if my kids are glad we went, but now Tori can't say at age 30'ish.. I've never been to a caucus.

THIS just in:

(I've got friends in high places here in Marion County). I got this e-mail from Lori about 4 hours ago.

For those in attendance tonight who weren't able to stay for the results:

Mike Huckabee-327

Mitt Romney-152

Fred Thompson-133

Ron Paul-97

John McCain-41

Rudolph Guiliani-4

Duncan Hunter-3

There were 757 votes cast from the 11 precincts gathering at Celebrate
Community Church. It is estimated that more than 800 people were in
(Thanks Lori!) °Ü°

p.s. Isn't that a neat picture of Dan and Kathy. HA -- I didn't even notice they were in it until I posted it. Remember -- you can view a larger image of the photo if you click on it - and hit your "go back one page" button to return to the blog.