Friday, January 11, 2008

Billy the Kid

Do you all get the History Channel?

I do.

I also get "This Week's Educational Programming Update" via e-mail, from the History Channel.

Sometimes there is information in the e-mail that I find useful.

Like this little tidbit.
Investigating History: Billy the Kid, Thursday, January 17thth at 5PM/4c

There also is a link so you can BUY the DVD instead of watching it on TV for free. Ummm... I think I'll turn my TV on for free. Here is the link so you can take a sneak peak at what is coming up next.

Oh... I bet I could stop what I'm doing and take a sit down and watch a bit of the history channel.

Let's see -- what do I know about Billy the Kid? Not much actually.

The History Channel e-mail writers say that...
Billy the Kid was the Old West's most infamous desperado, yet we actually know little about his short life--and more important--his death. Now, New Mexico has reopened the investigation into Billy the Kid's crimes and mysterious death in 1881. Did Sheriff Pat Garrett kill him or fake the death and allow his friend to escape? Throughout this one-hour episode, we talk to those involved in the investigation, including Governor Bill Richardson, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist N. Scott Momady, and historian Robert M. Utley to unravel the mystery. This program would be an excellent companion to course units on the American West.
Well -- what do ya know about that? I'll put that on my calendar -- and count it as school. ;) Remember watching TV during school? The teacher would turn the TV on and we'd all count down with the TV... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4... I wonder what that was... was it the History Channel or PBS, maybe? I don't know... but if the public schools can do it -- I can do it too. °Ü°