Saturday, January 12, 2008

Year of the Bath

I'm calling this the year of the Bath - because we were Deluged with Bathroom Stuff for Christmas. I'm NOT complaining!! Not at all!! I asked for and received some of the best towels that I've used in a LONG time. After Christmas -- I had fun making some rags out of my old towels. I didn't have to work to hard at that either, mind you. All I did was put the towel in a bag and write "rags" on the outside of it. ::sigh:: They were in BAD shape. So -- you can see my nice new washcloth from one sister and the corner of my new towel from another sister.

AND -- the TONS of Thomas the Tank Engine soapy smelly slickery stuff. Then the 2 boxes of stuff that are being put in the cupboard until the rest of the stuff gets used up. See the pink princess soap, oh and the red racey cars soap, oh, don't forget the yellow rubber ducky soap, and the purple pleasant soap.

Some people need to learn to keep a lock on their lips. My kids weren't as excited about the year of the bath when upon opening the 2nd or 3rd box of soap someone said, "I think they are trying to tell them they stink." Oh... yeah... my kid heard that... and he remembers. I think he has a mind like his mother's. I'm sorry kid! We discussed some people's sense of humor -- or lack of...

But they are right -- we'll come out smelling like roses in the end. ;)

AND -- dry off with some awesome towels to boot!
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