Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Our Favorite Great Nephew

I can say that -- because he's our ONLY great nephew. Dan's nephew - has a kid -- doesn't that make him our great nephew.. or 2nd nephew.. or something?

Anyway -- isn't he a doll? Look at that grin.

His grandma Karol says he is normally always cheerful. Did I say that right?
Cheerful he always is.
Normally cheerful always?
Oh man -- I just couldn't stop taking pictures of those cheerful eyes and cute smile.
Cheese - he would say.
I un-muted my camera and a dog would bark every time I would click.
That made him even more cheerful.

And those baby fingers. They are too precious...

He did get mad at me --
once --
when I made him quit talking to Uncle Dan on the phone.
That's boys a talker.
He takes after Great Grandpa Delano, I think.
Oh -- I'm just kidding!!
(But he does love talking on the phone!)
Apparently Dan wanted to talk to me - he was saying, "Jen... Jeeeen."
So I had to make him quit -- It was my turn.
My turn Trenton.

What a pleasure it was to have him around.
His grandma is right.
He is cheerful!
What a blessing!
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