Sunday, January 6, 2008

If you are going to buy from Vision Forum...

... I'd LOVE it if you clicked to them through my banner on the side of my blog, or the one in this post.

It's official... I'm now an affiliate. What does that mean, actually, you ask?

I have no idea. I'm just following along with the Bettendorfs -- what ever they do I want to do -- because I want to be just like Katie -- including her shoe size.

OK -- that's just a joke. I have no idea what shoe size she wears. Now her skirt size... I'm seen photos -- and I wouldn't mind wearing her skirt size.

ACTUALLY -- I did find out about this affiliation through the Bettendorfs. (They just had a baby b.t.w. Jodi - I didn't win the guessing... sigh... Oh well!!) If some one chooses to buy something from Vision Forum -- through my button on my blog -- I'll get a commission. Simple as that. So -- if no one else uses the button -- I probably will for Birthdays and Christmas. Instant discount. I like discounts. Almost as much as I like free. °Ü°

So -- happy shopping!