Sunday, January 27, 2008

Drink that Water

You know my most looked at post??

It's the Drink Water on Empty Stomach Therapy post. That is hysterical!! Maybe I'm on to something and I didn't even know it. Maybe I WILL give it a try. LOL

My Hot Dog PillowCase instructions come in a close 2nd. The lady at the local Wal-Mart material counter has even seen it. I get people from all over the world looking at those instructions. Too bad I didn't use better or more contrasting material -- but how was I to know so many people would be looking for Hot Dog Pillow Cases. Then I went and showed them how I poked my finger -- I thought my friends... who already KNOW what a klutz... would be the only ones reading this. Now I have folks in Indonesia who know that I poked my finger until it bled while sewing a hot dog pillow case. That's just what I needed.

I started using my Site Meter in February 2007... with only 197 visitors in that month. In January 2008, I had 1,423. Wow -- that's quit a jump.

Soon I'll be posting my 300th post. I think I'll celebrate.

Maybe if the stars align just right -- I'll have my 10,000 visitor on my 300th post... then that will be a wing ding like never before. (That could be good or bad). Currently I'm at visitor 9,143. So -- it's possible... but highly unlikely. LOL IF it happens -- Imagine balloons dropping from the ceiling, and confetti being tossed about. Woo Hoo!!

Do you have any ideas of good/great/outstanding/maybe even ordinary bloggy celebrations?