Friday, January 11, 2008

Win An Oreck Vacuum?

I have found 3 blogs this week that are having contest to GIVE AWAY an Oreck Vacuum.

That is some giveaway.

I first saw it a BooMama's blog. You have to leave a comment. She's got over 1500 comments already. The odds are not so great that you'll win over there -- but you never know. She uses the random number picker to pick her winner... seems fair. So -- maybe if you start praying now -- you might win.

Then there is another giveaway for the same product at the bloggy blog. You have to tell what your favorite feature is on this product in a comment. So -- it's a tad bit more work... only 883 comments. Like that's even hard... But she says she'll have a drawing... too bad on a blog you can crumple up your paper a little so she'll draw yours out of the bag.

Last but not least is the give away at the boing boing blog. What sort of weird name is that? Who knows. Their contest is weird too -- you have to tell about your suckiest gadget experience. Well -- that's stupid. Firefox says there is no such word as suckiest. See... I knew it was stupid. But I played along -- because I love free things. Wouldn't you know... they have the least amount of comments of all -- only 22... but they are going to PICK their FAVORITE story... it's very subjective. So -- my chances there are probably even worse then at the first 2 sites.

So -- who's gonna play? Do you like Orecks? I guess if I don't like it -- I could always re-gift it. LOL

ETA: I googled Oreck Giveaway and I found another one. is having a contest to give away 2 Orecks. Wowza...