Thursday, January 3, 2008

I LOVE Surprises!!

As you know -- today is January 3rd... Caucus day in Iowa. Yesterday I was bombarded with political phone calls. I counted at least 5 times the phone rang, I didn't answer. The other times we DID answer -- it was some politician trying woo me.

Well -- you know what?? Those 5 times I didn't answer... IT WAS MY SISTER GENELL!!! She tried to call me yesterday to see if she could come visit today. OH. MY. WORD.

My sister lives in Arizona with her family. We haven't seen each other in over a year... I believe it was September 2006, my folk's 50th Anniversary Celebration... Oh My Heavens...

Her husband has family in NE Iowa -- so they flew in for the week and are going to take some precious time to come down and see us in SC Iowa. Hooray!!

I just heard Mansel talking to himself in the kitchen... he jumped up and clicked his heels and whispered, "School is canceled." He can't wait to wrestle with Tyler. She has 3 children actually. Tyler-15, Ann-12, and Tyler-11. Needless to say -- Tori is in heaven too.

I've got lots to do -- breakfast dishes, fold laundry, charge batteries for the camera, keep the fire burning, try not to go bezerk, YEAH!!! What a day. Ü