Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Give Away!

MapperSnapper has a name that photo contest going on.

It's a SUPER NEATO photo!
(Here is a hint -- my Horse-Lovin-Daughter would SWOON if she saw it!)

Don't even try to top my suggestion.

(I'm trying for some Starbucks here folks)

If you go -- will mention to her how you found her? My name is ~*~ Jennifer ~*~. Not to be confused with the 4,000,000,002 other Jennifers out there. Be a name dropper... I dare ya. (It's just cool for folks who blog to know how things are connected.)

But don't be a smartie... I WANT THAT STARBUCKS! Ü I beg yer pardon -- did I just scream in your ear? I'm sorry -- here -- put a cotton ball in your ear... now go


Go give that photo a name.


Hurry Up!

It's almost over... GO!