Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Graduation Day!

Dan has a beautiful niece - that I'm lucky enough to share... because I'm married to him! Ü

Today is Michelle's graduation day!

** Woo Hoo **

She is 17. She has worked hard and done well -- so she is rewarded by graduating a semester early.

She has been working at a pizza place in town -- and has worked her way up into management... having to get special permission because she wasn't 18 yet. How excellent is that?

In a few weeks -- she's is headed to Brazil to serve with some missionary families. That sure makes it easy for us to pray for her.

Her Dad and Mom must be proud -- I can say that -- because I'm not them. You know -- pride is a sin... but they really, really must have an awful lot of THANKS to God for her doing so well in her life thus far. We look forward to seeing how God will use and bless her in the years to come.

So -- today is Michelle's day. I pray she enjoys it and will have memories she can cherish the rest of her life!

We Love you Michelle!
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