Sunday, January 21, 2007

We finished up Pride and Prejudice last night. Dan and I watched the first part on Friday night, then we let the 11yo stay up last night with us. Oh... at the end when Mr. Darcy asks, "Please do not toy with me." I was pleading, "Oh Lizzy -- be honest!" Like she wouldn't... Hooray! She spoke candidly. And he was rejoicing inside -- but used much restraint and just kept on strolling along at her side, not even touching her. Oh I long for those days. I like their manners.

My 11yo mentioned that they don't shake hands. I wish we could get back to that. I'd much rather bow, then shake a man's hand. Why am I such a old fogey at heart?

Lizzy was my 11yo's favorite.

I thanked Dan for watching a girly movie with me. He said, "It was a good story." He didn't mind. What a guy!

I gave it 5 gold stars at NETFLIX.