Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Sir, we don’t differentiate between 3 and 33"

This story is incredible.

A 3yo girl is throwing a temper tantrum and the family gets booted off of the plane.

I wonder how our family would have tolerated that incident? Would we have reflected Jesus in our countenance. Would it have come down to getting ejected at all?

I wonder if I would have felt free to utilize the bathroom with my 3yodd in tow?

Yesterday I was in Target and our 3yo dd was touching things and lagging behind the cart. After being told 2-3 times to not touch something... I just instinctively bent down to her level and really gave her an "I mean business" swat on the bum. When I stood up I looked right in the eyes of another mom. She smiled sweetly. WHEW... then my 3yo ran up to the cart and held on like she was supposed to. (Dad was pushing the cart and had walked on ahead). I didn't even think ahead of time -- "Oh I shouldn't." Praise the Lord He protected our family during that incident... but on a plane full of people -- with every one staring and one offering a lollipop. Would I feel comfortable walking the mile to the "restroom" for some "relaxation"?

I'm not sure.

What would you have done?

Too bad they had to miss work and their luggage and car seat went on ahead... it seems to have been handled rather poorly on the air lines end of the deal.

3 or 33... tantrums are all handled the same. Well -- That's probably not the case at our house... but where do you draw the line, I wonder?