Sunday, January 21, 2007

Crying Out To God

"What experiences have caused me to cry out to God, and what were the results?"

I must tell you about an experience we've had around here, for I must give all the glory and honor to our Lord and Saviour!

My dh Dan works at Pella Corporation. They build wood windows and doors that go into new and used houses. Obviously in the winter that slows down, and during a building slump, it slows down even more.

Well -- this past week they've reduced assembly line workers hours down to 32 a week. Maintenace workers, which is what my dh does are cut to 36 hours. He has been wise and saved 2006 vacation to use at such a time as this. So we will continue to get a 40 hr a week paycheck for several more months, perhaps until the slow season is over.

Well - I had a few days of Bible reading about letting my light shine, and as a result generosity. The Bible study mentioned "Crying out to God." Giving the burden to Him, letting go and following His will! So I did just that one day -- when the fear was that we would be reduced to 32 hours. (Keeping in mind that we are a one income family.)

Well -- he has answered my prayer in several ways and I MUST give Him the glory.

* Dan saved vacation.
* Dan's hours have only been reduced down to 36 hours - not 32.
* We have a lot of assets we could sell in order to continue eating. (We discussed that).
* I have set up a very strict budget, and our tax returns are going to be GREATER than I budgeted for.
* I felt at peace even BEFORE I knew how He was going to work. (That's probably the biggest answer to prayer of all!)


God is good!