Thursday, January 25, 2007

Book Crossings

I got a book today from PaperBack Swap.

It had a label inside. The label reads like this. "I'm a very special book. You see, I'm traveling around the world making new friends." Interesting.

So of course I went to to check it out. The book I received was released "into the wild". I didn't know my neighborhood was concidered WILD, but maybe it is. I've heard we have mountian lions roaming free around here. Pretty WILD I guess.

So - here is the deal. You can get labels from them, or print off some of your own. Register a book, get a BCID #, (each one is unique), then release the book. Leave it some where, give it to charity, or exchange it on PaperBack swap. Your choice. Then you journal about it on the web-site and you can track your book as it travels around the world. My George Mueller book came to me from Portland OR, and I can see that on the web-site. They found it at a church book sale. Read it, then released it.

So I registered it and said, "I'm keeping it." HA ha... but maybe someday -- after my kiddos have all read it and my book shelves are sagging under the weight of all the books -- I'll weed some out and send them on their way... but not before I register them.

If you click on the recycle symbol on the left hand side, then I get a referral. I'm not sure what I get for getting a referral -- since it's free to join. But -- it would be fun to know if you did join -- I guess that's what the referral is for.

Anyway -- HAPPY RELEASING! Share the joy of a good book. Ü