Friday, December 14, 2007

We've Made it Through

It was wonderful to see God's amazing power. Just drop a little bit of ice on those thin little wires and see what happens. OK -- I know that's not theologically sound... but it's been fun to give thanks in all things the last 3 days.

I don't have time to tell all right now -- just thought I'd post a THANK YOU FOR PRAYING note... really quick! °Ü°

We are safe and sound.

I've got pictures. LOL

I bet you can hardly wait!!

AND...I'm still the queen of C.O.D.A.!! ::snicker:: OK -- not really -- but I played C.O.D.A... does that count?? And I played Monopoly. I played pick up soggy socks. Oh wait -- that's not a game...

I'd better quit while I'm ahead --

I'll be back soon -- with the DECEMBER 2007* ICE STORM... (Hear that said with a loud announcer's voice)

Here is a peek into the past. Electricity off at 8:45 a.m. Tuesday... back on sometime while sleeping Thursday/Friday. Fun was had by all... well -- most... I'm not sure if my dear husband thought it was fun... OK -- I know he was a bit stressed... Is stress fun? I don't think so. Fun was had by most... let's keep it real.

*ETA: Yeah -- let's not get older any sooner than we have to - THANKS Dawn. ;)