Thursday, December 20, 2007

We Won't Forget

Thanks to Ursula for e-mailing me this. (She reads... but never comments - shame on her) ;)

What a neat project. Thanks Urs.

She checked it out on Snopes -- and it's real. This site had some behind the scenes information that was interesting to read.

We Won't Forget!


  1. Hi.....I read your blog about every day and enjoy it very much. I'm not up on this modern technology ....everything I do is trial and error....a little of both. Will see if this works.
    Miss ya,

  2. URS!!! I shamed you into commenting. What a gal... she really is a sweet heart!

    Thank you Ursula -- I appreciate it! °Ü°

  3. Can I be on your My Favorite Blogs list?

    Pretty please?

    Or you can just put me under another heading if you need to.

    My Least Favorite Blogs

    Blogs I Endure

    Bloggers Who Are Definately Insane

    Bloggers Who Have Really Uncreative Spam Words

    Bloggers Who Bug Me



  4. That was very moving. May we never forget. I will show it to my son, Isaac, who is 17 years old and has had a dream since he was 12 of being a Navy Seal.


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