Friday, December 28, 2007

** Truth Squad **

I live in Southern Iowa -- January 3rd is coming up quickly. You know what that means... JUNK MAIL!! Oh -- not really -- it means the caucuses are almost upon us.

An amazing amount of junk mail is Anti-Huckabee. He must be the guy with the target on this back. Very interesting.

I just finished reading a book about Clarence Thomas, My Grandfather's Son. Remember him? Anita Hill ring a bell? Well... reading about the Senate confirmation hearing debacle... then seeing all this junk mail full of negative about Huckabee... it makes me wonder.

I wish you'd go read here at the Truth Squad to see how Huckabee's opponents are twisting his words into some very interesting stories. Let me know what you think. Is he really the villain they are making him out to be?

SPUNKY over at Homeschool Blogger has a few things to say. If you read her articles -- take the time to read the comments too. They are almost as interesting.

Just a side note -- I got a phone call today -- one of MANY political phone calls I've gotten in the past weeks. Today the lady said, "We want to know if you were to vote today, who would you vote for, and who would your #2 vote be." I mentioned 2 names. Then she nicely said, "Thank you, and this phone call was brought to you by Huckabee." Well -- how about that. That's all they wanted to know? No bait and switch. No leading questions about any other guy. Very refreshing. I told THAT lady to have a nice day. LOL She laughed... YES she DID!?! She was real -- no recording. And you Iowans know what I mean... don't you.

My kids want to know if it's rude to hang up on a recording. Do you hang up? I know Susan does... she talks back to the recording. She said so -- go read it for yourself.