Friday, December 28, 2007

Is this the line for eating my words?

I wrote this this morning... "what a good experience for me"... Was that me?

Well -- I had the list in plain view. I spoke the expectations out loud. I explained the schedule. I think I did what a good mother ought. Maybe I skipped something.

Then I said, "I need to practice the piano for Sunday, you clean the kitchen after breakfast." This is not a new chore for them, by the way. Old hat. Mid-practice/cleaning session... they were goofing off.

One warning -- cut it out. Nice tone of voice. Made eye contact. They knew what I was talking about.

Then pretty close to the blow my hat stage... WHAT IN THE WIDE WORLD ARE YOU GUYS DOING???? Stern, very stern!

They were playing with the light saber and TOTALLY NOT WORKING!!

Why can't my kids work unsupervised? They are 12 and 8... the 6 year old was standing there watching them. I would too if I were 6.

I was NOT goofing off (reading, computer, eating, sleeping)... I was practicing the piano. I was NOT expecting to do more than I can do. I was NOT expecting them to do a new task with out training them first. (Does practicing the piano sound frivolous? I have to play for the congregation on Sunday -- for my first time ever in my life... it's not frivolous - let me tell you. I'm scared out of my wits.) Maybe that's the problem.


I let them know that we will NOT be rewarded for bad behavior and there will be no library movie with popcorn and there will be MORE days of 6:00 alarm time, until they get it that there is a time for work and a time for play.

If you have the secret to this puzzle... will you kindly click on the word comment and clue me in? You konw -- some character training that I've misplaced. Some horse pill to swallow -- to turn them into work horses. Some motivational DVD's that we need to rewind or something?

Waited expectantly, while munching on my words from this morning -- they are a little dry, stale, bitter actually,