Friday, December 28, 2007


Well -- as I mentioned yesterday -- We had a work day around here - no free time. I was tired at the end of the day. I'm going to do it again today -- for a 1/2 day.

Yesterday we started our day at 6:00 a.m.

We all sat down and had our quiet time. Tori, Mansel and I, while the short ones slept. I had to explain to Mansel -- QUIET TIME means no TALKING. Man alive -- that boy is a talker!! Ü

We had a very productive day.
  1. I mailed a package to my BIL. (We had his present from my folks under our tree... how did that happen?)
  2. We took down the Christmas Tree and all the Christmas decorations... I left up all the Snowmen that are just WINTER. I'll take that stuff down -- when I'm tired of dusting them... or at the end of March... which ever comes first.
  3. We organized the bookshelf in the living room.
  4. Put all the new toys away and organized the boys toy box.
  5. Some one scooped the snow -- it wasn't me.
  6. Cleaned off the fridge.
  7. Organized the music books by the piano.
  8. We put the new dart board in the basement for Dad to put up. (OK -- my dad reads this -- not MY dad... but for DAN to put up... the KID's dad.) Ü
  9. I renewed the library books -- then called them to see why the computer said I was a "blocked" user. WHA??? They don't know why either. Hmmm... Maybe they are calling me a block head.
  10. Organize videos under the TV.
  11. Washed the rugs.
  12. Bleach the sink.
  13. Vacuum the den, living room, stairs, hallway and boys room.
  14. Straightened the boys room.
  15. Organized the boys white cupboard.
There... that looks satisfying. As I was reading down the list this morning -- I realized that someone got marker happy yesterday. We still have to do several things... some of which got marked off yesterday. Hmmm...

So -- for today. We'll try to get some of these things done.
  1. Finish laundry, fold, put away.
  2. Wash new dishes. (I bought some new Christmas plates for $4.50 a box - I got 4 boxes... 16 place settings HA HA!) But they have to be hand washed... definitely going to be used for company only.
  3. Clean the windows.
  4. Clean the wrestling mat.
  5. 3 bathrooms to clean.
  6. Guest bedroom.
  7. Kitchen counters - if you've seen my counters lately - you'll be glad of that one.
  8. Sweep garage floor.
  9. Organize winter coats. (Some probably need laundered).
  10. Organize den bookshelf.
  11. Organize classroom bookshelf.
  12. Write thank you notes. (I want to do this first, I think).
  13. Mop floors.
  14. Organize computer desk.
  15. Dust floor boards.
  16. Tori's room.
  17. Master bedroom.

OK -- we are not going to get through that whole list... because I'm taking the kids into town this afternoon to watch a movie at the library.

Yesterday was a good experience for me. We all worked together VERY well... not much fighting or arguing. I only had to administer a few "lickings"... and that was to the short ones, who aren't as well trained as the tall ones. LOL

Tori, Mansel and I took turns adding items to the list. That's how we got weird things like sweep the garage floor and clean the wrestling mat. BUT -- I'm the one who decides when these get done. My kitchen floor is going to get mopped before the garage floor gets swept. LOL

I'd better go -- times a'wasting.