Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Do you like to pray for strangers??

I'd appreciate it if you would pray for us today. My sister is here visiting with her 2 babies.

My dear husband just left for work -- he called and said the power lines are saaaaagging. We've got a tree down on our road. I'm praying the Lord supernaturally holds those power lines right in place! Ü

We've got a wood furnace, so we can keep warm with no power. But lights, power to the fridge, umm... I'm sure there is more than what I'm thinking about. THOSE things would need a generator to run. We do NOT have a generator, but Dan thinks he can buy one from his brother. We'll see.

What an adventure.

We were going to head to the library for story time. Umm... maybe we'll have our OWN story time!

For now -- I'm going to go fix Melissa's Breakfast Burritos.

Mid-American Energy is calling this a category 2 ice storm. 3 being the worst. So -- it could be worse. Let's give thanks in all things, shall we?