Monday, December 3, 2007

Google "dripping through the light "and see what you can see

You get a TON of entries about water dripping through light fixtures from the floors above. Wowza... who knew... but my drip, drip, drip blog entry happens to be the first one you'll see. (Well -- at least on the 3rd of December it twas the first one).

Too Funny.

Too bad that is such a common problem.

Mine dripping has been fixed -- thanks to Handy Man Dan!

Which reminds me -- he can also fix Kitchen Aids. I was singing the praises of a BOSCH mixer the other day -- thinking I had one on the way -- when my dear husband informed me that he can fix Kitchen Aids too. ::sigh:: Isn't there anything that man can NOT do? Wait... am I complaining about that? Let me re-word that.

Praise God for Handy Man Dan. ;) There is whole wheat bread on the way.