Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Like Mike

Are you a descendent of a primate? ::giggle:: That is a good line!! How far back will you go? HA!

Lots of laughs here...

OK -- one more... I'm working on our budget right now... We just got my dear husband's bonus from his work this week... the government took out 43% of it... it's almost 1/2 gone before it even gets to our bank. Then I hear Mr. Huckabee say this...

Oh me... I can't imagine how my budget would look if my dear husband would get to bring home him entire pay check. And "prebate"... what in the world??? I've never heard of such a thing. WOW!! He was talking right to me. 1 income family, 5 kids... Fair Tax. I'm all for that!!

Get Educated!!


  1. Yes! I like Huckabee more and more everytime I hear him speak.

  2. You're great. I like Mike, but prefer Duncan Hunter.

    If you want to, I have some friends I would like you to meet:

    Spree (Susan Duklos)

    The Most Awesome Miss Beth:

    And the Phenomenal Sister Toldjah:

    These ladies should keep you busy reading for a while!


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