Friday, June 15, 2007

Drip, Drip, Drip...

Our washing machine is a front loader. Sometimes (2 times in 2.5 years) the pump gets clogged with a baby sock or something. First time we called a repair man. 2nd time my dh fixed it. All with out me watching of course... they could handle it.

So -- today it's starts beeping and giving me a code. Ugg... clogged, I think.

I don't want to wait for dh to get home from work -- I've got HUGE amounts of laundry to do. I was gone from home almost every day this week. So I think -- I could probably do this.

I unscrew 3 screws. Don't laugh -- that took me 30 minutes to figure out. Tried the screw driver, then tried the power screw driver, then went to the garage and got a wrench thingy. I felt so accomplished -- I got the front of the machine off!! I see a round thing with a handle of sorts -- a turning handle. I try to turn it -- STUCK!

So I pray... then I think... loosen that thing with a hammer. So I try a hammer -- just tap, tap, tap a tad. I tried it with my hand again... it came off... out came a ton of water. Oops... grabbed a bunch of dirty towels -- well hey -- now I've got a clean laundry room floor.

Out came a bunch of gunk too. Oh.. maybe that's the problem. So I put the lid thing back on what I think is the pump and plug the machine in again and push start. HEY -- that sounds better!!!

It's working. I spin the clothes -- get them dry enough to dry and here we go. I put the front cover back on -- which as I remember -- I HELPED Dan do last time. It's really hard to get on. But I do it by myself. :D

I start another load. And walk away. Ahhh... a job well done. I put the tools away - come back into the house... HEY??!!??

What's that I hear??? Beeping??? Aaaaakkkk!

I open the door of the washing machine... there is water in there. It's not emptying out properly, I think -- well -- maybe what I did was loosen the sock or something and now it's down by the pump... I'll just look really quick.

I take off the front cover - loosen the pump cover -- much easier this time -- no hammer needed. HOLY COW!!! That's a lot of water.... MORE THAN THE PREVIOUS TON!!!

Whoa -- grab a towel... KIDS -- get me some towels.

Here comes Milo with a hand towel.

Get me a bucket!!!


I'm mopping, mopping, mopping... it's running every where. Oh my word...

I have to move clean clothes out of the laundry room -- they are in baskets praise the Lord, but the water is running under the baskets.

Oh good grief. Every clean or dirty towel is now laying on the laundry room floor. SOAKING WET!

So -- Tori finds me a 5 gallon bucket. We transport the soaking wet towels outside...

Forget this... I'll let Dan fix it!

I guess I'll clean my house instead of doing laundry today. Who needs clean clothes?

And... it's dripping through the light fixtures unto my stove. Who needs a stove? Not me... I put a bucket there to catch the drip. Drip, drip, drip...

Oh honey!!!