Monday, March 31, 2008

Let's Race

I really don't like to clean house. I've tried all kinds of systems. I've tried getting my kiddos to do it all. I've tried living in squallar. Nothing has worked. Oh... I'm just kidding about some of those things.

Well - one thing that seems to work is egging my kiddos on that I can BEAT THE PANTS OFF OF THEM. They seem to have inherited my competitive gene. ::giggle::

So --we had a race.

First we divide up into teams. Tori and I are usually the captians. Why? Because she and I clean about the same. I know -- she's only 12... that just goes to show.

Anyway... since she is younger... I let her chose her team mate. ::Sigh:: She chose the hardest worker... not necessarily the oldest either... but we are working on that.

So -- we team up.

Then I write down all the rooms we are going to clean, and they draw for rooms. My team gets the latrine, living room and the dining room, and the stairs.

Tori's team gets the kitchen, entry way, and the den.

We only focus on the downstairs today... we'll do the upstairs later.

The results??

Ta Dah...

Apparently the boys got so hot they had to dis-robe. We got 7 rooms done in under an hour. Woo Hoo... then my dear husband brings home supper. What a guy!!
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