Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

I was getting a wee bit jealous seeing all these signs of spring on other's blogs, and not seeing any where I live. I normally LOVE winter. Sweaters, bonfires, warm white mittens, snowmen, cocoa...

I've had enough.

Ta Dah... just in time -- tulips. The are coming up.

Hooray! Not much... but just enough!

They sure won't be lacking any water just yet. All that snow we've gotten this winter -- it's melting. Quickly. Ü This is another sign of spring... my kiddos "fishing" in the puddle in our yard. The reason why this isn't draining is because there is still snow piled up over the opening on the other side of the drive. It won't be long now. This week is supposed to be highs of 50's. Can we all give another cheer? YEAH!

Our road is going to need some tender loving care soon. I'm afraid to go get the mail, lest I slide into this crevice, never to be seen. OK -- that's really only a few inches deep... but a sure sign that spring is here!

I'm all for spring this year.

Bring out the short sleeves!!!
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