Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ebony Vs. The Opossum

Aww... look at that cute opossum.

He wandered into our yard -- in broad daylight -- searching for some food.

Oh.. found it. He snuck into our "cat door" that is too small for the dog, but just the right size for the cats and certain opossums. See his tail... he's quick. That's all I got of him STEALING our food in broad daylight.

But never fear... I've got a 8yo boy. With a big stick. He called Ebony -- our fearless dog -- and opened the door with his weapon of choice. (The stolen A&E Milk carton came into our family LONG ago, and could probably still be returned, but I didn't steal it -- I'm still praying about that one. I'll let the Holy Spirit deal with that thief, in his own good time.)

Anyway... We use that milk carton weighed down with rocks to keep our greedy dog out of his food.

OK -- so here comes Ebony. Ready to defend his food.

And here go I, quickly retreating indoors. Not really willing to see all the blood and guts that I envision will come forth.

Boy am I wrong... Ebony apparently trotted right back out after I went inside and left the opossum to his dog and cat food buffet.

Dan stood up for the mutt -- he said, "Opossums play dead... maybe he thinks it's dead."

Yeah right... After my walk with him, and his quick retreat this day, I'm thinking we've got a coward as a guard dog. All bark and no bite. Just don't tell the burglars that.

We have since moved the food, and Mansel is convinced that next time the thief comes around -- he'll not call the dog... he'll take matters into his own hands. I pray I'm not at home!!

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